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Advertisement Patch (5 MB) - by Sierra Studios

This patch fixes many of the bugs in both single and multi-player modes of the game. None other than bug-fixes are included. Full US Retail Patch (3.75 MB) - by Sierra Studios

Correcting the frequent server crashes in online multi-player, this patch is an important download if you want to online-play.

Multi-Player Demo Patch (4.3 MB) - by Sierra Studios

In its early release, the AvP2 Multi-Player Demo was full of bugs and glitches -- much worse than the full game. Thankfully, this patch was released to fix a lot of the things that weren't working and/or had glitches, originally.


Multi-Player Map Add-On (12.6 MB) - by Sierra Studios

This download adds a whole bunch of new multi-player maps to the often-considered poor original selection of maps.


Single-Player Demo (158.2 MB) - by Sierra Studios

This demo allows you to play one level each from the three single-player campaigns: Alien, Predator and Colonial Marine. The weapon selections are complete from the full game, along with several difficulty settings, while the save game feature and hints are disabled.

Colonial Marine Single-Player Demo (52.8 MB) - by Sierra Studios

Not ready to download 158.2 MB just for a demo? Then download this one-level, one-species demo and give AvP2 a try.

Multi-Player Demo (63.5 MB) - by Sierra Studios

Choose from all three species: Alien, Predator or Colonial Marine. Download the Multi-Player Demo and take the AvP II online experience for absolutely nothing; but will leave you salivating for more.


Promotional Trailer (29 MB) - by Sierra Studios

This trailer has it all -- from Alien to Predator to Colonial Marine, in every HUD and external view there is -- and all within twenty-nine megabytes. A very much worth-it download for owners and non-owners of AvP2, alike.

Unofficial Trailer (7.25 MB) - by GameSpot

Recorded by hand-cam at E3 some years ago, this is considered by many to be "the first trailer" for the game.


GameSpy Arcade - by GameSpy Industries

The best way to get in the game. GameSpy Arcade offers complete support for both the AvP2 demo and the full retail version. This server browsing and matchmaking utility lets you see a complete list of AvP2 servers on the Internet, and then connect to them with a simple click.

Cheat Enabler - Colonial Marine Demo (3.9 KB) - by Dr. Foxy

Once you install this program, many of the hidden/incomplete weapons in the Colonial Marine Demo are now available. In other words: the Flamethrower, Smartgun, Grenade Launcher, SADAR, Mini-Gun, Sniper Rifle, Image Intensifier and Welding Torch are working, to a certain extent.


Hidden Extras (291.9 KB) - by Alz

During the course of production, Monolith Productions left some interesting things out of the final version of AvP II. Very interesting things. Because they never completely took it out - it's still in the game code - a curious gamer managed to find them and re-implement 'em.

AvP 2 Shadows Wallpaper (439.4 KB) - By Mr. Jack

This spooky-looking wallpaper includes an AvP2-style alien in the background, surrounded by shadows, along with the famous "Aliens versus Predator 2" logo at the bottom. A great decoration for your desktop background.

Click to download!

AvP 2 Fire Wallpaper (469.7 KB) - by Pricop Lucian

For the more fire-breathing gamer, this creation by Pricop Lucian offers an awesome fire-effect in the background, along with your three favorite species: the Alien, Predator and Colonial Marine.

Click to download!

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