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Want features? PlanetDiablo frequently features original content about Diablo, Hellfire, Diablo II, Blizzard,, and related topics. Chances are you'll find something to interest, entertain, and inform you.

Articles, Interviews and Chats

The Diablo games are complex and popular, lending themselves perfectly to a variety of works that examine them and the player community from any number of angles. Here you'll find interesting articles, opinion pieces, interviews, chat logs, and other informative works about the games and their universe.

Ask Gheed

Hey there everyone, Gheed here, from the Rogue Encampment. Have a question that you don't think anyone can answer about Diablo II? Well that's what I'm here for. You might not get an answer you're expecting, so don't be surprised. Check out my "Ask Gheed" column.

Character Journals

Entry-by-entry character development schemes and guides written by members of the community. These are interesting reads for their unique points of view and each player's techniques.

Fan Artwork

Fan created artwork inspired by the Diablo series and related RPG-oriented works. We are surprised again and again at the incredible talent of many esteemed players.


Diablo fans are a verbal bunch of adventurers! Many of them like to voice their opinions and feedback to, and we collect the best correspondences into our regular mailbag features. Always feel free to drop us a line to have your thoughts included.

Mod of the Week

PlanetDiablo's network of hosted sites is growing by the minute. Here is a weekly feature to highlight different Diablo series mods hosted at this all-around resource for the games.

The PDF Inquirer

Look here for reports on the seedy underbelly of Sanctuary, Blizzard Entertainment, its fans, and the PlanetDiablo forums. This humor column delves into each of these and much more. Conspiracies abound, but there's fun for the whole family here.

Poll Archive

PlanetDiablo sends scribes to the four corners of the earth to poll the inhabitants of our realm about their opinions. Most folks, however, like to just use our handy online polls to make their vote count on issues and questions of interest to them. Here you can find archives of our old polls, but remember that our most recent poll is in the lower right of our front page.

State of the Forums

No other section of PlanetDiablo is more active than our glorious set of forums for discussing the Diablo series, and we present a State of the Forums address to you each week. In this feature, each moderator from PlanetDiablo's forums takes a look back at the previous week and notes certain happenings, including interesting stories and forum topics to check out and contribute to.

The Tristram Minstrel

What's the Diablo series without loads of humor? The Diablo series. What's a Diablo series fan site without loads of humor? Boring. Keep up-to-date on Sanctuary's latest shocking events and tragedies with this column.

Wacky Equipment Database

Everyone loves a bit of humor, even with a game series with a story so serious. We've brought you the Wacky Equipment Database, a listing of fake items that should spark a bit of humor in the old gut. Check it out, and submit your own ideas!

Version 1.10 Preview

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