Icewind Dale | Walkthrough | Tomb of Kresselack, Level One
Tomb of Kresselack, Level One

Here you will be attacked by tattered skeletons, skeletons and temple guardians. Open the door (1234, 1502) forward and right of the entrance to enter the main chamber. You must have the Gate Key from Cave Two to open this door. The lower half of the map is symmetrical for the most part, so what you find on one side of the map, you will likely find on the other. The entrances to both the southwest and southeast rooms are trapped, so be sure to disarm them before entering those areas.

Monsters: Ghoul, Mummy, Mykull's Sending, Mytos, Skeleton, Skeleton Archer, Tattered Skeleton, Temple Guardian, Wight, Zombie.

Areas of Interest

  1. Southwest Room You will find a chest (306, 1529) just in front of an empty sarcophagus that contains an Entangle scroll.

  2. Southeast Room This room has a chest (1574, 1940) and sarcophagus (1602, 1981) with a Long Sword +1 (2-9 damage, +1 THACO), 2 Healing Potions, and 2 Mummy's Tea.

  3. Western Rooms You must have the Sanctum Key to unlock the door leading into these rooms. You will encounter a wight, which requires magic weapons to kill. The trapped sarcophagus (437, 1026) contains the Priest's Key, 2 Healing Potions, a Potion of Infravision, and Gauntlets of Weapons Skill (+1 THACO).

  4. Eastern Rooms You must have the Priest's Key to unlock this door. In the first room, we found a sarcophagus (1793, 1378) containing an Armor scroll, a Potion of Strength, and a Short Bow +1 (+1 damage, +1 THACO). In the second room, the sarcophagus (2022, 1529) contains the Holy Symbol of Myrkul, a scroll of Larloch's Minor Drain, a Potion of Genius, and a scroll of Burning Hands.

  5. Central Door Make sure you are healed and ready to fight before you open this door. Open the door using the Holy Symbol of Myrkul. Once the door is opened, you will have a forced dialogue with the bone dancer, Mytos (1581, 757). If you try to avoid bloodshed, you will gain 3,225 XP, however, there is no way to avoid fighting him. We found a War Hammer +1 (3-6 damage, +1 THACO) on his body. We also found a Morning Star +1 (3-9 damage, +1 THACO) on one of the temple guardians that attacks with Mytos.

  6. Myrkul's Sending There is a nasty Hold Person trap in this area, so if you have a thief, have him/her disarm it. If you do not, you may be killed by Myrkul's Sending (1913, 248), a rather large and ill-tempered shadow that requires magic weapons to hit. On its body, we found a Reinforced Large Shield +1 (+2 AC, +1 AC vs. missile weapons), and the Ring of Shadows (+15% stealth, wearer is under influence of spell of Non-Detection).

  7. Left Passage Follow the passageway to find a trapped sarcophagus (835, 686), which we could neither detect nor disarm. It is loaded with a Sleep spell, and also spawns skeletons, so you might want to let your best fighter set off the trap, while keeping everyone else at a safe distance (the fighter will wake up after being hit, and presumably will be better equipped to avoid taking a lot of damage from the skeletons). Inside the sarcophagus, we found the following: Haste scroll, Protection from Fire scroll, and Short Bow +1 (+1 damage, +1 THACO). We also found five Bullets +1 (2-6 damage, +1 THACO) on one of the skeletons spawned by the trap.

  8. Right Passage After you round the corner in this passage, look for a trap. Once you make it to the end of the passage, a secret door (1901, 1111) will reveal itself on the left side. There is a mummy on the other side of the door, and you will need magic weapons to kill it. There is a box and a sarcophagus inside the room as well. In the box (1880, 1041), we found Blindness and Aid scrolls. In the sarcophagus (1905, 988), there was a Robe of Cold Resistance (+20 % resistance to cold), a Mausoleum Key, a Potion of Genius, a Knock scroll, a Resist Fear scroll, and a Finest Light Crossbow (+4 to THACO). Follow the passage to the right of the exit to get to level two. The passage is trapped, so proceed with caution (two traps, one in each section of the passage). We found five Bullets +1 (3-6 damage, +1 THACO) on one of the skeletons guarding the entrance to the next level.

  9. Exit Open this door and proceed to level two.

  10. Exit This exit takes you back to the Vale.

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