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Upper Dorn's Deep Hall of Heroes

This is the Hall of Heroes in Upper Dorn's Deep. You will battle the lich Terikan and can go to the Wyrm's Tooth glacier in chapter 5 from here.

Monsters: Armored Skeleton, Bronze Sentry, Ghoul, Greater Mummy, Ju Ju Zombie, Terikan (Lich), Wight.

Areas of Interest

  1. Terikan's Tomb Once inside, walk to the fourth room on the left. You will have to fight the lich again as you do so. Inside you will find a chest (807, 1051) and a pedestal (433, 983). In the chest, you'll find Chaos, Domination, and Antimagic Shell scrolls, as well as Terikan's Journal. The journal hints that Jamoth's tomb drains Terikan's life force. On the pedestal, you will find Terikan's Phylactery. Once you have the Phylactery, take it to Jamoth's tomb, which is the second door on the right (from the entrance).

  2. Jamoth's Tomb Once you enter Jamoth's tomb, Terikan will be destroyed for 52,500 XP, and you can resume looting before speaking with Norlinor again. You will notice a door at the northwestern end of the Hall of Heroes. You will be unable to open it until speaking with Norlinor (1419, 767, AR6004) again. He'll be waiting at the bottom of the steps.

    You'll get 84,000 XP for freeing the dwarven souls from the clutches of Terikan. Norlinor will point out a hidden compartment (1370, 437) in the forge containing an axe "Celebrant's Blade (5-12 damage, +4 THAC0) and the Key to the door at the northwest end of the Hall of Heroes, which leads to Wyrm's Tooth and the beginning of Chapter 5. Beware as you approach the door, as it will be guarded by two Bronze Sentries, which require +2 weapons or better to hit. They can be tough, so save before confronting them. If you are injured, heal up before entering the door--more bad guys await you on the other side.

  3. Treasure The tomb (1225, 1650) contains Mail of Life (AC 2, +10 hit points, wearer regenerates 1 hit point per turn).

  4. Treasure This room is protected by a greater mummy. He blasted us with a Sol's Scorching Orb spell, so be careful. The tomb (979, 1453) contains Owain's Lullaby, a bardic instrument (when played, casts Cone of Cold for 20-50 points of damage).

  5. Treasure The tomb (745, 1250) has Reznath's Journal. It seems he took a dim view of humans and elves.

  6. Treasure On the pedestal (2190, 1072) is the Two-Handed Sword +3 "Bane" (4-13 damage, +3 THACO, 25% chance of target being infected with disease, 10% magic resistance, not useable by good characters).

  7. Treasure On the pedestal (1942, 875) is a Potion of Infravision, the Axe of Caged Souls (4-11 damage, +5 damage and THAC0 vs. cadaverous undead (+3 otherwise)), Monster Summoning III scroll, and a Red Potion (sets intelligence to 25, wisdom and strength to 3, +50% resistance to magical damage, lasts 24 hours).

  8. Treasure The tomb (1653, 722) contains the Blessed Helm of Lathander (+2 AC, can cast the priest spells Cure Moderate Wounds, Neutralize Poison and Remove Paralysis once per day, only usable by good characters).

  9. Evayne's Tomb On the pedestal (1449, 478) is Evayne's Journal, which tells of the valiant deeds of the dwarves in their final hours. Return it to Larrel in the Severed Hand (498, 526, AR5103) so that he may forgive the dwarves and know what became of his daughter. You will gain 56,000 XP for doing so.

  10. Exit This exit takes you to the Wyrm's Tooth glacier and starts chapter 5. You need to speak with Norlinor after defeating the lich before you can open it.

  11. Exit to Tiers of the Dead This exit takes you back out to the tiers of the dead.

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