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Demonic music driving adventurers insane!

Asylum seekers figure out cause behind influx of insane adventurers.


An adventurer being committed to an asylum is certainly not unheard of in the war torn lands of Sanctuary. Many veterans, so scarred by the horrors committed by demons on the battlefield, often reliving gruesome battles over and over within their minds, that they are reduced to nothing more than drooling, grunting piles of meat, no longer are able to function in normal society, and are such cared for by many young, loving hand-maidens. (Often paid for by the adventurers themselves in advance, strangely enough.)

However, recent influxes of adventurers, their minds snapped like twigs, into asylums across Sanctuary have left many wondering what new and terrifying weapon the minions of the Prime Evils have come up with. Some say it is a new sort of structure designed to rain death on the battlefield; others say that some demons have mastered new and powerful magics; some dare even say that a new, extremely powerful breed of demon has appeared, spawned from a Stygian Beast that awakens every one thousand years. This theory, however, is immediately discounted by many people.

However, after much research and consultation with adventurers with on-the-field experience and doctors at the local asylum, The Tristam Minstrel can now reveal to you the shocking truth into why so many adventurers are running in fear from the battlefield they once stood over.

The Lord of Terror himself, Diablo, has seen fit to unleash new devices called "speakers," which are invisible to the human eye and magically play the demonic theme of the armies of darkness. Exactly how this vile and perverse magic works is, of course, unknown, but The Tristam Minstrel was able to secure an interview with an adventurer among the few who were able to escape the clutches of these foul traps, a Barbarian by the name of Björk the Meatshield.

Tristam Minstrel: Tells us Björk, how did you manage to escape the clutches of one of the most fiendish traps ever devised by the Prime Evils?

Björk: Uhh, Björk thump ugly guy and he fall down, that all Björk do. Björk no think bout nuffin else.

TM: Fascinating! So, what you are saying is that by strength of will alone, you were able to drive the corrupting influence of the Prime Evils from your mind and used the encounter to fortify your strength, giving you the ability to defeat the minions of Diablo in mortal combat, in such a way to mock the efforts of the Three and weaken their resolve in their quest to enslave Sanctuary?

Björk: Uhh, Björk hit ugly guy...

Armed with this invaluable information, the reporters went out into the field, dedicated to find out exactly why so many other adventurers had fallen under the spell of Diablo, and possibly to figure out a way to help the poor, tortured souls now broken by the Prime Evils' magic (accompanied by a heavily armed battle platoon of paladins, of course).

Almost immediately, the Minstrel's reporters were under an aural barrage of titanic proportions, a cornucopia of instruments stringing and bending our mortal minds, playing upon our fears and trepidations. We cried out in pain in unison with our Paladin troops; truly, the powers of the Three were too powerful for our minds. Our reporters quickly retreated back to the Rogue Encampment, but the damage had been done. Mr. Kent, one of our most experienced reporters, had already been reduced to a quivering, crying, broken shell of a man, and Miss Lane, our intern whom has been with us only 2 weeks, was still screaming with the cries of the damned obviously still wailing in her head.

Even now, as I write this report without the aid of my co-workers and friends who have sadly been committed, I can still hear the music within my head, beckoning me to come outside the safety of the Rogue Encampment, telling me that "it will be so much better this time" and mocking me for breaking so quickly under its spell. Its effects, dear reader, are quite remarkable and horrifiying at the same time. On one hand, the music beckons me, calls me, saying it can provide want I need, but on the other hand I know that once I hear the dreadful music, I will be condemned to listen to it forever, dancing to it's corrupted tunes for all eternity, for the music wants my blood, for it has tasted it, and it wants more.

However, throughout my research into this anomaly, I have found out the name of the demon that has composed these wicked symphonies. Its name is Nemleu, and it resides in the deepest, darkest corner of Hell, writing new works for its dark masters, hoping to be rewarded for the "joy" it has brought for the Three. To all brave adventurers: track down this awful beast and kill it if you can, for I believe even now its power drives adventurers to continue fighting without rest, eventually to be overwhelmed by the vast demonic armies.

Save yourselves, and don't listen to the addictive, corrupting music of Diablo and his brothers. Lest your soul be lost forever.

[If you're confused a bit, look at "Nemleu" a bit, and if you're still stumped, view the in-game credits. -ed.]

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