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The Articles section talks about issues related to the game, Aliens vs. Predator. Interesting talk for the interested gamer!

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Latest Articles

AvP Requiem Convention II Report - December 24, 2007 - by Jay

"The Brothers Strause introduced a couple of sequences from AVP-R -- which consisted of footage that has been previously been made mention of on the net -- with the added bonus here of seeing the footage displayed in a theatrical setting with stunning dynamic digital picture and sound. "

AvP Requiem Convention Report - November 06, 2007 - by Jay

"Downtown Los Angeles, California.

"A rogue Predator surveys his environment... watching, stealthy stalking its prey.

"...No folks, I'm not talking about Predator 2!

"This is the "Los Angeles Comic Book and Sci-Fi Convention" which was held this past weekend -- and the "creature" is a Predator fan, wearing an impeccably self-made costume."

AvP Requiem - The Battle Goes International! - September 23, 2007 - by Jay

"We now have the newest AvP-R trailer -- the International version... and it rocks!

"In comparison to the previous trailer, I actually prefer this newer version... while the before-mentioned red band trailer offers more violence, this latter version offers a better build up and contrast in drama -- albeit it's a bit like watching Dawson's Creek at the beginning of it -- nevertheless, it showcases very good-looking Alien and Predator action... and that's the core of what every Alien and Predator fan wants... the (lowering) population meter of the townsfolk is a great touch, too... as it implies the repercussions and casualties incurred by our kick-ass xenomorphs!"

The Best Aliens Game - September 13, 2007 - by Tyler Grohoski

"I am slowly inching my way down a dimly lit hallway with my fellow soldiers by my side. I try to check each and every crevasse that I approach to make sure that there is no threats awaiting me. Suddenly, a fellow marine lets out a disgusting scream behind me and I turn around quickly only to see him being pulled up into the ceiling by one of those creatures. We all quickly ready our weapons, check our ammo gauges, and prepare for war.

"This vision brings back so many memories that I had in my younger years about taking on the role of my favorite characters in a video game. Ever since I can remember, I have wished and hoped for a video game that let me take on the role of an actual member of the United States Colonial Marines as seen in the great film of all time: Aliens."

AvP Requiem - The Battle Continues! - September 10, 2007 - by Jay

"It's great to see our beloved Aliens and Predators kickin' it up for another cinema 'bout... these sci-fi titans are looking in fine form in the AvP Requiem trailer.

"The trailer has visual energy right out of Aliens with a definitive Predator tip -- and the 'Kelly O'Brien' character definitely channels 'Ripley' in both look and panache in the trailer."

AvP Requiem Trailer Guide - August 25, 2007 - by Gareth Von Kallenbach

"At long last, the much anticipated trailer for Aliens vs. Predator Requiem has arrived. The film is the second film to pit the deadly extra terrestrials from the Alien and Predator film series and looks to be everything fans had hoped for."

Alien Planet Review - January 18, 2007 - by SiL


"From the beginning of the script, I knew this was going to be much different from the dozens of other fan scripts and fan stories of a potential 'Alien' sequels floating around the 'Net. Set onboard the space ship USS Vassus, we watch as the 80-odd crew members wake from their sleep. They talk, they laugh, establish past relationships. Familiarity and family is thick in the air. But we're not part of it. We're detached, simple viewers, held back by the fact that the only person we are familiar with is a stranger here, bemused and alone. We try to get in, but our emotions are firmly keyed into one person: Ripley."

AvP: The Unrated Edition DVD Review - November 09, 2005 - by Gareth Von Kallenbach

"For over a decade fans of the Alien and Predator films series have been tempted by various rumors regarding a proposed film that would match the two titans in an epic on-screen clash to determine who is the ultimate Sci-Fi bad guy.
Sadly none of the rumors panned out as one script after another was rejected ranging from issues over proposed budgets in excess of $200 million to lack of a human character dynamic. Fans continued to follow the series in the only ways that they could, comics, books, and games all the while hoping that someday a film would come."

Characters? What Characters? - October 11, 2005 - by vIM

"Should you own the great pleasure of being able to play the game, Aliens vs. Predator 2, then you will know that there is a selection of characters in which to choose from, when playing a multiplayer game. When I join one of the hundreds of different games hosted in the AvP universe, I notice only four of these types are ever used."

