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Yonder's Tips For Dungeon Siege 2

  • Nature isn't just for hippies anymore.

    All characters should think about getting a level or two in Nature Mage. Place your Lesser Heal in your autocast slot and have Summon Town Portal Handy. You're going to save a ton of time and potions. It's not like you were going to save that mana for something else anyhow.

  • Specialize.

    I can't stress this enough. A few crazies, such as myself, actually *enjoy* being high-level in everything. It's a *much* tougher road however. As soon as the game starts and you decide on a class, pick a specialization. If you're a fighter, are you going to be a dual-weilding flurry of blades or be the knight-in-shining armor who protects himself behind that gigantic shield (and knows how to use it as a weapon). If you're a combat mage, are you going to specialize in death, fire, or something else? Ranged characters can use a bow, crossbow, or thrown weapons. It's not very effecient to be a jack-of-all-trade. Jacks often die easier. Pick what you want early and spend your points on those powers that you want to unlock.

  • Mana is money.

    Don't place high-mana cost spells in your autocast slot (the exception is the non-mage who uses heal). Many spells such as summoning and high-powered healing spells cost a lot of mana and can cripple you in a fight if you are unaware that it's cast. Instead, try using spells that act over time, such as Healing Rain. Spells that impede the enemy or do damage over time are a good autocast choice as well.

  • Be aware of your enemies.

    Use your strengths against their weakness. If you're up against a big, lumbering giant-type, just run around him and hit him from behind if you're having trouble. Always remember that your archer shoots faster than anyone can run.

  • Be aware of your enemies Part 2.

    The first part of the game involves killing a lot of Ha'Ku. They're resistant to lightning. Put your lightning spells away for this part of the game. Also be aware of what enemies prefer to use against you. If you're being hit with ice storms all of time by certain monster types, use your items that help you resist cold attacks. Consider keeping a set of armor in your vault for each of the different types of attacks you can resist. Up against a bunch of lightning-loving Ha'Ku? Go home and get your "boost lightning resistance" equipment.

  • Share

    Rewards often drop different sets for each player in a multiplayer game. If you see loot dropped on the ground as a reward by an NPC and it has your name on it, that means that your buddies have stuff there too. It has their name on it and you cannot see it, just like they cannot see your rewards. Don't forget to tell them if they're off doing something else in town. They'd hate to miss out on their rewards!

  • Home Sweet Home

    Make sure to open all town portals. There's really no reason not to stop by each time you see a new light-blue swirl on your minimap. They truly are vital to your success.

  • Humorous Potential

    Different combinations of NPC's make for different personality conflicts. Be sure to collect them all!!

  • Boom

    Red barrels still explode. Seriously guys... you knew this. Try something besides a melee weapon to blow these bombs up.

  • Greed is good too

    Greedy with your xp? Use pets. They don't share in experience. Sure they're expensive (you feed them the loot you'd otherwise be selling), but darn they're cute! | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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