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Dungeoneers are people such as yourself that desire to modify Dungeon Siege to create entirely new worlds or wish to add any kind of new feature, be it large or small. Gas Powered Games has taken many steps to ensure that you will have the power you need to create anything you can dream of. Chris Taylor has often said that the only limitation to what you can create in Dungeon Siege is merely your imagination and the space on your hard drive. Check out the following sections for everything you'll need to get started.




  • Dungeon Siege I Player vs. Player Character Editing Tutorials

    Tutorials which pertain to PVP Character Editing and pcontent breaking for Dungeon Siege I. Bear in mind that this is not considered "legit" gameplay by all people. If you use these techniques, be sure to ask the permission of the person hosting the game before you join.


  • Siege Editor

    The Siege Editor is a very powerful tool created and used by the DS developers to make the world of Dungeon Siege. And the cool part... they've made it available to everyone to create their own levels and worlds.

  • Skrit

    Skrit is the language that the Dungeon Siege Engine is built upon. GPG has also made the language available for tinkering. Check in here to learn the power of the code and how you can get your hands into it.

  • GAS

    GAS is a data language used in Dungeon Siege. It's for example used to tell the Siege Engine which skrits are attached to which game objects.

  • Modeling

    If you'd like to create a new model, be it for a hero, creature, item, node, you name it - you'll need to model them with a 3D program. Bobum has collected tutorials on several of the popular 3D programs to get you started.

  • gMax

    Combining the massively customizable Dungeon Siege with the ability to create 3D models and animations with the gmax game pack at no cost will make Dungeon Siege the de facto Role Playing game engine gamers have been dreaming and hoping for!

  • DS Technical Manual

    The Dungeon Siege Technical Manual. Skrit is the only subject discussed so far, and may very well be the only entry for the technical manual, but it is well worth the read if you are planning on creating a large siegelet.

  • Siegelet FAQ

    If you're new to the idea of making custom content (Siegelets) for Dungeon Siege then check the FAQ, filled with tons of quick and concise answers.

  • Siege FX

    The Siege FX system was designed by GPG for cool spell effects, explosions, lightning, ominous glows, and more. Yup, you guessed it, GPG has made the code available to mess around with this too if you're so inclined :)

  • Dungeoneering Tools

    Fan created and officially released tools to help you develop your Siegelets and modify the game to your heart's content. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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