Beautiful Monsters - August 03, 2005 - by Windebieste

"As a movie guide book, Beautiful Monsters is not a work of fiction. Nor does it purport to represent or to be in any way an interpretation or fictional realisation of Aliens or Predators. This is a nonfiction work; and it lives up to the expectations of extensively documenting a great many well known facts regarding all 4 Alien movies and both Predator 1 & 2. It also includes useful information regarding the 2004 released crossover film, Alien vs. Predator movie to lend it a satisfying level of completeness. Furthermore, there is to be found inside the pages of this independent and unauthorised tome many obscure facts and anecdotes that will surprise and please any fan of these movies. I would safely say without any doubt for anybody interested in picking up this book, you will find new information regarding your favourite movie that had previously escaped your knowledge."

AvP Collectible DVD Gift Set Review - January 26, 2005 - by Whitney O'Meara

"The Alien vs. Predator movie was released on DVD today - January 25th, 2005. Potential buyers have many options when it comes to what extras they would like to get with their DVD. One of these options is an exclusive that can be purchased at Blockbuster. Blockbuster has created and released 25,000 AvP Collectible DVD Gift Sets (limited edition) to celebrate the release of the movie on DVD."

Alien versus Predator: Bridging the Void - October 20, 2004 - by Windebieste

"Alien versus Predator is a curious film. It is the bridging segment between both the Alien and Predator movie series. It means that it has been dealt the onerous task of having to be authentic in content to both mythos, while generating valuable credibility points as a stand-alone movie in its own right. Not an easy goal to achieve, and while it suffers on some levels, in other areas it can boast a victory cry proud of its heritage."

Encountering the Governator - June 18, 2004 - by Evan Burt

"Something strange happened to me on Wednesday, something that I could not believe at first. I had received a message on my answering machine inviting me to meet the governor of California at the Chico mall the next day. Despite my skepticism, I strolled down to the Chico Mall, on East 20th Street, around 11:30."

Dreaming of Darkness: Allusions in the Alien Movies - Part V - June 03, 2004 - by ::GenoDice::

"One more thing before I movie on! The shuttle that Ripley escapes from the Nostromo on is called the Narcissus; a reference to another Conrad book. The name of the shuttle, Narcissus, was taken from the Conrad’s The Nigger of the Narcissus. The plot revolves around a black sailor who brings death on board a ship with him. Sounds strangely like the plot of Alien, only a xenomorph, not a black sailor, brings death to the crew."

E3 Diary: Predator Game - May 18, 2004 - by Mechman

"Well, today I got up bright and early to get there before the show started. I headed up to check out the new Predator game in the Vivendi booth. The game certainly seems impressive visually, with some interesting cut scenes and good effects for the vision modes."

Dreaming of Darkness: Allusions in the Alien Movies - Part IV - May 04, 2004 - by ::GenoDice::

"Okay, hopefully, with what I said under 'Philosophies and Style,' and with the list of allusions I provided earlier in this article, you are starting to see some serious, concrete connections between Conrad’s philosophical criticisms and the Alien films. These connections come across most notably in the first and third films; Alien Resurrection seems to have ignored the tradition of providing allusions to Joseph Conrad’s literature altogether (which is yet another reason why I loathe the movie, at least as an Alien film)."

Dreaming of Darkness: Allusions in the Alien Movies - Part III - April 22, 2004 - by ::GenoDice::

"Joseph Conrad was a literary mastermind who would often express his love for ships and sailing throughout his novels. The creators of the Alien films apparently either appreciated Conrad and thought they would look witty by alluding to his works, and/or actually found some inspirations or connections between Conrad’s creations and their own. I prefer the latter, though it is, at best, merely a presupposition."

Dreaming of Darkness: Allusions in the Alien Movies - Part II - April 14, 2004 - by ::GenoDice::

"Thereís a lot of speculation when it comes to connections between Alien and Blade Runner, both of which were directed by Ridley Scott. Each film has androids that are virtually indistinguishable from humans -- in Blade Runner theyíre called replicants; in the Alien films theyíre called synthetics. Many people claim that Ash, Bishop, and Call could merely be replicants and that the odd and sometimes deadly traits of Ashís model would correspond with the violent tendencies of the replicants from Blade Runner."

Dreaming of Darkness: Allusions in the Alien Movies - Part I - April 13, 2004 - by ::GenoDice::

"Have you ever wondered at the richness of the Alien saga? Have you ever thought of how incredibly deep the movies are? How much symbolism, how many themes and real-life connections are scattered throughout each film? To be honest, itís somewhat ineffable; somewhat overbearing."

Featurette #2 Analysis - April 10, 2004 - by Acidbyte

"Amalgamated Dynamics, the good people who brought us the creature FX in Spider-Man and Starship Troopers, are responsible for the creature FX in the upcoming Alien vs. Predator movie. Anyone who saw Starship Troopers is no doubt already foaming at the mouth. For those who aren't, keep reading. Those who are, read slowly -- or you might miss something in your rabid-frenzy state."

