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Aliens vs. Predator 2!

Aliens vs. Predator 2 is the very successful sequel to the original AvP. Its LithTech game engine, rockin' sound effects, and addictive gameplay probably had something to do with it. It also added something the first game never truly had: a real single-player storyline. The Alien, Predator, and Colonial Marine all have detailed, compelling stories that you can't help but get sucked into.

I can't give it all away here, though. Scroll on down and find everything you need to know about AvP2.


General Information

A general outline - a review of AvP2. Through the loving eyes of fans, sure, but we try our best to be objective. *Probably sarcastic laugh*


Planet AvP and FilePlanet are working together to provide you the best in AvP2 files. Find all you need here!

Top Fifty Files

This section contains the fifty most popular AvP2 files. Take a look through and you're sure to find something - maps, mods, models and more - that interests you.


AvP2 is three games in one: Colonial Marine, Predator, and Alien. All three species play differently, so you'll need to know all the little details to win.


Having trouble completing the three campaigns? Forget cheat codes - these walkthroughs will help you through.


Walkthroughs didn't help? All the known cheats codes in the game (single-player only!).


Dozens and dozens of beautiful shots from the game.

Concept Art

What was the thinking behind AvP2? Find out through the concept art of the Monolith Productions team.

Map Reviews

To win this game, you need to know everything about where you're fighting. Don't fight blind, man! With our map reviews, you can find out what strategies work on what map and work your way through.

Game Reviews

Not convinced on buying AvP2 yet? These reviews will help you decide.

Primal Hunt General Information

AvP2's official expansion pack, Primal Hunt! All three species are back, but in different flavors: Corporates, Ancient Predators, and Runner Aliens.

Primal Hunt Screenshots

Less info, more screenshots? You can find dozens right here.

Primal Hunt Game Reviews

Not info... not screenshots... maybe reviews? See what reviewers have to say.

Gold Edition General Information

AvP2 was re-released in a "Gold Edition" boxset with AvP2 and Primal Hunt packaged together. Minor updates to both. Want to see?

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