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[DND] Hive

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Name: [DND] Hive
Author: WSCandy
Download: spdnd_hive.zip
Single-Player: Yes
Reviewed By: Windebieste


After an unfortunate accident, your APC has crashed through the walls of a Xenomorph hive. Crawling clear of the flaming wreckage, you lose consciousness. Once wakefulness reasserts itself, it's obvious that you are going to need to find some weapons in order to defend yourself. Hopefully, scouring the wreckage of the APC will equip you with the basics of what you need - but to find real firepower and hold your ground against the inevitable onslaught of jaws and slime, you'll have to explore deeper into the hive...


(DND) Hive is a small, Single Player Marine map. The Objectives are simple: Explore the hive until you can find bigger better weapons and make your way back to the destroyed APC to collect your final kit and hold your own against the swarming Aliens. The map culminates in a Skirmish session which means endless joyous fun for fans of knocking the socks off of infinite AI. Cool, if you like that kind of gameplay.

The map is short in its presentation and gameplay has been extended by making the Player traverse the entire length of the map and then return to the starting location, thus doubling the use of the design. This kind of backtracking is a tried and true method of extending gameplay without having to create huge maps, but hey, if it is good enough for DooM3 (Which has a truckload of backtracking) it's good enough for AvP2 maps.

The Author spent about 3 weeks creating this map, but it doesn't suffer in the quality department. Indeed, the map is well built, lit correctly and has its fair share of surprises in store for the Player. The opening cinematic is mood laden and sets the scene perfectly. The use of custom Objectives to get the Player on the move is well implemented and the placement of dialogue over your 'headset' is clever and spot on. Keep on the look out for the Welding Torch - it's placement is randomised, but once found, it can be used to repair the damaged Sentrygun that you can find early in the map.

Marine Pickups - Ammo, Health, Armour, Welding Torch, Pistol, Pulse Rifle, Flame Thrower, Smartgun, and SADAR


This is a fine, well assembled little map and will satisfy some of your craving for Single Player fun. Unfortunately, it is as brief as it is, but nonetheless, it is well worth the download. If you are comfortable roaming around inside a dark, giant cockroach infested slime pit that closely resembles your younger brother's bedroom, then this map is definitely for you.

More of this kind of thing, please.

Final Score:


Infamous Last Words

You had better get used to seeing more of this Single Player stuff being released.

Most of the long term AvP2 mappers have now moved onto working on such Projects. Expect to see Single Player maps and multi leveled campaigns coming out of the woodwork. You can still expect Multiplayer maps to be made, but the age of good quality custom made solo play content for AvP2 is now upon us - and about time, too.

By Windebieste
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