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Dungeon Siege's Story - The Kingdom of Ehb

Update from the Microsoft Dungeon Siege site - 7/3/01

Only three hundred years old, the Kingdom of Ehb is one of the youngest states bordering the Plain of Tears. First settled as a trading outpost on the fringes of the Empire of Stars, Ehb later achieved temporary status as a military protectorate and province when the Seck and 10th Legion migrated westward. After the catastrophic War of Legions led to the collapse of the Empire, the stunned province of Ehb was set on an irrevocable course toward independence and kingship. Protected by a ring of superb fortifications and heir to the 10th Legion-arguably one of the best trained armies in the world-the Kingdom of Ehb has, so far, been shielded from the raids and invasions that have devastated many of its neighboring states on the Plain.

Within Ehb's borders, there is an astonishing diversity in geography and cultures. Most inhabitants worship Azunai, an ancient god of the pre-Imperial Agallan Peaks. Dwarves and men live together in harmony and bow to the same king. Sorcerers are also more accepted than in other countries, thanks in large part to the efforts of Merik, Grand Mage and Warden of Shadows of the 10th Legion. And in the heart of the kingdom, a strange and often contrary race called the Droog is allowed a degree of autonomy, despite its sometimes troublesome alliances.

It is a country in search of an identity, caught between the glories of a fallen past and the potential for an even greater future. Despite several crises, Ehb has never fallen to an enemy. But at any time the course of events could turn down a bleaker path.

In a foul lair deep in the bowels of the world, the lord of all darkness sets in motion a sinister plot and waits eagerly for its completion. Persuaded by the hand of evil, armies of followers charge forth to seek what the dark master must possess.

Dusk falls with eerie silence as the vile army crawls over the land. In the foothills of the mountains, you finish the last of the day's chores; splitting firewood with the long, smooth strokes of an axe. Without warning, the evil horde swarms from the shadows. You duck their crushing blows like a seasoned warrior and sink the axe into many tough hides. But the marauders are intent on their mission and ransack the house and barn, searching for something unknown. Empty-handed, they set the buildings ablaze and stride off through the woods.

Your blood pulses with the thrill of battle, your throat tight with anticipation. Someone must stop this onslaught of evil! But only the hardiest adventurer will survive such a brutal quest, journeying day and night through dense forests, arid desert canyons, musty catacombs, and dank dungeons, climbing high into snowy mountains and icy caverns, and descending deep into molten lava caves in the infernal pit of the world. It's unlikely that even the bravest of heroes could make such a journey alone, but perhaps there are a few skilled fighters and brilliant mages willing to join such a noble cause.

So begins your great adventure. Meanwhile, the dark lord waits...

From interviews with Chris Taylor it turns out that we know quite a bit more about the story than at first surmised.

You start off as a 15-year-old farmboy or farmgirl. The Krug Raiders have come to seek the most powerful of magics at the bidding of a very evil entity, aptly referred to as the Lord of Darkness, who hopes to use these strong magics to control and enslave all the good races in the world. Yeah, that would include you.

Nightfall comes and you set out to understand what is happening in the world. Soon you learn that your fate was shared by many. Farms and towns in the area have all been sacked. A journey across the landscape quickly turns up a dungeon entrance that leads to a subterranean lair. From here the story begins to unfold. In an interview with GameSpot Chris Taylor states:
We don't tell the whole story at once. We use the mystery format, letting [you] know a little at a time. About halfway through the game you start to see the whole picture and find out who is behind all of these attacks.
Chris further explains the story flow in an interview with The Historian:
The game story is a linear experience for the most part. (It's hard to tell a cohesive story any other way.) If players are not interested in the story, they can ignore it and just hack and slash as they adventure across the world. There are all sorts of side adventures that the player can engage in if they want.
So there you have it, we'll have to wait until we can get our hands on a copy to know more. Gas Powered Games brought Neal Hallford on board to work further on the story and dialog so you can expect the story to immerse you in the game and keep you reaching for the caffeine in your all night binge to reveal the secrets hidden in the vast world of Dungeon Siege. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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