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The Basics: A F.A.Q.

What's a mod? What's modding?

"Mod" is short for "Modification," which is short for "Gameplay Modification".

A gameplay modification, or mod, is a set of changes to a software game that provides a different experience to players. It can be as simple as, in the Diablo series, changing the statistics of an item or for games like Quake, changing the damage done by a certain weapon. The point is that the mod changes the way the game works to provide a different experience for the player.

Modding is simply the act of creating a mod.

Can I use mods in multi-player?

Mods for Diablo II can't be when playing on, whether on the Realms or not. However, it is possible to play a given mod in single-player mode, in TCP/IP games, and on emulated Realms created for the specific mod. The third option is not something we can go into due to legal issues.

When you play a mod over TCP/IP games, every player must have the same version of the mod running. Whoever creates the game determines what version of the mod is necessary, and players who do not have that version will have difficulties connecting and playing.

Update: "You CAN use mods on open bnet as long as you're hosting the game and you don't have any changes other than to the TXT files. For instance, my Cubaholics mod is almost all cube recipes plus raising the vendor buying cap and re-implementing the herb and elixir as components of the recipes which already have graphics and strings in all copies of D2 but just aren't implemented in the TXT files." - Phrozen Heart

Are mods hacks, or basically used for cheating?

Mods can be used for what we'd call cheating, but they aren't and never will be hacks.

Exceptionally complex game play changes through modding are difficult with Diablo II as it is largely closed source, but even so, there are some basics that can easily destroy the game. Players can use mods to create excessively generous item drops off of monsters or objects like chests. One could also set every monster's hit points to 1, making it stupidly easy to kill them. We'd label that sort of mod as one used for cheating. Who'd want to play that, anyway?

Hacks are programs outside of Diablo II that some players use to exploit the game, and they've been a plague on the Realms for quite some time. Blizzard Entertainment has an aggressive policy against cheaters, and does detect people using hacks on These players are subsequently punished by account removals or product key bans.

How do I make a mod?

Read and learn from our tutorials and guides. Also visit The Phrozen Keep and check out its message boards for help!

Where can I get help with modding problems or questions?

Reference our tutorials and guides. Also visit The Phrozen Keep and check out its message boards for help!

Where can I find current mods to play?

We have a great database of all current modification projects we are aware of. Check it out!

I'm having trouble getting a mod to run. Can you help?

Sorry, we can't. We get way too many e-mails asking for help with installing and running mods. Please consult the mod's web site or the readme-type file that comes with the mod that you've downloaded. Usually you can find specific instructions in one or both of those places.

You can get additional help by posting a question in The Phrozen Forums message board which pertains to that mod. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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