Icewind Dale | Walkthrough | Orc Cave
Orc Cave
(AR1200 and AR1201)

Once you exit Easthaven, you will find yourself near the entrance to the Orc Cave. Dispense with the wolves that bar your way, then enter the cave. Once inside, you will do battle with orcs, orc elite, orc shamans, and an ogre.

Monsters: Orc, Orc Elite, Orc Shaman, Ogre, Wolf.

Areas of Interest

  1. Plundered Remains These are the plundered remains of the caravan. You will see an orc disappear into the orc cave.

  2. Entrance Entrance to the orc cave.

  3. Exit To Easthaven.

  4. Crates Here are some crates from the missing caravan (1359, 1104). Make sure you click on them once.

  5. Orcs In the southwestern area, you will meet with several orcs and an ogre (1345, 1892). Pay special attention to the ogre, as it is on his body that you will find the caravan contract that you will present to Hrothgar upon your return to Easthaven. Kill the orcs and the ogre, and take the contract.

  6. Treasure Check the chest in the eastern part of the cave (1502, 1795). It contained a Horror scroll and a Winter Wolf Pelt.

  7. Treasure You will find another chest (461, 647) containing a Girdle of Beautification, which gives the wearer the effects of a Bless spell: +1 to attack rolls, +1 to saves against fear.

  8. Treasure South of the crates is another chest (2178, 1201) containing a Protection from Petrification scroll.

  9. Exit Exit to the outside of the cave.

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