Icewind Dale | Walkthrough | Severed Hand, Solonar Tower
Severed Hand, Solonar Tower

The Solonor Tower consists of four levels.

Monsters: Denaini, Shadowed Elven Acolyte, Shadowed Elven Cleric.

Areas of Interest

  1. Denaini The priestess of the Hand, Denaini (645, 678) will tell you about the mythal that doomed the fortress, and will ask that you lay some of the less fortunate priests to rest for 24,000 XP. She'll also mention that she needs some holy water. Bring her some for 52,500 XP.

  2. Exit After speaking with her, take the stairs up to level two.

  3. Exit This exit takes you back to level four of the Severed Hand.

  4. Battle Here you will be greeted by several hostile elven acolytes and clerics. Take care of them, then look in the containers right and left of the raised platform in the northern part of the room: left container (315, 582) had a Potion of Hill Giant Strength, while the right container (790, 536) had a War Hammer of Sparks (4-7 damage, +2 THACO, 50% chance of 1-3 electrical damage, 10% chance to stun target), and a Healing Potion. Once you've gathered the loot, take the stairs going up to level 3.

  5. Exit These stairs take you up to level three.

  6. Exit This exit takes you back to level one.

  7. Battle Once again, you will be attacked by clerics and acolytes. Kill them and search the area for treasure. You'll find three containers: container one (676, 421) had the second piece of the Astrolabe, Potion of Defense, and Ring of Strength (+1 strength, -1 dexterity); container two (707, 824) had a Potion of Heroism; while container three (643, 711) had a Minor Globe of Invulnerability scroll, and Cursed Oil of Speed. Be sure to check the body of the Shadowed Elven Priest (622, 388) for the Symbol of Solonar Thelandira, a magic necklace (+2 THACO with missile weapons). Proceed to level four.

  8. Exit This exit takes you back to level two.

  9. Exit This exit takes you up to level four.

  10. Battle Dispose of the clerics and acolytes, then do a clockwise search of the five rooms. In this room we found a container (265, 495) with a Remove Curse scroll, Potion of Regeneration, and a Ring of Sanctuary (casts Sanctuary 5 times).

  11. Treasure Container (547, 202) with a Remove Paralysis scroll, a Potion of Perception, and a Philter of Purification (potion that cures disease).

  12. Treasure Container (829, 291) with a Protection from Fire scroll and a Potion of Absorption.

  13. Treasure Container (1076, 539) with a Flame Strike scroll and Potion of Mind Focusing.

  14. Treasure There are two containers (906, 799; 740, 794) that have a Barrel of Holy Water, a Potion of Fire Resistance, a Potion of Insight, Cure Serious Wounds scroll, Emotion: Courage scroll, Flame Strike scroll, Elixir of Health, and a Symbol of Sehanine Moonbow Necklace (casts Know Alignment and Find Traps 5 times each). After gathering the treasure, speak with Denaini again. She gave us Edley's Sling (+2 Damage, +3 THACO) for laying the priests to rest, and Sune's Laurel of Favor for bringing her the holy water (helmet that gives +1 to AC, +1 to charisma). After talking to her, you're ready to go to Corellon Tower.

  15. Exit This exit takes you back down to level three.

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