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Kuldahar Pass

After speaking with Hrothgar and telling him you're ready to go following completion of the caravan quest in the Orc Cave, you will be transported to Kuldahar Pass. As the lone survivors of what once was a promising expedition, your duty is clear: you must press on to Kuldahar and continue the search for the evil that plagues the land. The Pass, consisting largely of snow and goblins, is neither vast nor terribly complex; areas and persons of interest are detailed below.

Monsters: Beetle, Goblin, Goblin Archer, Goblin Marshall, Goblin Marshall Archer, Ogre.

Areas of Interest

  1. Exit There is nothing of vital significance in Kuldahar Pass. Hence, if you are a slacker and want to get to the next area without exploring, you may do so by walking east from the entrance. Just cross the first small bridge and continue east along the path until you reach the southeast corner of the map (3836, 1030) that enables you to travel to Kuldahar. Of course, you will have to fight some goblins along the way, but you know how to deal with them.

  2. The Hermit The hermit (488, 1494), a witness to the tragedy that befell your expedition, will speak with you and inquire about your physical condition. Given that frost giants just dumped ten tons of mountain all over you, you may be tempted to smite him. But if you maintain your composure and speak to him, he will tell you that Kuldahar lies just east of the old mill.

  3. Old Mill There are three levels of Mill to explore.

    Level One (AR 2004): You will find Uligar, Orcish Chief of the Bleeding Eye (193, 195). He will demand a tribute before you can pass. If you tell him to stop threatening you, lest you strangle him with his own intestines, he'll let you pass. If you kill him and his cohorts, you will gain treasure and experience. We found a Blur scroll and Glimglam's Cloak (+1 AC, +1 to saving throws) on Uligar's body. Take the stairs down.

    Level Two (AR 2005): You will be immediately assaulted by goblins upon entering this area. Kill them and look around. You will find a crate and two barrels containing treasure. If you look in the closet, you will find Jermsy (841, 121), a small boy whose mother and sister were slain by the goblins. Comfort and offer to help him for 2,400 XP. There is a ladder leading to the third level in the southwest corner of this area.

    Level Three (AR 2006): You will find goblins and a goblin archer marshal. Kill them for gold and experience.

  4. Ghereg the Ogre In the tower (AR 2003), you will find Ghereg (315, 324). He has a tremendous headache, and will say that he intends to pound his head against the walls until it goes away. If you convince him that nothing good will come of such activity, he'll leave you alone, but you gain no experience. If you mock or insult him, he will attack you. Kill him for gold and experience. If you have a druid, have him/her talk to him and give him the cure for his headache for 1,200 XP. If you tell him you will help to find a cure, you can get one from Arundel in Kuldahar (292, 259, AR2112) and return for experience. The importance of Ghereg is that he hints at the nature of the malevolent forces afflicting Kuldahar. He mentions being "called," which implies that someone or something has taken up residence in his head and is attempting to control him.

  5. Ruined Farm House It's just a ruined farm house, taken over and apparently destroyed by goblins. Along the southern edge of the home you will find a crate (2179, 1301) containing a healing potion.

  6. Mill Wheel Just right of the mill wheel, you fill find a barrel (2996, 677) containing a healing potion.

  7. Goblin Marshal Although the goblin marshal (3416, 473) has no name, he, like Ghereg the ogre, hears voices in his head. Kill him for gold and experience, or leave him be. His significance, like Ghereg's, is that his affliction hints at the nature of the evil afflicting Kuldahar.

  8. Exit to Beetle Cave Area This exit leads to the Beetle Cave. You can go here and kill everything, or proceed to Kuldahar. You will enter a clearing (AR2001) where you are confronted by a band of goblin archers, goblin marshals, and goblin archer marshals. Kill them and then enter the cave (1140, 301). Inside the cave (AR2002), you will find four very large beetles (not at all like the puny ones you killed in Grisella's cellar). Kill them. You will find two piles of treasure here, one in the east (506, 402) and one in the west (151, 332) sides of the cave. One stash contained Arrows +1. After that, the only thing to do is to proceed to Kuldahar.

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