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Military Blazer

All the scores are based out of a possible five points (or the number of  Alien symbols shown). Now, as for the skins, I go to the skin sites and pull what I think are the best ones. If you have any skin news, maybe a project that you are working on, or whatever, just E-mail me.

Author: X-Mandalore-X
Location: FileFront

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The Lowdown

A predator from the Shipley Clan was sitting around like usual, playing a game of Super Predator Brother 3, with not a care in the world. Well...the elder pred was pissed about that, so he sent the young slacker to predator boot camp. After the humiliation of scrubbing toilets with his fangs, and polishing wristblades, Pvt. "Pyle" predator was buffed out and ready to take some heads. Literally.

This week, I'm reviewing a skin pack done by X-Mandalore-X. We all know this guy, since he manages a site already, and has had Skin of the Week before. This time, I'm reviewing his skin Military Blazer, which he says he took from AvP: Extinction. You noobs remember that game, right? I hope so.

On with the review...

HUD Textures

The HUD remains the same. No major gripes with that. Yet the skin itself has been altered to match the 'steel' look the 3rd person view shows. Even the wristblades were changed. I just wish that the author changed the rest of the weapons as well, but beggers can't be choosers.



The skin has that nice "I'm hiding in the trees with a speargun aimed at your head" look about it. Whatever you want to say about this skin, you can be sure that this pred is ready for any war. Hopefully, we're safe for now.

Great textures; he took his time with this one.




Well, I haven't done a review for a Predator yet, so this one caught my eye while I was looking through the files the other day.

I don't remember a Military Blazer predator from AvP: Extinction, but it's been a while since I've played the game. I'm glad somebody took something out of that game and put it into this one. Dedicated to make a good game even better.

Yet another great skin from X-M-X. Keep it up. How about a skin pack? Maybe a combat pred group? Pred special forces? Heh, just give it some thought.


Final Scores

Hud Textures:



Final Notes

  • Download Military Blazer now!
  • More skins - visit the Model Workshop and Raptor Red's Skins for more.
  • Have a skin good enough to be our Skin of the Week? Send it in!
  • By Neoalien
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