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Nonplayer Characters

Diablo III features a cast of characters with many new faces and names, along with some key players returning from the first two games in the series. Many simply add to the story development, while others provide quests or healing. No, Wirt is not coming back, and certainly not as an angel.


Returning Characters

Key Story Leads

  • Deckard Cain - Who could imagine a Diablo game without the guiding voice of Cain? Though he's quite old at this point given the twenty years that have passed since the conclusion of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, he remains to advise your new adventurers in the battle against the re-emerging forces of Hell.

  • Archangel Tyrael - Heaven's representative. While he was fading from the land of Sactuary at the conclusion to Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, he is back and prominently featured on the official game web site.

Speculation on More Returning NPCs

Faction Leaders

  • Asheara - The leader of the hirable mages from Kurast played a minor role in Diablo 2 but could play a key role in the faction of mages.

  • Griez - The leader of the desert warriors from Diablo 2: Act 2 would naturally play an important role in said faction's future.

  • Jerhyn - The ruler of Lut Gholein will probably have something to say about the destruction in Sanctuary.

  • Kashya - The military head of the Rogues from Khanduras.

  • Natalya - The mysterious assassin from Kurast should play an important role in the Viz-Jag'taar, the clan of mage slaying assassins of which she is a member.

  • Qual-Kehk - From the Barbarian lands, this elder would likely play a key role in their survival.



  • Adria the Witch - Having escaped Diablo's first and second round slaughter of Tristram, we suspect Adria and her powerful magics will play an important role in the game.

  • Horazon the Sorcerer - The status of Horazon is debated. The sorcerer slain in Diablo 2: Act 2's Arcane Sanctuary was supposedly an impersonator and likely the sorcerer from the first Diablo game gone mad by demonic corruption.


Minor Roles

  • Anya - A strong personality in the Barbarian lands of the North.

  • Fara - A softspoken Paladin from Act 2, who may pop up again as a minor character.

  • Gheed - He's a sticker.

  • Halbu - There is much more to explore in this mysterious figure from The Pandemonium Fortress.

  • Hratli - Something tells us he'll be back.

  • Jamella - There is much more to explore in this mysterious figure from The Pandemonium Fortress.

  • Ormus - The calm and, at times, comedic healer of Kurast has more to say. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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