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Broken Temple

You will do battle with powerful undead, including zombie lords, boneguard skeletons, and greater mummies. You will also meet a rather unsavory idol and Brother Perdiem.

Monsters: Boneguard Skeleton, Brother Perdiem, Greater Mummy, Idol, Zombie Lord.

Areas of Interest

  1. The Idol Although you cannot see him upon entry to the area, an evil and rather powerful idol (912, 580) awaits you. Slowly walk forward from the entrance, killing the boneguard skeletons who block your path, until you are left of Sister Incylia (459, 1008), who is trapped in a globe of some sort. A few steps forward from this spot lies the idol, so now is the time to consider your options. You can charge forward and concentrate your fire on the idol if you like, as many of his minions die when he dies or you can try to lure a few of the monsters out before exposing the idol (once he's visible, he'll attack).

    If you choose the latter option, be sure to stop as soon as you see the greater mummies and zombie lords, otherwise, you'll make the idol visible and the fight will be on. Once the mummies and zombie lords are visible, you can pick them off with missile weapons or wait for them to advance for melee combat. Regardless of whether you charge or lure them out, it pays to have Dispel Magic memorized, as the mummies are fond of casting Symbol of Pain and Hopelessness, which can incapacitate many of your party members. The advantage to luring them out and killing them is that you can then wait for their spells to wear off before continuing to the idol, which you may need to do if your party was hit hard by the mummy spells, especially if Dispel Magic fails to cure them. It might be worth your while to cast Haste before engaging the idol, because if given time, he will cast various death spells, which can instantaneously kill one or more of your party members. At any rate, choose your method and kill the idol. Once he's dead, you're ready to speak with Brother Perdiem, who is located just southeast of the idol.

  2. Brother Perdiem Walk southeast of where you found the idol to encounter a forced dialogue with Brother Perdiem (1160, 1005). He'll give you the sixth badge and will tell you of the Reverend Brother Poquelin. He can also heal you and will do so for free for any type of healing except Cure Critical Wounds. When finished speaking with Brother Perdiem, walk just north of the idol to find the staircase leading to Brother Poquelin.

  3. Stairway Located just north of the idol, this stairway (904, 370) will seem to be inaccessible. However, if you look at the base of the stairwell, you will see six symbols on the floor that correspond to the symbols on the badges in your possession. Click on each of the symbols on the floor and the stairwell will open up (so long as you still have all the badges in your inventory). Beyond the stairs lies the Reverend Brother Poquelin, and the beginning of the back to Easthaven sequence. Before going up the stairs, you have one last place to visit, the chain elevator in the main area. Once there, if you kept the potatoes you found in Marketh's lair, you'll be able to access a gnome hideaway where you can purchase some items, rest, and otherwise prepare yourself for the end of the game. We'll go there next.

  4. Exit This exit leads back to the forge area, where you fought Maiden Ilmadia.

  5. Exit The exit in the southwest heads back to the courtyard.

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