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Beaten Diablo 20 times over? Tried this new challenge, but can't seem to figure out what is going on? For the adventurers that can't seem to get enough, PlanetDiablo has you covered on all of the Hellfire information you will ever need. Take heed of this information, and even you may survive the horrors the Hive unveils.


The introduction to the only official add-on for Diablo.


Hellfire introduces three new characters to the game of Diablo: The Monk, the Bard, and the Barbarian. The former of the three is accessable normally through the game; the latter two require you to create a text file called command.txt, which can be found in the files section. Each of these three characters has their own unique abilities, but also have their shortcomings, and add a unique perspective onto the game.


Hellfire introduces several new spells to the game. Several new spells were added to the game, while others, such as Apocalypse, were made into books, as they were previously only available on staves and in scrolls. Prefix 'spells' have been added as well that act out some sort of action, and each character has a skill that they use to their advantage. One of these skills is a brand new spell, while the other two are two very powerful spells that now require no mana.


The quest aspect of Hellfire is fairly simplistic, yet can be difficult at times. Several new quests were added to the game, involving you to delve deep into the new terrain of Hellfire. Two quests require you to create the command.txt file, and the rewards from them are great. These quests present a new challenge to those who feel Diablo presents nothing to them now.


Eight new shrines have been added to Hellfire.


New items in Hellfire include armor, weapons, jewelry, oils and runes. Oils will add to a property of the user, while runes are used as offensive weapons, or even traps.


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