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Gnome Hideaway

Upon entrance to this area you'll be greeted by Beorn, who will thank you for releasing Guello from the mines, and can heal you if you need it. You don't have to fight anyone here so can walk around safely.

Monsters: Svirfneblin.

Areas of Interest

  1. Nym You'll find Nym (379, 1240) standing in front of his shop, located a few steps north from the entrance. If you talk to him long enough, you'll learn that he caused the fall of both Dorn's Deep and the Severed Hand by stealing and selling dwarven artifacts to the goblinoids. Upon hearing this news, you may be tempted to kill him--don't, because he just disappears when you attack. Also, he has lots of magic items and spells for sale, as well as some birds and squirrels that you can take to Valestis in the arboretum in the Severed Hand for 84,000 XP each. After speaking to Nym, and before attacking him if you plan to do so, speak to Dirty Llew.

  2. Dirty Llew Llew (1619, 1329) is the the duergar standing near the small well. Speak to him to see his wares, which include some nice potions and umber hulk plate, which can come in handy if you have a druid in need of decent armor. If you have a rhinoceros beetle shell, he'll offer to make it into a shield. If you choose to have the shield made, you'll notice that it will take "a tenday" (ten days) to make. Have no fear, as there is a rest area nearby that you can use to pass the time. We'll discuss it momentarily. Once you have the shield, go speak to Nym once again. He'll offer to have the shield enchanted, albeit at a rather exorbitant price. If you gripe about the price, he'll offer to throw in a magic dagger along with the shield (for an even heftier sum, of course). If you choose to take him up on it, you'll receive Nym's Dagger (3-6 damage, +2 THACO) and Nym's Rhino Beetle Shield (+3 AC; +1 vs. missile weapons, +15% magic resistance). If you say you only want the shield and don't want to pay such a high price for it, he'll offer you a more powerful enchantment at a lower price. Of course, he's lying. If you choose this option, you'll get the same shield as above, although you will save a little money. Whichever options you take regarding the shield, you'll need to rest to get it, as there aren't ten days of game time left. You can use the rest area to pass the time while Nym and/or Dirty Llew work on the shield.

  3. Rest Area (AR 8016) A few steps east of Nym, you'll see a small staircase leading to a door (954, 923). Go inside and you can rest at will without fear of attack. You can use this area to heal or reset your spells, or to pass time until your shield is ready (rest 30 times to elapse a "tenday").

  4. Beorn If you follow the stairway that winds around the left side of the Rest Area room, you'll enter an area that looks remarkably like Stone Hedge. There you will find Beorn (1432, 499), speak to him to gain 80,000 XP for freeing Guello. He can also heal you, should you need it.

  5. Exit Once finished in this area, use go back up the chain elevator and you are ready to return to level two of the palace and deal with Brother Poquelin. Keep in mind that once you engage him, other areas of the world map will be unavailable, because once you do enough damage to him you'll be transported back to Easthaven for the final confrontation. Thus, if you want to return the birds and such to Valestis, or go anywhere else on the world map, now is the time to do it. When ready, return or proceed to Brother Poquelin.

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