Icewind Dale | Walkthrough | Temple of the Forgotten God, Level Two and Three
Temple of the Forgotten God, Level Two and Three

Temple of the Forgotten God, Level Two

As you round the corner from the entrance to this level, you will see a long hallway heading east. Be careful as you make your way down the hall, as there are traps in front of the first and third sets of pillars. You will notice two alcoves on both the left and right sides of the first section of the passageway. Inside these small rooms, you will find chests containing treasure. Be careful as you enter the first alcove on the right; it's trapped. Also, there is an acolyte lying in wait inside the second alcove on the left, and a verbeeg in the second alcove on the right. We found a Healing Potion in the first chest (976, 815), Shadowed Studded Leather +1 (+15 % to stealth) in the second alcove on the left (1402, 699), and a Potion of Strength and a Two-Handed Sword of Resistance (2-11 damage, +1 THACO, +1 save vs. spells) in the second alcove on the right (1904, 1581). Beyond the third set of pillars, there is a pack of verbeegs and acolytes waiting for you, so be sure you are ready to fight before heading past that point. After killing them, head to the end of the hallway. You will enter a room containing a large door. Be sure to click on the body in front of the door, as it will give you some indication as to what happened to the inhabitants of the temple. Go through the door to reach level three.

Temple of the Forgotten God, Level Three

Enter this area and click on the gold pedestal in the northern part of the room. You will learn that the Heartstone Gem appears to have been here at one point, but has been stolen.

Monsters: Acolyte, Verbeeg.

Areas of Interest

  1. Exit This exit takes you back to level one

  2. Exit This is the exit to level three.

  3. Pedestal Room Be sure to pick up the "mysterious" liquid (snake's venom) from the priest's body (631, 508). It, along with clicking on the body in front of the door at the end of the long passage in level two, will give you clues as to what has happened, and will get you some experience points from Arundel.

  4. Exit This exit returns you to level two.

    Once you've learned the fate of the Heartstone Gem, return to Kuldahar and speak with Arundel (259, 292, AR2112). He'll mention that poison of the sort you found can only be found in one place--Dragon's Eye. He'll update your map, and you'll be on your way. Before leaving Kuldahar, be sure to buy/sell whatever you need. Also, you will encounter trolls in Dragon's Eye which can only be slain with acid or fire. So if you have enough gold to pick up a few Acid Arrows from Conlan (189, 290, AR2103), or a few Flaming Oils from Oswald Fiddlebender (394, 165, AR2108), you might want to do so.

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