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Bo's Tips

Ok, this is not a complete list by FAR! It is just a few things that I have found help me to get a more enjoyable experience playing DS. Not to mention, help me kill a few more Krugs all that much quicker.
  • The Spacebar Is Your Friend

    This is perhaps one of the most under used functions in the game. When things get hot and hairy in Ehb - pausing the game and rotating the camera around to survey the situation, change spells/weapons, reform your ranks, etc., can help you out of some sticky situations.

  • Left Click To Move - Right Click To Attack

    Ever been wanting to attack an enemy at a distance and you get your cursor over top of the baddie and just as you left click he moves? Off goes your character, rushing into the fray cuz he thinks you just told him to go to that location rather than attack? Well if you only right click on enemies you'll never have this problem again because your character doesn't maneuver on right button clicks!

  • Right Click to Change Spells

    Rather then opening up your paperdoll and selecting your spellbook and then shuffling spells around - just right click on the spell in the main UI and it will bring up a list of all available spells in your spell book you can then left click on the spell you want and it changes on the fly!

  • Configure Your CTRL+# Slots For A Quick Change

    Here is where you configure the slots that a character is using... so that you can have one hot key for heal mode and one for full combat etc.

    You can set it so that when you push [1] it switches to

    - Character 1 to melee
    - Character 2 to Magic slot 2
    - Character 3 to archery
    - Character 4 to Magic slot 1

    - or -

    When you push [2] it switches to

    - Character 1 to Magic slot 2
    - Character 2 to Magic slot 1
    - Character 3 to Melee
    - Character 4 to Melee
    Extremely Handy...

  • Shadows - Framerate Hog

    Shadows can REALLY tie up some CPU cycles when you are playing DS. To help you get some better framerates be sure that you have shadows set to "Simple" or if you are on a lower-end machine - just turn them off all together. You won't miss em - I promise - not with all the other eyecandy you'll be looking at and you might just gain 3-5 more FPS in the process.

  • Save Save Save Save Save

    Can't stress this part enough. It kinda goes without saying, but save often. It is sometimes tough to remember to do so what with no loading screens, but this is one you have to think about and do, otherwise yuo'll find yourself getting frustrated by having to go back a good long ways if you forget once.

  • Transmute Your Loot!!

    What a great spell! There is SUCH a long way between shops sometimes that this spell, which changes items into gold, can really come in handy. When you have no more room on your character and or packmule for more loot, you can Transmute it into gold. Now, you won't get the same amount of gold once you transmute an item that you would if you sold it to a shop, but it's 100 times better than leaving it lying on the ground in the middle of nowhere!

  • CTRL+Click to Purchase Multiple Items

    Wanna load up that packmule with potions? Think you have to sit there and drag and drop, drag and drop form the vendor to your inventory? THINK AGAIN! Hold down the CTRL key and click on an item from a vendor - it is automatically added to your inventory! You can buy a gazzillion potions in a jiffy!

  • See the C!!

    Use the C button to cast multiple buffs/heals... Casting over and over can make your mouse hand tired and stiff. Just put the cursor over the character to buff/heal and press C. I find it to be much easier..

  • Less Is More

    There is no law that says that every spellbook must be filled. Keep a few different spellbooks handy - one for Combat spells, one for Healing spells, one for Buffs etc. Keep only a few spells in each of your spellbooks. It's much easier to switch between spells when you only have 3 or 4 to choose from.

  • A Note From Dan

    Dan Strandberg, of tell us to not let Yonderboy take your Level 7 character to Quillrabe with him. Baaaad things man.... | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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