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State of the Forums

No other section of PlanetDiablo is more active than our glorious set of forums for discussing the Diablo series, and we present a State of the Forums address to you each week. In this feature, each moderator from PlanetDiablo's forums takes a look back at the previous week and notes certain happenings, including interesting stories and forum topics to check out and contribute to. PlanetDiablo is proud to bring you the State of the Forums, as a way to help anyone get more involved in the forums as well as start themselves off. You'll see a new edition of the State of the Forums each Tuesday.

    Current Article:
  • Edition #41
    The rules, march madness, and a Barbarian in a skirt to boot. - 03/23/04

    Past State of the Forums Editions:
  • Edition #40
    The moderators have finally recovered from New Years partying. - 01/27/04
  • Edition #39
    The holiday 2003 edition brings gifts, guides, and a look to next year. - 12/23/03
  • Edition #38
    Differentiating mods and hacks, a great skill research tool, and a detailed paladin strategy guide. - 12/09/03
  • Edition #37
    More on game mechanics, version 1.10 strategy guides, off topic notes of interest, and item tips. - 11/18/03
  • Edition #36
    Single-player fans vs Patch 1.10, a solution to lamers, and finding certain items. - 11/04/03
  • Edition #35
    The SotF is back in flying colors. Stomper and new moderator Big Time bring us the latest PDF happenings and the very best topics of late. - 10/21/03
  • Edition #34
    The Scavenger Hunt prizes and winners are reviewed, while forum controversy with multiple handles is covered, new fan fiction is introduced, and various popular topics are highlighted. - 08/13/02
  • Edition #33
    Awarding forum members, the U.S. government and terrorism, plus bad charms and a unique web site for Pindleskin fanatics - 07/23/02
  • Edition #32
    World Cup fever, feverish attitudes towards Player Killers, mourning deaths of hardcore characters, plus a Scavenger Hunt update. - 06/25/02
  • Edition #31
    Examining the role of moderators in our forums, strategy, and frightening prospects. - 06/04/02
  • Edition #30
    A recent addition to the forums, reviews of helpful strategy guides posted, Assassin strategy, reactions to Episode II, and more. - 05/21/02
  • Edition #29
    Results from a group of forum polls, Spider-Man reflections, and more on the Scavenger Hunt. - 05/07/02
  • Edition #28
    Opinions about forum rules, reflections on "spam", and an exchange of moderators. - 04/30/02
  • Edition #27
    A challenge from the moderators, more things to do around PlanetDiablo, an assortment of other creamy goodness. - 04/23/02
  • Edition #26
    More Dungeon Siege fever, including eleven detailed tips, plus reactions to the Chest Hack and a letter from the Cow King. - 04/16/02
  • Edition #25
    Stomper takes the reins alone, providing a Dungeon Siege vs. Diablo comparison and a second tip of the week. - 04/09/02
  • Edition #24
    A neat trick to get the runes you're looking for, an introductory guide to trading on, plus research into several mechanics behind the game. - 04/02/02
  • Edition #23
    Reactions to Power Leveling, a hardcore Necromancer manual, thanking various forum members, and more Assassin research. - 03/26/02
  • Edition #22
    Power leveling for fast character development, plus recent community, entertainment, and world issue discussions. - 03/19/02
  • Edition #21
    The forums have broken a few impressive statistical marks, celebrated here. Paladin strategy abounds, and there's a welcome for joining the hardcore mode enthusiast group. - 03/12/02
  • Edition #20
    Celebrating the 20th State of the Forums edition! Covers Assassin strategy as well as the experience of being a moderator. - 03/05/02
  • Edition #19
    Congratulating Team Canada for the Olympic hockey victory, the age old topic of Player Killers, buzz about Blizzard's recent hack and exploit policies, plus great forum features. - 02/26/02
  • Edition #18
    Welcoming a new moderator, trade activity picks up, some great Amazon strategy, and the usual controversy. - 02/19/02
  • Edition #17
    Researching hirelings, and much discussion on them. An Assassin strategy guide, and Character Journals talk. - 02/12/02
  • Edition #16
    More hardcore Druid strategy, as well as Valentines day thoughts, killing barbarians, and hireling discussion. - 02/05/02
  • Edition #15
    Taking the reigns for our moderator team's SotF this week, Madanark brings us Druid strategy. - 01/29/02
  • Edition #14
    A look at Descendents of the Dragon for Lord of Destruction, discussions of the duping problems on the Realms, as well as forum events and other topics. - 01/22/02
  • Edition #13
    Favorite movies, television shows, and plenty of forum-related "of the Year" topics. - 01/15/02
  • Edition #12
    Analyzing the latest discussions varying from insane and exploratory topics to useful and entertaining ones. - 01/08/02
  • Edition #11
    The New Year edition. The death of a Bowanec, and the outlining of Amazon sub-classes. - 01/02/02
  • Edition #10
    Two moderators from our team take the SotF reigns in the depths of the holiday season for a Christmas edition; strategies and character journals are the buzz! - 12/25/01
  • Edition #9
    Preparing for the holidays, delving into more Amazon strategy, and some intuitive suggestions for the site. - 12/18/01
  • Edition #8
    A new sort of Amazon strategy, plus Magic Find tips and debates about the forums. - 12/11/01
  • Edition #7
    Thoughts look ahead to winter holidays, traditions, and gift ideas, while mercenary strategies are discussed. - 12/04/01
  • Edition #6
    Paladin, Bowazon, and Barbarian strategy discussions, as well as post-Thanksgiving recovery and general State of the Forums goodness. - 11/27/01
  • Edition #5
    Thanksgiving edition, a special Thursday issue. Discussion of the new patches (1.09c/d) and whether Diablo II ruins people. - 11/22/01
  • Edition #4
    Explaining what's been going on with shady characters and controversy, as well as highlighting helpful forum posters. Special two-page edition. - 11/13/01
  • Edition #3
    Post-Halloween recovery, a brand spankin' new Hardcore Play forum, and more strategies and tips. - 11/06/01
  • Edition #2
    Pre-Halloween spirits, advice on equipment for magic find Sorceress' and Barbarians, and more. - 10/30/01
  • Edition #1
    The introduction of the State of the Forums and the first look at the forum community and recent buzz. - 10/23/01 | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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