Choose the One You Believe is Fitting. Defeat Them All. Become a God. - October 13, 2003 - by KittyKid

"Well, as you can see from the 'weird' title of my article, this month's edition is about the three species of Aliens vs. Predator, and why some people prefer to play Aliens, Predators, Colonial Marines or Corporates.

"(Note: Marines and Corporates will be treated as one species... because they are. *Giggles*)

"So, why do some people like to play one species instead of the other?

First of all, I'd like to make a difference between people who choose to play a species because it fits their character, and people who choose a species based on what their opponent chooses...

The Art of Melee: Melee with Aliens - October 07, 2003 - by ::GenoDice::

"Where have all the Aliens vs. Predator 2 melee predators gone? It seems that, at least these days, the game is completely littered with plasma-spammers and, as I like to say, 'disc-jockeys.' Granted, Iím an advocate of using all the weapons that have been put at oneís disposal, but the fighting Iíve seen in your average AvP2 server is full of players who donít even touch the combistick or, God forbid, wristblades. I remember seeing far more melee predators in AvP2ís earlier days, and that includes games in unlocked, non-clan servers. As a matter of fact, the only places you can go these days to be sure of meeting a master of the combistick are clan-servers."

My Tips on How to Win with the Pulse Rifle - September 08, 2003 - by ::GenoDice::

"Ah, the M-41A Pulse Rifle - a highly underrated and under-used weapon in the game of Aliens versus Predator 2 these days. Don’t let the title of this article fool you, as the pulsie is arguably every human’s (both corporates and marines, mind you) best asset. Its uses go far beyond engaging just other humans; but, alas, an article on all of its utilization’s would be so long it wouldn’t hold the interest of even diehard pulse rifle fanatics. Thus, I’ve decided to give an overview on how exactly to use it - and win by using it - against other humans. Hopefully I’ll encourage at least one or two n00bs to see the light and convert from the smartgun.

"So, let’s start, shall we?"

Girls in the History of the AvP Community and Movies - August 15, 2003 - by KittyKid

"Since the human species 'found out' there's two genders out there, one called the other "male," and another called the other "female."

"Since the beginning of the computer century, the male humans have always thought that the females would not be suited for using computers, or even using any computer games.

"After we think about that, who would even dare to think about having females working on a computer game like AvP?

"Well, I do, and I got proof that there are women working on AvP2! According to my research, there are plenty of women working for Fox Interactive, Sierra Studios and Vivendi-Universal in all the AvP games..."

Review of 'Colonial Marines: Elite Force - Chapter 1' - August 13, 2003 - by Johner

"On August 6th, 2003 - , I was browsing through the front page of Planet AvP, and I noticed when Matt Pruitt wrote a news report announcing the release of the first chapter of "Colonial Marines: Elite Force."

"Well, I downloaded it, and honestly -- the level of detail and smooth animation amazed me."

Aliens vs. Predator vs. Fanboy 2 - April 01, 2003 - by ::GenoDice::

"I’m sure that by now most of you have heard about Aliens vs. Predator: Extinction. Needless to say, diehard Alien & Predator fans are a wee bit angry over the whole thing. This game is definitely oriented towards 'fanboys', as they’re called, and casual followers of the AvP series. I take it that Planet AvP’s readers are nearly all sincere AvP fans who want to see an Extinction that is true to the series that they became so enthralled by after seeing the movies. This article is how I think AvP: Extinction, or any other AvP strategy game for that matter, can and should be done to please the devout crowd."

E-D 3D Glasses Review - January 15, 2002 - by David Shipley

"The world of 3D 'realism.' Is it worth it?

"That was a question I asked myself, once, while watching movies through so-called "3D glasses." I was just a boy, back then, but that made my experience of using these glasses only more real. (I had to learn not to wear them backwards first, though.)

"Now, almost more than a decade later, I get the chance to wear another set of 3D glasses... maybe with a bit more technology put into it. Most importantly, it's meant for a more favored subject of mine: gaming.

Jupitor Engine Goodness - December 29, 2002 - by AthlonDude

"Hello there, fellow AvP fans! This is just your old pal, AthlonDude, here to give you all some more thoughts to ponder on concerning the future of AvP. With that in mind, I'll get started."

