Icewind Dale | Walkthrough | Upper Dorn's Deep Umber Hulk Labyrinth
Upper Dorn's Deep Umber Hulk Labyrinth

Enter this area by walking through the door in the northwest corner of the level two map of Dorn's Deep. As you explore the area, you will be attacked by assorted orogs and a few ettins, but they shouldn't pose much of a problem. There are three important people in this area; too bad one of them is dead.

Monsters: Ettin, Neo-Orog Avenger, Neo-Orog Chieftain, Neo-Orog Marauder, Umber Hulk.

Areas of Interest

  1. Saablic Tan Walk a few steps northwest of the entrance and you'll see what looks to be an umber hulk. You may be tempted to attack it, as everyone loves to kill umber hulks, but don't, because he is not what he seems. It turns out that the hulk is really Saablic Tan (1806, 696), a transmuter who achieved his cursed form by committing hubris of some sort. He'll ask that you find and dispose of the orog leader, Krilag, whose minions are tormenting him. He'll also tell you about Krilag's dual role as leader and lieutenant, and will promise more information upon your return. After speaking with him, find Krilag.

  2. Krilag Krilag (2328, 2006) is the leader of the orogs, and is also serving as a lieutenant to an as yet unnamed being. Inside his lair, you will find Krilag and a few orog marauders. Kill them, then search Krilag's body for a sword, a note, and Krilag's badge. Read the note and you'll see that the badges are very important--be sure to hold on to all of them. You will find six of them in the course of your journey, and will need them to progress the plot. The note will also mentions Kreg Frostbeard, the lieutenant in closest proximity to Krilag. You'll meet him later in Wyrms Tooth (Chapter 5). The sword is a two-handed Cairn Blade (5-14 damage, +4 THACO). Gather the items and return to Saablic Tan. You'll get 56,000 XP, and he'll tell you more about the badges.

  3. Dead Body In the southwest corner of the map you will find a dead body (686, 1943). The caverns are not especially large, so you should have no problem finding it, although you will have to kill a few ettins to reach the area. On the body you will find Krebelac's Journal. Read it to find out more about the secret door and the puzzle that accompanies it. We also found a Doom Halberd +3 (4-13 damage, +3 THACO, 50% chance of 2-6 fire damage, 15% chance target is stunned). After reading the journal, return to the secret door in the northern room of the barracks.

  4. Exit This exit takes you back to the barracks.

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