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Odd Diablo Facts: The Diablo II List

These factoids are various interesting, useful, weird, little-known, or just plain silly facts about Diablo II and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. They are related to every single aspect of the game, and to its various versions as well – from the original 1.00 up to the latest revision.

It all began with a post on the Planet Diablo Forums by Shooter, who decided to push the game's limits and break as many rules as possible, with the help of Temp, the charming, yet delinquent Assassin. She was born as just another item mule, but went on to start a new forum phenomenon. If you are a fan of the game, these factoids will definitely make you smile. Enjoy!

Thus spoke Shooter: "Well, like Alkor, I've been busy studying. Here are my findings..."

And so it began.

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1. What will happen if you do not confront The Wanderer and his worms at the start of Act III?   2. What will happen if you do not let Akara see the Scroll of Inifuss?

I used a teleporting sorceress to get by the wanderer, but I suppose any character can simply run by him. What I remember most was that the Gidbinn did not drop. I'm not sure, but the Jade Figurine may also not have appeared. -- Shooter

I just wanted to see if Akara was really necessary. So, my character (happened to be a necromancer) took the scroll to the Cairn Stones and right clicked. Unfortunately he could not get the sequence without Akara's help. I forgot to try a bunch of random permutations to see if he could randomly unlock the sequence -- I'll try that next time (unless it has been done). -- Shooter
3. The Pindleskin run with a Necromancer... 4. The statues in the River of Flame

... can we get rid of those forward zombies?

Yes, most of them can be eliminated by Corpse Explosion before they animate. I think that saves a little time. -- Shooter

Note by Demon! – Another good tactic for a Summoner Necromancer is to simply raise those dead guys as skeletons – thus you create your army and you get rid of them.

When you walk past them, they slightly turn their heads towards you. -- Rastaban

River of Flame Statues

5. Hadriel will not allow you to pass by... 6. Was Rastaban joking about Flavie?

... him unless you smash Mephisto's soulstone in the forge.

I don't think any spell/skill would work to bypass this (such as Teleport or Leap) and, for the life of me, I don't know anyone who would skip that quest. In a similar way, the generic rogue that stands between the Blood Moor and the Cold Plains will not allow you to pass if the Den of Evil remains uncleared. -- Rastaban

Note by Demon! – This is, of course, a joke.

To test this, I sent out a mule named "Temp" a level 1 Assassin with absolutely no kills to her name. She easily evaded the slow Blood Moor monsters, did not kill a thing, did not enter the Den of Evil and ran right by Flavie to activate the waypoint in the Cold Plains. There were some complications - two corrupt rogues were waiting inside the passage between the Blood Moors and the Cold Plains and one of those big gray furry creatures was moving toward the waypoint. Temp was still able to get to the Cold Plains waypoint with zero experience. -- Shooter

Note by Demon! Yes, this is the infamous Temp, the High Priestess in the Church of Odd Factoids.

7. There is one monster listed in the Arreat Summit... 8. The palace of Lut Gholein...
Reziarfg... that does not exist in game. -- Rastaban
Note by Demon! – Reziarfg!!! Can you spell it backwards?
... has no toilet. -- Rastaban

9. The Constricting Ring

It's an item that exists in the game's database that cannot drop.

Among other properties, it has +100% to magic find. -- Rastaban

10. Lord de Seis was a petty...
The middle superunique monster in the Chaos Sanctuary was a "thief" in earlier versions of D2: he stole potions from the character. Blizzard changed that in a patch after finding out that this was buggy. -- Rastaban
11. Weather Forecast 12. Raising the Midgets

In earlier versions of the game, there were thunder and lightning when it rains (especially in Act I) – noticed that in v 1.00. -- Demon!

Note by Pandemoonium – The lightning flashes were removed in later versions of the game because they irritated players.

For some reason, Fetish Shaman won't raise dead fetish from the dead in newer versions of the game. However, they do it pretty often in older versions (e.g. 1.00). -- Demon!
13. Tombs & Tomb Dwellers 14. Tombs & Items
One of the false tombs of Tal Rasha is always bigger than the others (almost the size of the True Tomb) - the Ancient Kaa of the Soulless can be found there. -- Demon!

Contrary to popular belief, the items "Tomb of Town Portal" and "Tomb of Identify" do not exist in the game. -- Demon!

Note by Demon! – Surprisingly, this is a pretty common mistake among Diablo players. Strange, isn't it?

15. Can you kill Blood Raven and get credit for the kill (will Kashya give you a hireling?)...

... even though you have committed a crime by not completing Akara's Den of Evil Quest and have blatantly run by Flavie?

Blood RavenTo answer this, I again used my assassin mule with no experience, "Temp." At first, it was unclear to me as to how to proceed, since Temp was no match for the well-armed corrupted rogues in the Cold Plains -- at least, not with her starter equipment. So, although I could have gone to the Cold Plains waypoint (which Temp activated explicitly disobeying Flavie), instead Temp simply wandered out of the rogue's camp, wondering how was she going to do any of this without money, weapons, armor, skills, or experience. Not only would the corrupted rogues kill her, but good grief, Blood Raven would eat her alive! Since the Den of Evil quest was not undertaken, Kashya did not even give Temp the Blood Raven quest (despite the activation of the Cold Plains Waypoint).

While wandering about the Blood Moor, Temp soon realized there were treasures to be had -- under loose boulders, dead rogues, gem shrines, and most importantly, the shack near the end of the Blood Moor. Temp ran and re-ran the Blood Moors until she had decent armor, a decent two-socket Katar, about 18k gold and throwing knives that could do 1-3 lightning damage. Most importantly, on about the sixth Blood Moor non-combat run, a very powerful jewel (with no level requirements) dropped in the shack -- a 20 poison damage in 2 seconds jewel. Now, Temp finally had awesome firepower.

Temp did about 10 non-combat Blood Moor runs, and in the process, accidentally killed three monsters. One died simply because her leather armor had 1 thorn damage in it -- the idiot Fallen attacked Temp and died of thorns! The other two monsters were Fallen who had gotten into the shack while Temp was trying to gather the booty. Temp later replaced that thorn armor with a two-socket leather armor (the sockets were used for a chipped ruby and the poison jewel). She was now ready to face Blood Raven, but the problem was to find Blood Raven.

This problem evaporated when it was realized that it would be completely impossible to get to Blood Raven without killing some monsters in the Cold Plains -- so Temp's non-combat days were over. She transported to the Cold Plains waypoint and the battles began. Temp was very effective with her lightning throwing knives and her two-socket (chipped topaz and chipped emerald) Katar; I think mainly because of the poison jewel in her armor.

She was at clvl 4 when she got to the burial grounds. The plan was to stand by the fence at the northeast end and bombard the area with throwing knives. This plan worked-out nicely, and Temp drew first blood against the Blood Raven. Temp continued to bombard Blood Raven with knives (I think for this type of shotgun attack, the attack speed and velocity of throwing knives is better than a regular hunter bow, plus you get 160 knives which is superior to the javelin's 60). After about 25 throws, Blood Raven's body was floating and emitting lightning.

Temp returned to camp and Kashya incredulously gasped "I can hardly believe you've defeated Blood Raven!" She gave Temp a rogue hireling (lvl 2, cold arrow), and Temp and the Rogue hireling made quick work of the Den of Evil. Conclusion: you can do the Blood Raven quest even if Kashya does not assign that quest to you. -- Shooter

Note by Tyraels-Legion – "Haha, Temp is some girl..."



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