Gamers of the World Unite - November 22, 2002 - by AuthorX

"Itís hard to believe, that in the year 2002 - , places on Earth condone things without knowledge of the subject. Itís hard to believe people and societies are still wrongly accused of crimes. Itís hard to believe there is still poverty and suffering. But it's even more strenuous to think of the selfish people that donít recognize these problems."

The Fall of Breakdown - November 15, 2002 - by AuthorX

"Well, Christmas is almost here, and you know what that means: somehow at the end of the night, I'll find myself on a couch in some random city with only my underwear.

"But Christmas also marks the best time of the year as a gamer."

Model Creation Overview - November 05, 2002 - by TimmyG

"This document is to help start the character creation process of any model that you want to bring into the Lithtech engine.

The first thing you want to do is focus on the design of the model, if you really want to take advantage of some of the cool stuff the Lithtech engine provides."

Aliens vs. Predator III and the Multi-Focii Narrative - September 04, 2002 - by Windebieste

"There's been a lot of discussion in the forums, news sites and elsewhere regarding the eventual release of a possible third installment in the Aliens vs. Predator series. Oft refered to as 'Aliens vs. Predator 3', no real announcements have been officially made by the franchise owner..."

AvP III - A Fan's Prespective - August 29, 2002 - by AthlonDude

"Hello there, readers! I know I haven't been on here in a while, but I am back now... at least for the moment to tickle your reading bone with a little article I like to call "AvP 3 - A Fan's Perspective". Written, of course, by your friendly neighborhood AthlonDude."

AvP II: Primal Hunt Review - August 28, 2002 - by SirYawnalot

"Aliens vs. Predator 2 was just crying out for an expansion pack. We battled through the same story from all three perspectives, exhausting every single way to hunt, dismember and generally survive against the multitude of enemies. When the dust settled and the carnage was over, though, there wasn’t much left to return to as a lone player."

Character Butes Quickie - August 22, 2002 - by TimmyG

"Character butes are used to finish up a model for insertion into the engine. Of course if you miss this step, you won't be able to fully use your model, add new models as well as custom some of the aspects of your new model."

Model Butes Overview - August 19, 2002 - by TimmyG

"Model butes are primarily used for hit-tracking, (just make sure you read the butes file before editing!), they help in identifying what part of the body on the skeleton gets what animation when hit, as well as how much damage and explosion effects a body part has."

How to Get Models to Work in the Talon Engine - August 16, 2002 - by TimmyG

"How to get models to work in the Talon engine? Here's how!

"It wouldn't matter if you wanted to use multiple nodes, or single mesh. I worked both in, and so can you. The only thing I prefer is that multiple nodes will LOD a little nicer, as well as support multi-hit detection easier. (Though I am sure you can do the same with single mesh)."

Interview with a Star: Part II - August 12, 2002 - by Mechman

"After all the fan mail about the last interview we had with the AvP2 monkey, we just had to do another one. When I talked with his agent, some startling new information came out. But enough of the filler, on to the monkey! "

Red_Riot: In His Own Words - August 10, 2002 - by Windebieste

"This article is edited together from correspondence between Red_riot and myself at the end of July and the beginning of August, 2002 - . Red_Riot had notified me that his latest map for Aliens vs. Predator 2 had been released and was now available for download. That map is Jungle and it features numerous unique and creative gameplay elements for Multi-Player sessions."

AvP II: Primal Hunt Preview - August 02, 2001 - by Praetor

"After much anticipation, the chilling experience of AvP2 will be brought back through the creative minds of Third Law Interactive. Once again, the three single-player campaigns revolve around a similar storyline, but will allow the player to see the events through the eyes of a human, Predator, and Alien."

Aliens vs. Predator II Tactics - Part One - July 30, 2002 - by AuthorX

"With Primal Hunt coming out soon, I thought I’d take the time and let the new guys in on some alien tactics. If you’re not new, still read on, since there's some things you might not know yet.

"I am not responsible for how you use these tactics. If someone claims you are cheating, too bad; it’s not my fault."

Interview with a Star - June 29, 2002 - by Mechman

"Today, I have finally managed to arrange an interview with the star of two really great games that I enjoyed playing. His first appearance was in the game No One Lives Forever (NOLF), developed by Monolith and published by Fox Interactive. This game won game of the year for 2000 - from Computer Games Magazine, and was runner up for the PC Gamers' coveted Game of the Year spot."

My Take on Aliens vs. Predator 2I - July 20, 2002 - by AuthorX

"With the recent interview with Paul Pawlicki, gamers found out AvP 3 is going to be made, so I thought I’d express what I think it should be like. And maybe some of my ideas will make it to Sierra (pfft!). Heck, every game needs a storyline, so lets give this a shot..."

