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Quest Rewards
Side Missions
Quests and Multi-Player
Class-Specific Quests
Quest Management
Quests in Detail
In each of the four acts of Diablo III, as the hero or heroine you have a special set of tasks to undertake to save the world of Sanctuary from certain peril, and of course in the role-playing world these are referred to as quests. Many of these quests are granted to your adventurer by the non-player characters of the game, often the townspeople you encounter, while others you may simply stumble upon as you work your way through the game.

Similarly, some of these quests play an integral part in the plot and are required to advance in or between the areas and acts. Others can be skipped to focus on completing the ultimate goals of the game, namely slaying the Lord of Terror and his most formidable minions and allies, but there are trades-off to skipping them.

Quests in Diablo III tend to lean on the simpler side, when compared to traditional role-playing games. You may need to locate and dispatch a particular super-unique monster, rescue a rather persistent old coot from his rather uncertain demise, investigate some local mystery to uncover a villain, or simply find an item that a NPC is coveting. The major quests generally set you on the path to unlock the next major area or act, often involving a particularly big or dangerous baddie. (Can anyone say Mistress of Pain?)

Quest Rewards

Sanctuary isn't exactly the land of altruism: Like those of the previous games, quests often come with material rewards in the form of items, skill points, or other enhancements to one's character and interaction with the world. A classic, basic example is free item identification from Deckard Cain once you rescue him from the clutches of demons ready to sacrifice or eviscerate him. Others might give you a potion that upgrades your character's attributes permanently.

Side Missions

In addition to the primary quests of the game, Diablo III offers randomly generated side missions. If the name is any indication, these aren't critical to the story and can easily be bypassed or missed without issue. In fact, they only show up on the Quest Pane (more on this later) when you've discovered them, which may involve coming across a corpse holding a letter, finding an obscure NPC out in the world, or a variety of other triggers. Usually the reward for these missions come in the form of items.

Quests and Multi-Player

The original Diablo game randomized quests for multi-player games, giving a selection of all the content offered in the game that boosed replayability. This randomization integrated into both multi-player and single-player modes of the third game that, as one would expect, also offers a party system for allying with other adventurers for cooperative play.

Quests can be gained and shared while in a party, and the restrictions on participating to completion are few. As it is, one doesn't need to be anywhere near other party members to complete a quest if other members do the hard work, though we expect it to be changed as the game goes through balance and quality assurance testing.

Character Class-Specific Quests

As another new feature setting the game apart from its predecessors, Diablo III features character class-specific quests. Since they are based on each class, the rewards will also be geared to be specifically useful to each class individually. Based on the wording of the developers, these are special side missions.

We can say, however, that we expect to have class-based quests in addition to the main story-line quests.

Since multi-player is such an integral part of the gameplay experience and its replayability, and most often you find yourself in a game instance with different character classes, this is duly justified. No one wants to split off from their party to take a side mission from which only they can gain rewards.

Quest Management

You can track both inactive and active main quests and side missions you've discovered on the Quest Pane, accessible via the "Q" hotkey or from its button on the bar at the bottom of the screen. This is a key part of the game interface, but like the inventory, character attributes, and skills panes it is conveniently hidden while not in use.

On the Quest Pane, icons for each of the primary game quests of the act you're currently visiting appear and you can click them for quest information and the current goal. Those that are currently active are lit up and provide more information, while inactive quests simply list the name of the quest. Side missions appear in their own section on the lower half of the pane, and only appear there once you've gained them.

Quests in Detail

Without further ado, we present a breakdown of all known quests.

Act I Primary Quests
Rescue Deckard Cain
Your adventurer's first mission is to rescue the good, old Deckard Cain from the dungeon under Old Tristram. He's along with two scholars that have together been trapped in the dungeon by an onslaught of demons and are fortified, waiting for rescue. Cain will then serve as a guide to the lore behind the forces of Hell through the game and will identify your unidentified items for free. Rescue Deckard Cain

Act II Primary Quests
Find the road to Alcarnus, accessible from the area known as The Canyon Rim Mines. Free the town from the scourge of the dark cultists that have overrun it. Release the remaining townspeople from the cage-prisons they've been locked into by the cultists. Alcarnus
The Lost Girl
Avenge the death of a young girl after she explodes in front of you.
Blood Money
Locate the Enclave of Khamsin within The Stinging Winds and unravel the mystery of its lost daughters. A man named Zakarwa is implicated in the death of the town's daughters at the hands of some cultists. The enclave is a mini-town found within the area called The Stinging Winds.
Act II Side Missions
The Restless Sands
Free the Necromancer Mehtan from the ghosts of his past. Find him south of the Enclave of Khamsin in the area known as The Stinging Winds. Summon the spirits haunting him by finding and activating his three totems, and then destroy the wraiths that appear. He gives you a rare ring as a reward.The Restless Sands
Alesser's Pendant
Alesser has asked you to locate and kill the monstrous sand shark that killed his son. He gives you a rare belt as a reward. Find the shark in The Stinging Winds.
The Collapsing Ruins
Find your way through a quaking dungeon before it collapses on top of you. This is a timed quest and must be completed within the allotted duration. This dungeon is located underneath The Stinging Winds, and its entrance looks similar to both the waypoints and the seals of The Chaos Sanctuary of Diablo II. The Collapsing Ruins
The Idol of Rygnar
Lead Pollahr through a dungeon to find the Rygnar Idol.The Idol of Rygnar | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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