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For those who want to show their AvP musical talent, the Fan Music section is their soundroom. Music to the people!

If you have musical or even singing talent, send in any songs you think are cool.

Metal Alien - June 03, 2006 - by MAneQuiNN

Sounds and dialogue from the movie are combined for an electric guitar performance

The Buggy, Buggy Song - December 01, 2005 - by Pseudo Hero

An AvP song. With vocals.

Predator - November 30, 2004 - by Lady Sythe

Predator music for Predator-lovers everywhere.

They May be Gods - September 15, 2003 - by Anise

The music to TMBG is in sections, as it's too long to do in one go, and would make too big a download. The first section contains the music for parts 1 through 5. The music contains:

  • Carral's walk
  • Gloomy news
  • Menar's hope
  • Capture
  • Impregnation
  • Rescue
  • Incubation

Instruments used, as always, the Triton Le, the XV-2020, Soundcanvas and Supernova 2R.

Payback - June 01, 2003 - by Anise

This piece goes with a story I wrote - Payback. I wrote a story outlining the creation of the Xenomorph from Aliens in which they were created as a weapon. In this story they are created by nature, as a weapon. I figured I might as well cover both aspects of their coming into being.

This piece is very 'effects' driven. Synthesisers used: Korg Triton Le; Novation Supernova II R; Roland XV-2020; Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas.

Exile - March 27, 2003 - by Anise

This piece of, erm, music was written (I use that term loosely) to go with a story I wrote. It was called "Exile", and was my first Alien/Predator fan-fiction. The music is synth heavy, so if you're not into synthesised music, you may not like it. It's not necessary to read the story but it would probably aid in understanding the music. I should point out that the start of the story is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, if you're a Predator purist - bear that in mind.

The music is in four parts and, as I'm still learning, the switch between parts may seem a little abrupt. Mind you, I should get better with practice. The four parts relate to the court, the verdict, planetfall and hiss-hiss 'well, hello, little predator'. I think I could have done better with the final part, but I'll hold my hands up and admit to some impatience to finish the piece.

Most of the work is done by the Supernova 2 with a helping hand from the Korg Pa80 and the Roland XV-2020. Most of the drums were done with the DR-670 except for the last movement which was done by the Supernova 2.

Aliens - March 11, 2003 - by Anise

This piece is completely original and was inspired by the 'finding the hive' section of the film Aliens. It's not meant to replace any of the film music and was done for fun (I'm not a professional musician, I just enjoy making music).

The music was created using a Korg Pa80 keyboard and a Roland XV-2020 synth module.

The song was built up track by track and no automatic rhythm generation was used.

Predator: Protector - March 06, 2003 - by Anise

This piece was created for a story I wrote called "Protector." It's a short Predator story that's somewhat unusual...

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