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What's a fan site without good humor? Boring! PlanetDiablo presents classic editions of the Wacky Equipment Database, a popular weekly feature full of laughs generated by both dry and hearty jests. Take the standard item system from the Diablo series and spice it up with crazy item graphics, titles, and corresponding properties: that's the Wacky Equipment Database.

    Current Article:
  • Worst of the W.E.D.
    The items in these editions are a collection of the worst submissions to the Wacky Equipment Database, some truly stupid or filled with extremely dry (please... need water... help me) humor. Laugh and point at the submittees! - 03/27/01

    Past Editions:
  • Diminishing Submissions of Deplorability
    Due to a lack of tasteful W.E.D. submissions, this edition turns out to be a bit shorter than planned. There's still three classics to check out, such as the "Scepter of Pure Evil (Cold Enchanted)." - 03/13/01
  • Screaming in Dutch
    Unforgettable items included in this edition are the "Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch," "Supergutes Liverwurst Amulet," and the rest. They'll put a shiver in your spine. - 03/08/01
  • Apparently, squirrels are party animals.
    If you like disgusting creatures who booze and get stoned off their rocker, you'll enjoy the "Putrid Rodent of Vagrancy." Plus, you never knew how powerful Fubu jeans could be, not to forget an empty wooden barrel and other spectacular items. - 02/27/01
  • Beware of Binding Rings
    Almost like the Constricting Ring of the Diablo series, it's time to encounter the "Flawed Diamond Ring of Temporary Binding," and "Golden Band of Permanent Binding (Cursed)." Group those with a crushed car, a Japanese creation that you continues to bewilder us, and more items. We'll have you crying in your basement in no time. - 02/20/01
  • Save the Household Items
    Friends don't let friends create the "Unsuspecting Mr. Flour Bag Nailed by .357"; defenseless products like this should be left in peace. As for the "Quaint and Charming Raccoon Sculpture of the Garden," that's fair game. The others will surprise and confuse you. - 02/13/01
  • Sometimes it's just Frightening...
    Introducing limited-edition items: the "Shoe of Jordan," "Babbling Infant of Babality," "Steel Crowbar of Frustration," plus juicy, sweet, tender others. - 02/06/01
  • We hope Missouri won't Riot.
    How do people come up with these? We may never know. Check out the "Perplexing Spork of the the Dark Lunch Mistress," "Providential Celtic Talismans of Aisle Two," and several others. - 01/30/01
  • Beware of Rubber Chickens
    You can't beat classics like the "Mystical Flashing Catcher of Souls," "Club of the Elastic Fowl," "Elixer of Rigidity," and more! - 01/23/01
  • Launch of the W.E.D.
    The "Garden Rake of the Horticulture," "Superior Flashlight of the Basement," "Operating System of the Fatal Exception," "Leather Belt of the Pantholder," "Trapper of the Keeper," and others that you just can't miss. - 01/16/01 | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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