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First came PlanetDiablo and pre-ForumPlanet message boards. Then came PlanetDiablo Forums (PDF). Then came the State of the Forums. Now, we present The PDF Inquirer, your reliable source for the latest happenings in Diablo's underworld. The Inquirer reports on the underworkings of PDF, the world of Diablo (Sanctuary), and the latest batch of evil from Blizzard Entertainment Headquarters. This humor column was created and is written by forum member Inquisitor95, for forum members and the greater fan community. New issues are released at no particular frequency! (But, you can keep clicking that gem as many times as you want.)

Got a great idea for an Inquirer story? Let us know!

Warning: Sources say that this is for entertainment purposes only and that there is not a shred of truth to anything here. We say, "Since when did that stop anyone from printing anything?"

    Current Article:
  • Issue #25: Sex, Wars, and Rock and Roll - 09/08/06
    Part two of Demona's biography, three controversial Runewords revealed, Paladins vs. Necromancers, plus new pop hits from Sanctuary. All in a special Friday issue!

    Past Issues of The PDF Inquirer:
  • Issue #24: The Spoof is Out There - 06/28/06
    The true history behind ATMA revealed, Diablo III and Diablo IV, Necromancer protests, and a first look at the controversial biography of Demonna.
  • Issue #23: Itís hard out here for an imp. - 04/26/06
    Ghouls Gone Wild touring group causes controversy, Rune words from the next patch, New music hits from Sanctuary, and say "Hello" to Mr. Know-it-All.
  • Issue #22: Halting the spread of truth - 03/08/06
    Nerd flu strikes Blizzard Labs, Den of Evil under critical review, The Countess released from prison, and Andy Looney on colossus girdles.
  • Issue #21: Three years of spamtastic reporting - 10/19/05
    Patch 1.12 revealed, a Wind Druid convention takes a turn for the worse, close to one billion accounts closed on, the Flayer Tabernacle Choir's new hit, and the future of Kill Baal.
  • Issue #20: Pay no attention to that nerd at the keyboard - 06/08/05
    Kill Baal Vol. 5 details, Horazon's Urinal discovered, a new hit by the Weather Sorcs, tax cuts and lack thereof, and hacking.
  • Issue #19: One bling to fool them all - 03/16/05
    Necromancer tried for stygian doll abuse, Act II mercenaries on strike, Kill Baal Vol. 4 details, and more.
  • Issue #18: We've got your innuendo right here - 02/09/05
    Diablo auctions hero's soul, Duriel has sex change, a defective items giveaway controversy and more.
  • Issue #17: Where idiocy meets insanity - 11/05/04
    The second anniversary of the Inquirer, including a shocking report of a cow attack.
  • Issue #16: When the spam hits the fan - 09/08/04
    Breaking news on the Worldstone, Kill Baal: Volume 2, a Werebear scandal, and new dictionary terms.
  • Issue #15: Too 1337 to be beat - 06/23/04
    Akara and Kashya fight, Blizzard on Diablo II's future, a look in the life of Dark Wanderers, and more of the latest.
  • Issue #14: Special Noob Issue - 05/26/04
    Diablo sues his clone, the Cow Queen's new single, a Noob's diary, and a Diablo quiz.
  • Issue #13: Feel the synergy - 02/11/04
    Forum layoffs, Warriv's troubles with the law, a new Diablo movie, and other news of the flayed.
  • Back Issue #8: 1 SOJ 5 SOJs 10 SOJs 40 SOJs 12 chipped gems - 01/28/04
    A new v1.10 release date, kinder and gentler moderators, new Realm currency, and more shocking news.
  • Back Issue #9: Where's the Patch? - 01/08/04
    New v1.10 uniques and affixes, Atma's shady interests, a warning from Lut Gholein, and more.
  • Issue #12: Now world famous - 12/10/03
    Meshif wrecks his ship, Blizzard survey deems v1.10 a success, Kid Barb's new single, and two special reports.
  • Issue #11 Beta: Sometime during your life - 11/26/03
    Tal Rasha's other big secret, Isenhart sued for spamming, a shocking report on a Valkyrie, the strangest mod we've heard of, and further breaking news from Sanctuary.
  • Issue #10: Where trash is king - 11/19/03
    The Inquirer debuts on PlanetDiablo. Magic find is a hoax, a strange Blizzard hire, fashionable runewords, and more top reports from the inside. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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