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Planet AvP hosts some of the best mod sites out there, with more added to the ranks all the time. If you're looking to enhance your AvP gaming experience, you won't want to miss the sites listed here.

Acidglow's Skins - Skins, maps, sounds...hey, it's a modding skins site

AvP 2 & Primal Hunt Modifications - Have you ever heard of a more descriptive name?

AvP 2 Special Edition - You can find three things at this place: new weapons, new sounds, and new features. All for AvP2.

AvP 2 & Primal Hunt Modifications - Have you ever heard of a more descriptive name?

AvP Profile Editor - Want to trick AvP2 into thinking you finished the single-player campaign? Visit and find out how.

AXP: Mods - Several big mod projects are started here. Perfect for those lovin' large.

Black Wraiths Map Site - There's always new batch of maps at this factory. Why not give it a try?

Emerald Yautja's Hunting Vessel - Interactiviy and maps. Gotta love it

Hardcore Mods - Lots of small mods with big ideas; they'll get bigger when they're finished.

Lv-426 Modifications - As amerging of three mod sites, Lv-426 Modifications promises everything.

Raptor Red's Skins - The talented (female) Webmaster who runs this site is known for quantity and quality AvP2 skins.

Modders of Death - A team of dedicated modders with their own Web site? Sounds good to me.

The Derelict - Looking for single-player map reviews? Here's where you want to go.

Stoney's AvP Skins - One man's skins compendium

Strifen Glyphs Mods - One of the most talented skinners out more. Just skins for now, but mods later.

Facehugger's AvP Mods - All about mods for the original AvP game.

Model Workshop - A top-of-the-line skins site. If you want skins, check this place.

PROJAM Productions - A mod to make AvP2 more realistic. One of the most popular today.

Project Binary Digit - A great site for AvP utilities.

X-Coop Modification - Want to play co-op in AvP2? Try out this mod.

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