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The fight against the Lord of Terror may seem like a fool's quest, but PlanetDiablo has stacks of resources to aid you. There's enough wisdom to be found here to impress even Deckard Cain, so take a few moments to click through.


The basics on the original Diablo game, including system requirements and technical info.

The Act

Get filled in on the background story for Diablo, as well as the history surrounding the ill fated town of Tristram.


Rogue, Sorcerer, and Warrior --three heroes sworn to combat the forces of Hell and drive Diablo back to the nightmare world from which he came. Get all the basic and advanced information and tips on each of these three characters.


Arcane words of might and mystery, spells are essential to your survival, no matter which character you play. We have detailed information on all of them.


A hero without a quest is bard without a lute. Fortunately for you, there are many quests to challenge you in Diablo.


Like eddies of mystical waters, shrines are places where enough magic has concentrated into one area to grant you great boons. Find out about all the shrines you can encounter and which ones you should avoid.


Beasts and undead horrors will harry you at every turn, and must be struck down with a strong arm, a taunt bowstring, or a powerful spell. We have information on all the monsters you will encounter, including unique creatures and "boss" enemies.


A ill equipped adventurer is a dead one, such is the importance of proper gear in your battle against Diablo. Find out all about the weapons, items, armor, and other sundry objects at your disposal, lest you become disposed of yourself.

Unique Items

Occasionally you will come across unique items of extreme power and potence. These items will aid you greatly in your quests, so it is quite useful to be knowledgeable of them.


Only fools charge into battle with the hellspawn without taking time to review some basic tactics and even advanced strategies. Doing so can prevent much frustration and make plowing through the foul hoards of enemies much easier.


Mystical scrolls containing only rows of ones and zeroes ... ah, who are we fooling? These are some great Diablo files for your computer, like the patches and the playable Diablo demo. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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