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There's plenty of stories about Aliens vs. Predator on the Internet. Here, you can find it archived and formatted just the way you want it.

If you've written a story people would like to read, please send it in.

(Stories seperated by author; in alphabetical order.)

Acidbyte - Total stories: 05

If there's a case of flu going around, I think it's definitely the case of acute Acidbytus - straight from the frozen tundra of Australia (at least if I know my geography), ("I’m coming for you, David!" - Acidbyte), this deadly flu sneezes out excellent, intelligent and oh-so-gooey Aliens vs. Predator literature -- with a definite twist.

Often almost poetical, Acidbytus definitely takes a 'New Age' writing approach which, although sometimes riddled with cursing and unholy rage, is absolutely perfect for the dark, gloomy and violent universe that is AvP.

Anise - Total stories: 04

What do people mean when they say someone's an 'original' writer? Really: what do they mean when they say that? I suppose it could mean the writer picks unusual (but good) topics for their stories... and I guess I agree with that.

The writer we have here is an 'original' writer. While also writing more classic Aliens vs. Predator stories, in her spare time, her passion is more testing the limits of human imagination. You can find her writing stories through the POV of a Predator, Alien or Colonial Marine - and often not reflecting their stereotypes.

Of course, originality is not everything. Anise is also a terrific writer, superb editor, great scriptwriter and fantastic director! Basically making every part of her stories somehow fun and exciting; I'd also say she's an excellent hypnotist, 'cause she just makes me want to read more, and more, and more...

Batmite - Total stories: 15

Though now retired, Batmite is our oldest Literature Specialist. He's been around since the beginning of this Web site; he was actually the first staff member hired. Ever since then, he's been working hard exclusively on his, "Alien Story" literature series, which is now spanning fifteen chapters. It's truly one of the best story sagas that has graced this Web site, with a lot of emphasis on what GIs are thinking about - what life is like for them, as they fight for their country, and eliminate her enemies. But don't get the wrong idea; there's gut-wrenching action in his stories, and plenty of it, I can tell you that.

E-mail him at batmite@planetavp.com.

Elmo - Total stories: 07

Our newest story guy, Elmo is sometimes described as this cute, fuzzy, hairy, red-haired little creature that everyone adores. But when he writes stories - he's been focusing on his, "AvP" literature series since joining - he drools of action and suspense; blood 'n' guts everywhere, with rifles, pistols and machine guns firing in the night, with realistic results. He sure does show us what quality stories really mean. But his stories don't only emphasize on action (but there's plenty of it, believe you me), but also on the story. He puts a heavy emphasize on the story, and that's why Elmo's brilliant stories are plenty fun to read, and definitely shows his true talent.

E-mail him at elmo@planetavp.com.

Michael Kupari - Total stories: 10

Michael Kupari here, one of the few staff members who uses his real name (like another good-looking guy I know), writes his rib-cracking, brain-scrambling stories not just as simple science fiction. His stories shows a situation that could happen today - with the problems and politics commonplace at this time - but with a futuristic twist. And with an Alien and Predator twist. And with a twist that'll leave us spinning contentedly.

E-mail him at kupari@planetavp.com.

Razor - Total stories: 12

Oh, sure, I remember when I first met this Razor character. I remember when he wanted to submit his story, "Beyond Terror Lies Hatred" to our Web site, as a simple fan. And boy oh boy, after readin' that bad boy not once, not twice - but thrice, I concluded that this Razor guy is sharp. It was simply Amazin' Story Tellin', so after hurrying to put it up on the site, I confirmed with the staff that this man had to be hired right away. And here he is now at Planet AvP doing what he loves - telling amazing stories.

Shoot Me I'm Dumb - Total stories: 17

You know what I think? I think the name "Shoot Me I'm Dumb" perfectly describes the man... and what people should do to him...

Just kidding!

As a more correct description of the man, I think it's best to say SMID is a writer with a lot of energy and an unquenching thirst for quality. These two words describe him best: quantity and quality. With the latter usually taking the lead, you can always expect brilliant, exciting and original stories from Shoot Me I'm Too Good.

Submissions - Total stories: 669

While people enjoy the stories our Literature Specialists write, who's to say the readership can't write their own stories, too? Sounds like a great idea; talented fan writers writing and sending in their own stories - send your story today!

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