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The Alien vs. Predator community is full of interesting sites with news and other content. Learn more on this Links page and see if they're worth adding to your Favorites.

If you know an AvP site we don't know about, tell us about it.

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20th Century Fox - They make the movies, they make the games...they make it all possible, baby.

Fox Interactive Media/IGN Entertainment - Planet AvP is part of this network. We strive for quality and that "I'm a gamer, too!" feel to our sites. Learn more about us.

Sega of America - Sega handles all publishing work on the new "Alien" game titles for the PC and console.

Gearbox Software - The developers of the upcoming Alien FPS, which is set for 2009.

Gearbox Aliens Page and Forum - Read and discuss.

Obsidian Entertainment - Also set for 2009, the Alien RPG is set for the PC and console.

Sierra Entertainment - Sierra handles publishing for the classic AvP2 game.

Monolith Productions - The guys who made the game AvP2.

Rebellion Software - The grunts who made the original AvP game. Remember that?

Online Gaming Services

GameSpy Arcade - "Fast, reliable, and easy to use." Truth!


AvP Galaxy - General AvP news site.

AlienvsPredator2.com - General AvP2 content site.

AliensVsPredator.de - For Germans by Germans. General news site.


AvP2Mods.com - Top AvP2 mods hosted here.

AvP2Files.com - A place to host your AvP2 files.

Red's Mods - Maps and mods site.

AvP Unknown - Another mod site with a snazzy slayout.

(Hosted!) AcidGlow's Skins - If skins are what you desire, AcidGlow is more than willing to give; he's very generous!

(Hosted!) Aliens vs. Predator 2 Special Edition - New weapons, new sounds, and new features for AvP2. Mod? You bet.

(Hosted!) AvP2 & AvP2: Primal Hunt Modifications - You ever heard of a more descriptive site name?

(Hosted!) AvP Profile Editor - For the original AvP game. This program can make the game think you already finished finished it.

(Hosted!) Black Wraiths Map Site - This map factory always has a new batch out.

(Hosted!) Lv-426 Modifications - A merging of three older mod sites.

(Hosted!) Raptor Red's Skins - She's one of the most famous skinners in the AvP community. Check out her stuff!

(Hosted!) The Derelict - Single-player map reviews.

(Hosted!) Model Workshop - Top-of-the-line skins site. If you want good skins, go here.

(Hosted!) PROJAM's Aliens Marines - One of the biggest and most successful mods in the AvP2 community. Think 'movie-realistic.'

(Hosted!) Strifen Glyphs Mods - One man's mission to make skins, maps...and more.

(Hosted!) X-Coop Modification - Play AvP2 single-player with a friend!


Alien Experience - Latest news about the AvP movies.

(Hosted!) Alien Legend - A 'legendary' site for Alien movie content.

(Hosted!) Alien Resource - Your resource for everything and anything Aliens.

(Hosted!) Marines: Elite Force - A CGI fan film about a group of Colonial Marines coming under attack from Aliens and Predators. Awesome!


alienscollection.com - Alien, Predator, and AvP toys news site.

PredatorStuff.com - Predator merchandise review site; toys, models, busts, etc. Excellent design.

The Hunter's Lair - Forum-site for amateur modelers and sculptors in love with the Predator.

The Hive - Same thing, except for the Alien.


Alien Planet - A blog for the author's Alien 5 fan script.

(Hosted!) Alien Loves Predator - Comic strip about an Alien and Predator who live together. Read about their crazy adventures.

(Hosted!) AvP Buffoon - Funny and silly AvP2 screenshots call this site home.

(Hosted!) Conrad's Aliens Collection - Want to meet the most proficient collector of Aliens and Predator merchandise on the Internet? Conrad is who you're looking for.

(Hosted!) Shades of Gray - Looking for articles? Hey, article heaven!

(Hosted!) Strategy's Lair - Defeat your opponent with strategies and tactics.

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