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A complete catalogue of all normal, exceptional, elite, unique, and set items as well as magic affixes and jewelry, with customizable output and searching capabilities. Find all of the item attributes and statistics you're looking for here.
  • Armor

    Body armor, helms, circlets, boots, gloves, belts, shields, and class-specific armor: Barbarian helms, Paladin shields, Druid pelts, and shrunken heads.

  • Weapons

    Axes, bows, crossbows, daggers, javelins, maces, polearms, scepters, spears, staves, swords, wands, and class-specific weapons: Amazon weapons, claws, and orbs.

  • Sets

    Special groups of items that provide bonuses for equipping some and/or all members.

  • Jewelry

    Rings, amulets, charms, and jewels.

  • Prefixes and Suffixes (Coming Soon!)

    Rare and magical items' abilities are built randomly from these lists of affixes.

  • Iteminator

    Want to figure play a virtual Diablo II items game? Check this out.

  • Item Database Search

    Powerful search of all the databases from one easy screen.

Equipment Guide

View our complete guide to the new equipment available in the Lord of Destruction Expansion, along with the enhancements and changes to items previously in Diablo II. This includes:
  • Armor
  • Circlets, socketable armor, and notes on defense rating.

  • Class-Specific Items
  • Amazon weapons, Barbarian helms, Druid Pelts, Paladin shields, Necromancer's Shrunken Heads, Sorceress' orbs.

  • Crafted Items
  • All about these special item recipes, including a guide and a listing of four categories of recipes.

  • Elite Items
  • The third and strongest class of items, with the highest damage and defense ratings, and highest requirements.

  • Ethereal Items
  • The heightened item properties of these come at a price; they cannot be repaired.

  • Set Items and Item Sets
  • Partial set bonuses and upgrades to old sets, new sets, and class-specific sets.

  • Unique Items
  • On drop rates, new statistics on old unique items, and hundreds of new unique items.

Non-Equipment Items Guide

Guides to the changes to previous non-equipable items and all the new non-equipable items in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. The expansion set boasts runes, jewels, and charms.
  • Horadric Cube

    That mysterious item bestowing you with special item-modifying abilities.

  • Runes

    Read the mysteries behind the new gem-like item that works with socketable items, but doing so much more than gems can. See a complete database of all runes and their properties.

  • Jewels

    Another group of items that you can place in socketable items, with powerful magical effects.

  • Gems

    There have been changes to gems with the Expansion, but for the better. Check out how they've been enriched and optimized.

  • Charms

    Special magical items giving useful bonuses, that sit in your inventory.

  • Potions

    Find out what all those red, blue and purple vials do by stopping by the apothecary.

  • Miscellaneous Items

    Keys, tomes and other miscellaneous articles are described.

Recipes and Gambling

All the recipes currently functional and a history of recipes once functional. Plus, a guide to gambling.

Item Screenshot Submittal Page

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