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Lower Dorn's Deep, Main Area

This area, like most areas in Lower Dorn's Deep, is home to monsters who are fully capable of annihilating your entire party. You will find salamanders that, like the frost salamanders in Wyrm's Tooth, inflict damage merely by standing close to you. You will also encounter tarnished sentries, who require +2 weapons to hit and are capable of dealing some serious damage. We used missile weapons to pick off most of the salamanders before they could get close enough to do much damage. The one good thing about the difficult tarnished sentries is that they do not advance until they're out of throwing axes--so we had time to get off some good spells, including area spells. We tried everything from Cloudkill to Magic Missile, but Chromatic Orb and Hopelessness seemed to work best, as they sometimes managed to incapacitate the sentries, making for relatively easy kills.

Monsters: Fire Salamander, Seth, Svirfneblin, Tarnished Sentry, Thieves, Tower Archer.

Areas of Interest

  1. Seth Kill the tarnished sentries and salamanders guarding the walkway, then follow it until you run into Seth (3100, 674), who will ask you for your papers. If you admit that you don't have any papers, he'll disappear and you'll be attacked by a small herd of backstabbing thieves. But if you're smart enough, you can trick him into thinking that you are in the employ of Marketh. To do this, select the "Uh...what?" dialogue option, then select dialogue numbers 3, 7, 4, and 3 in the conversation that follows. He'll disappear and you'll be free to explore, without worrying about thieves. The downside is that you'll also lose out on the experience gained for killing the thieves, who are worth 2,000 XP apiece. You'll meet Seth again later, in Marketh's Palace.

  2. Fengla At the end of the walkway, you will see Fengla (3391, 2082), a gnomish girl who not only has had her tongue cut out, but is being forced to act as serving girl to the hooligans in the watchtower. Although she can't speak, per se, she can communicate. Talk to her to get the key to the watchtower.

  3. Watchtower Walk a few steps west of where you found Fengla, and you'll see the entrance (2938, 1860) to the watchtower. Be ready to fight before going inside, as six tower archers are waiting inside the first room of the tower (AR8002). They are very good with their bows, and also have the nasty habit of targeting your weakest character. We used Haste, missile weapons, and a few well-placed spells to beat them. It also helps to cast Stoneskin on your mage, as it will keep him/her from getting capped in the first five seconds of the battle. Enter the room, kill the tower guards, and search their bodies. Fengla will appear and thank you for killing them, and you will get 80,000 XP for capturing the tower and setting her free. You'll find Arrows of Piercing on all of guards (1-6 damage, +4 THACO, +6 physical damage, save vs. death for none). You will also find Full Plate +1 on the body (188, 230) nearest the door to the next level of the tower. After gathering the loot, enter the door at the top of the stairs. This area (AR8014) is important, as you can rest here without fear of attack. Given the difficulty of Lower Dorn's Deep, a place to rest does indeed come in handy.

  4. Norl (AR8015) Be warned, as both the walkway and the entry to Norl's abode are guarded by salamanders and tarnished sentries. Enter the building through the door on the left (2335, 604) to find Norl, who works as a gem cutter. Regrettably, there are no gems to be found in his area. But if you speak with him, he'll give you some interesting tidbits about Marketh and the Revered Brother Poquelin that might help you on your way.

  5. Chain elevator A chain elevator in the northwest corner.

  6. Exit A door to the artisan district.

  7. Exit The entrance to the palace courtyard.

  8. Exit This exit leads to the mines and another forge area. It provides access to Maiden Ilmadia, who has the third of the six badges you seek, and a quest to boot. This should be done next.

  9. Exit This exit goes back to the glacier, for access to the world map.

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