Writing Fan-Fiction: A Guide for the Aspiring Writer - June 12, 2002 - by Mechman

"When you first read some of the fan fiction on our site, you probably think that it's not gonna be possible for you to ever even dream of writing something like this. That's where I come in. I have a handy list of things to do to make successful* fan fiction."

Video Games: Past, Present, and Future - June 27, 2002 - by AuthorX

"20 years ago playing games was only for, 'nerds' or 'geeks'. But in time, it has drastically changed. It became a past time, and for some a hobby, but still it’s changing, no longer is it a spare-time waster, it’s evolved into a culture. A culture where everyone is able to be the hero, an alien, or simulate life as we know it."

Working for Planet AvP: The Experiences of the New Guy - June 12, 2002 - by Mechman

"You what people as when they find out where I work? I mean after they ask why I have a fire hose and I'm sneaking around behind their house. They ask what it's like to work here (Making chitchat before the cops arrive).
Well, to answer all the fanboys question, here it is: A day at Planet AvP!"

Ringside with AvP - June 10, 2002 - by Mechman

"It's time to answer some of these questions. At least so far as AVP goes. We have 5 contenders for the title of champion. They are the cast of AVP 2, the Halo Chief, Havoc from C&C: Renagade, Gordon Freeman from Half-Life, and an anonymous soldier from Battlezone 2."

Violence in Games - June 01, 2002 - by Mechman

"If you haven't noticed lately, the singe best selling game last year for the PS2 was also the most violent, Grand Theft Auto 3. Given that you're reading this, you probably play one of the most violent computer games available. But what does this really mean? Does it make you violent? Does anybody care?"

How to Respect Your Foes, And Still Play with Your Food - May 19, 2002 - by Mechman

"If you haven't guessed from the title, this is a guide for the aliens, not the marines (but with the food in the army, it could have been). This is going to be a completely honest guide for how to respect the other guy, yet still taunt his inferior species."

A Highly Biased View of the Species in AvP2 - May 15, 2002 - by Mechman

"I'm not gonna even pretend to be fair in this. I'm just going to point out the facts as I see them. In all the other guides I read, it talks about the awesome firepower of marines, or the brute strength of the preds, but seems to always point out the weaknesses of the aliens. The aliens are really the strongest species, but not very durable. When used correctly, they can be devastating."

Fighting the Good Fight - April 21, 2002 - by Tony Volk

"Youíve mastered the single player missions, and are ready to take on real-life opponents. No matter how good the A.I. is, it canít compare to a skilled human opponent. So youíre going to need something more than just a mastery of the basic skills to win the game."

AvP II: Corporate Tactics - March 25, 2002 - by Lazerus

"Perhaps the least understood and least appreciated classes in Aliens vs. Predator II is the Corporate Machine. In the movie series the Corporation was always considered to be the enemy. The Corporation didnít seem to care about its people. Just look at the terraformers from the second movie."

Snipers in Today's Society - March 16, 2002 - by Edge

"In today's gaming society, snipers aren't usually held in high regards. Cowards. Bastards. Pure evil spawned from hell to ruin your day. I hear it all. A whole lot. Because I prefer to view life through the good end of a rifle. In my life as a gamer, I have many favorites. I used to have assault rifles as my favorite. Now I like the ones with zoom."

Monolith vs. Rebellion? - March 08, 2002 - by AthlonDude

"With the rumor that Rebellion may be getting the AvP franchise back in circulation I thought it only fitting to address this issue in an article I like to call Monolith vs. Rebellion. What a concept. The thought that Rebellion might get the franchise back is enough to make some jump for joy, and some shake with fear. What do I think?"

Top 10: Worse Ways to Die in AvP2 - February 24, 2002 - by Lazerus

"I know we have all had this happen or watched some poor sap (like myself) do it. Your happily trotting along with your flamethrower, life is good. ďOh Hey! Whatís this? Bob must have just greased this dirty Alien scum, its still steaming.Ē You admire his work for a few minutes oblivious to the nearby edge. Yeah! Its all fun and games until you fall off. Those Marines just arenít built like they used to be."

AvP II Mod Spotlight - Aliens vs. Predator Extreme - December 11, 2001 - by Windebieste

"It hasn't taken long for people to start getting stuck into modding AvP2. We've already seen skins and soundpacks appear, so it was just a matter of time before we got to see a mod that addresses how we actually play the game.

"The AXP Public Beta Release Version 1.0 is now available. This modification for Aliens vs. Predator 2 features a nice clutch of useful functions and selectable characters for Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch multi-player modes."

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