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Mod of the Week

The Mod of the Week is a feature which highlights the hosted sites on PlanetDiablo's network which are Diablo series modifications. Modifications are changes to normal gameplay made by creative fans who have a talent for designing enjoyable play modes based on an original game. It is, of course, a weekly feature, but each edition goes in-depth to describe and display the qualities and elements that make each different mod unique. The Mod of the Week is updated on Wednesdays, conducted by Mike "Red Death" Blystone.

    Current Article:
  • Zhoulomcrypt
    Changes to Diablo II making it more like the game that started it all: Diablo I. - 10/10/01

    Past Mod of the Week Editions:
  • A Mod Ensemble
    Take a look at three older mods that have recieved much attention from their respective creators! These guys are the proverbial midnight riders of modding! Ph33r them! - 10/03/01
  • Sanctuary In Chaos
    JBouley is a super soul sure shot, and his mod is nothing short of neato. - 09/26/01
  • New Dawn X
    Sometimes, after spending night after night leveling my Necromancer 250 levels, I find myself thinking, 'Damn, I need a real job.' Then I think, 'Nah. All a fellah needs is love.' - 09/19/01
  • Ancestral Recall
    It's very, very hard. I could make a joke about that, but I really don't want to go there. What do you think this is? The sordid details? LEAVE ME ALONE! - 09/05/01
  • Hell on Earth
    It may not be out yet, but when it hits, Hell on Earth will be like a sack of bricks landing on a gnome who has just eaten too many tacos, messy, explosive, and fun as hell to watch. - 08/29/01
  • Enhanced Gameplay Mod
    If you enjoy a fast paced, highly rewarding game, and aren't a servant of evil, this is the mod for you. - 08/22/01
  • The Runes Mod
    Well balanced transmutation fun for the whole family. - 08/15/01
  • Tides Of War
    A great mod, full of new items, even if it is just a touch easy. - 08/01/01
  • Natalya 10x
    Sure, there are no monkeys, but Teknokyo's Natalya 10x is fun anyway, especially if you like unique items. - 07/25/01
  • 8-Player Diablo II Mod
    One of The Phrozen Keep's staff members created this simulation of eight-player game difficulty. - 07/04/01
  • Eastern Sun Diablo II Mod
    The first Diablo II mod to be hosted by PlanetDiablo comes back into the light with this week's edition. - 06/29/01 | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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