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Wyrm's Tooth Outside

After leaving Dorn's Deep, you will find yourself in the icy landscape of Wyrm's Tooth, where you will be greeted by greater ice trolls, as well as a few snow trolls. As you explore the outside area (AR7005), you will find more of the same, with an occasional yeti or ettin thrown in to make things lively. None of the monsters found in this outside area should pose any problem to you at this point. However, snow trolls do require acid or fire to kill--so wailing on them with your +1 sword isn't going to do much good once they're on the ground. There are four important locations in this area.

Monsters: Ettin, Glacier Yeti, Greater Ice Troll, Snow Troll, Yeti, Yeti Chieftain.

Areas of Interest

  1. Bridge If you try to cross it, you will get a message saying something to the effect that it's in poor shape and cannot be used. Remember this location, as you will be able to fix the bridge later, cross it, and meet Joril, who has the second of the six badges you must obtain before you can win the game. You will receive 60,000 XP for fixing the bridge.

  2. Outside Door to Museum This door (1940, 1322) leads to the frost salamanders and the museum. Do not enter this door yet. You'll meet the salamanders soon enough, and it's easier and more convenient to use the triple doors to find them.

  3. Northeast Stairway Take the stairs (3608, 179) and you will emerge in a small area (AR7000), where will you find two caves. The cave north of the entrance (569, 210), which will be locked until you finish the slave quest or have Dugmaren's Key (described in the Triple Doors section below), isn't terribly important. It just leads to a small area right before you encounter the slaves.

    In the northeast corner of the map you will see a passageway (1130, 17) heading off the edge of the map, which brings up the world map. In the southeast corner, you will see the cave (1104, 649) that leads to Chapter 6 and Lower Dorn's Deep--do not enter it now. We did, just to see what would happen, and the game skipped straight to Chapter 6. But you will eventually have to enter the cave, even after everything else is done, because Chapter 6 will not begin until you have done so.

  4. Triple Doors You should see three doors (1982, 2237; 2157, 2243; 2314, 2188), all of which lead to the same area. Enter the doors (AR7002) and you will see three more doorways. The middle door, which will be locked at this point, isn't very important, although it can save you some travel time. It leads back to the area in which you find yourself after entering the stairs in the northeast corner of the map (AR7000). You can open it once you've found Dugmaren's Key or completed the slave quest. The other two doors lead to the library, where you will find the slaves and the quest that accompanies them. Enter those doors to begin the slave quest.

  5. Entrance This entrance take you inside the Frost Giant cave.

  6. Exit This exit leads back into the Upper Dorn's Deep.

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