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Nalesha Mod

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Name: Nalesha Mod
Author: NaLeSha
Download: ovd.zip
Reviewed By: Izzy


What do you get when you throw Aliens, Predators, weapons from Doom 3, and a rocket launcher that shoots facehuggers? A freaking Mod of the Week! This one fell into my lap from the powers above; not God or Allah, but Shipley threw this at me and told me to review it.

Well, I was a little unsure getting into it. Then the killing started.

The Inner Workings

There's new weapons skins, to player skins, to taunts...so let's take this one step at a time. When you first start up the mod, you realize there isn't any new background picture, but you hear the menu music from Doom 3. Nothing says hard-core like rock music. It is truly a nice touch on the author's part.

The main thing are the new weapons. There are so many weapons, I can't really fit it into this review! They range from anything to Predator nukes to the BFG from Doom 3. But things I think should get noticed are the double-barreled shotgun, that has a blast radius of a cannon, and the chainsaw. Along with the Ash taunts from the Evil Dead series. It was just...beautiful.

Speaking of Doom 3, most of the Marine's weapons models were taken from the game; they had been pumped down graphics wise, but they look alright.

Marine Taunts are taken from Predator, Evil Dead, and Ace Ventura. I was a little shocked at that last one, but did laugh a few times. The only person who didn't get a taunt was the female marine; she still has her normal taunts, which saddened me; a lot.

Skins? Everyone gets new skins. The teams have been changed to Marines, Omega Hive (Alien), Dark Blade Clan (Alien), and Bad Bloods (Predator). Dark Blade Clan looks outstanding. The same with Omega Hive - they looked great, minus the Predalien, who was a shade lighter than the others.

One thing I found out was the Aliens had a speed upgrade. They are faster and go into overdrive when you are in crouch mode. The only negative thing about that is you can barely control it; many times, I find myself half way across the map in a matter of seconds.

The only real negative thing I have to say are the few bugs here and there (which the author is making up in the next version, so I won't hold it against him). Plus the fact that when you're a Predator, the remote bombs--sometimes, they won't go off with the secondary fire button and you have to switch weapons to set them off. It was a little annoying.

Final Word


Guns, guns, guns, and a lot of things blowing up. What is not to love?

As always, that's my review, and I’m sticking to it!

Final Score:


By Izzy
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