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Publishers: Twentieth Century Fox
Movie Type: Action/Science Fiction


With the pending release of Aliens vs. Predator Requiem, we are taking a look at the players behind the film as well as a look at the story and trailer of the films.

The film is said to follow an elite lone Predator whose ship crashes on Earth; a cargo of face-huggers is unleashed, which in turn infects a small Colorado town.

This tends to back up the rumor that the film would involve a single Predator sent to clean up the mess caused by the events of the first film. A Predator/Alien hybrid will also appear and may be the one that burst forth from the "Scar" Predator at the end of the last film.

Further speculation involves the possible crash of a Predator ship, which the Predators are eager to recover, less any of their technology (or corpses) find their way into human hands. Of course, the Aliens start to infest the local town and all hell breaks loose.

When asked years ago about possible continuity issues with future AvP films, I mentioned that they could always have the town nuked via a Predator weapon and have it blamed on an attack or an accident. This may be confirmed by the images of a plane dropping a bomb in the trailer to contain the situation.

The film is directed by Colin and Greg Strause, who cut their teeth with some amazing music videos and FX work in such films as The Fantastic Four, 300, MI3, and more.

Reports from the set included a fight in a school, a store, as well as a helicopter crash site. The directors have been quoted as saying the film would be an R-rated film and that there would be plenty of gore in the film, including head-bites. The creators of the film have promised that the film will be much closer in town to the original Aliens than any of the other films in the series.

The film is set in a Colorado town and will star Reiko Aylesworth of 24 fame as "Kelly O'Brien," as well as Steven Pasquale of Rescue Me as "Dallas." (On a side note, Dallas was also the name of the captain in the original Alien film--no word if the two are related.)

A recent story from MTV has confirmed that the Predalien in the film is the one that emerged from "Scar" at the end of the last film. He soon kills several Predators aboard the ship. The hero Predator in the film is known as "Wolf," who after taking a second plasma cannon from a fallen Predator, embarks on a clean-sweep mission; killing all in his path. His look is said to be different in that he is marked from years of battle.

The Strause brothers confirmed that there would be no Queen Alien, as the Predalien does essentially the same thing. They also said a chestburster will emerge from a child. It has also been reported that we will see the Predator homeworld, as well.

Look for Aliens vs. Predator Requiem this December 25th (January 18th for international viewers) in a theater near you.




Colin Strause
Greg Strause

Writing Credits

Dan O'Bannon (characters)
Shane Salerno (screenplay)

Leading Roles
Reiko Aylesworth ... Kelly
Shareeka Epps ... Kendra
Gina Holden ... Carrie Adams
David Hornsby ... Drew
Johnny Lewis ... Ricky

Supporting Roles
Kristen Hager ... Jesse (unconfirmed)
Ty Olson ... Nathan
John Ortiz ... Sheriff
David Paetkau ... Dale

Produced By
John Davis ... Producer
Paul Deason ... Executive Producer
David Giler ... Executive Producer
Wyck Godfrey ... Producer
Walter Hill ... Executive Producer

- Gareth Von Kallenbach and SKNR.net

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