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Unofficial FAQ/Walkthrough v.0.9
By Mr. Dubbers
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Last Updated: April 23, 2002

    <2a> Fighters 
    <2b> Archers 
    <2c> Battle Mages 
    <2d> Nature Mages 
    <3a> Farmlands
    <3b> Crypt of the Sacred Blood
    <3c> Stonebridge
    <3d> Wesrin Cross
    <3e> Glitterdelve
    <3f> Glacern
    <3g> Alpine Caverns
    <3h> Rock Cave
    <3i> Traveler's Camp
    <3j> Eastern Swamp
    <3k> Goblin Inventor's Cave
    <3l> Temple Ruins
    <3m> Fortress Kroth
    <3n> Cliffs of Fire
    <3o> Dragon's Rathe
    <3p> Castle Ehb
    <3q> The Chamber of Stars
<4> ITEMS 
    <4a> Armor 
    <4b> Weapons 
    <4c> Spells & Spell Books 
    <4d> Shields 
    <4e> Potions 

Being a huge fan of RPGs, I've been looking forward to Dungeon Siege for a long time. Now that it's finally out and I've been able to play it for a few weeks, I've decide it was well worth the wait. It kind of plays out like a mix between Icewind Dale and Diablo. Anyway, I highly recommend it for anyone looking for an RPG without too much of a story. This guide contains strategies, item information, and even a walkthrough, for those of you that can't follow the paths and directional signs in the game. It also assumes that you have read the manual and know how to control the game. Email any questions, information, or corrections to Enjoy! 


v.0.1 - Typed up the table of contents and intro, started walkthrough and game play basics. 

v.0.2 - Finished walkthrough up to Stonebridge. 

v.0.3 - Finished walkthrough up to Traveller's Camp. Finished game play basics section. 

v.0.4 - Finished walkthrough up through Fortress Kroth. 

v.0.5 - Added legal info & credits, finished walkthrough up through the Cliffs Of Fire 

v.0.6 - Finished walkthrough up to Chamber of Stars 

v.0.7 - Finished walkthrough! Added some reader contributions. Started playing multiplayer, will have that part of the guide up soon. 

v.0.8 - Added items section 

v.0.9 - Added some multiplay info and reader submissions

At first, Dungeon Siege appears to be a very simple click-fest of an RPG, but as you gain more party members and become more powerful, you'll have to use a little more strategy than that. The following are a few basic tips you should always remember. 

1. Always keep a good supply of healing potions for all of your characters, and mana potions for your mages. Even when you have a good nature mage or two to cast healing spells, you never know when a character will get ganged up on or separated from the party. 

2. Always pick up magic items of any kind, and be sure to check the modifiers on them before selling them or transmuting them. You'd be surprised at how often a weaker-sounding item with good mods will actually be quite useful. 

3. Keep a close eye on each of your party members at all times. Just when you think you can let them fight out a battle while you get up for a snack, you'll come back to find several dead characters waiting for you. Especially those damn pack mules, which always seem to get attacked when they hang back away from your party. 

4. Keep a good balance of character types in your party. You don't want to have 8 fighters, or 1 battle mage and 7 pack mules. Personally, I think the best mix consists of 2 fighters, an archer, 2 battle mages, 2 nature mages, and a pack mule. 

5. Whenever you're running low on potions, and you're not sure when you'll be able to get back to town, just stand around and regain your mana and health in between every fight. You'd be surprised at how well this works. 

6. Use the different formations to your advantage. If you're traveling along a narrow bridge, use a single-file formation. If you need to protect a certain character, put him or her in the middle of the hexagonal formation. These are but a few of the ways to use formations, so experiment. 

7. If you ever get annoyed when you attempt to click on a monster and instead click on the ground, causing your entire party to move, just remember that you can use the right mouse button to attack without fear of moving your entire party. Utilizing these tips should make your gaming experience a lot smoother. Now it's time to discuss the character building system of Dungeon Siege. 


The character building elements of Dungeon Siege are actually quite simple compared to other RPGs. Basically, it revolves around the idea that as your character repeats the same action, they become better at it, similar to the system found in Ultima Online. For example, as a character uses a bow, he or she will become more and more proficient at archery. Also, as a result of the character's archery training, he or she will gain more dexterity, allowing for more powerful bows to be equipped. This leaves you free to play however you wish, as the game essentially conforms to your style. Just remember that characters will grow much faster if you specialize them into one of the four "classes", which are: 

Fighters are masters of the melee weapon. Their main ability will be strength, which allows them to wear heavier armor and use stronger weapons. I've also found that fighters will gain dexterity at an above average rate, although not at that of the archer. Fighters will be the characters you keep on the front lines, hacking it out toe-to-toe with the baddies. They can also be used to draw enemies into the line-of-sight of your archers and mages, or to protect your weaker party members. Always be sure to have plenty of healing potions in their inventories, as they will often get ahead of the party, out of range for your mages to heal them. A good fighter or two should be able to handle almost any non-boss creature solo, if need be. 

Archers are, obviously, primarily bow-users. They also do well with the few other range weapons in the game, such as crossbows, grenade launchers, flame throwers, and so on. Their main stat will be dexterity, with a slight boost in strength gain. I found it useful to let your archer character do a little melee fighting in the beginning of the game in order to build up a little strength for wearing armor and equipping the technology found in the Goblin Inventor's Cave. Archers are best used as a barrier between your fighters in the front and your mages in the back. They also have a small, yet useful, role as the character you can use to destroy explosive barrels from afar. 

Battle Mages are wizards specializing in combat. They also have a few healing spells at their disposal, making them quite useful. Summon spells can really help out against some of the tougher enemies, too. They do start off fairly useless, but if you let them cast some spells, and you keep them out of harm's way, they will eventually turn out to be very useful. Keep them in the back as often as possible. Any mage's primary stat is intelligence, and they are they only characters who can gain it at a decent rate. As a tradeoff, though, they gain strength and dexterity at incredibly slow levels. Of course, they don't need to worry about equipping big heavy armor, since they have robes, staves, and caps made especially for them. 

Nature Mages are very similar to Battle Mages, except in reverse. They have an emphasis on healing and restorative spells, with a few attack and summon spells for protection. They also gain intelligence quickly, while getting almost no strength or dex. They wear the same equipment as Battle Mages, and they should also be kept in the back of the party. If they need to heal party members in the front, they will almost always move up on their own, so make sure you keep checking on their position. Another thing I'd like to note, as it took me a while to figure out, if you want to manually cast a restorative spell on a party member, you must select only the mage and RIGHT-CLICK on a character. I got very angry the first time I had a party member die and every time I tried to revive him by left clicking I just ended up selecting him. I also believe that the manual instructs you to left- click, but that just doesn't work. 

NOTE: A very easy thing I do is have all members selected (Ctrl+A), press 3 (which just happens to be where I have all characters' healing hands spell. Then right click on the portrait of whoever needs healing and whichever characters are not currently doing anything will heal that character. Sometimes I'll manually change only one player to healing hands and do the same. Even though I've got all characters selected, only the one who heals will respond to me right-clicking. Since the others are wielding weapons and don't want to hurt their own team member, they just keep on slashing away at monsters. - Blain 

The fifth type of character you can add to your party is the pack mule. They can be bought at any mule dealership if you have the right amount of gold, and serve the sole purpose of hauling around your stuff. They will automatically hang back away from your party to avoid danger, but they will invariably be attacked while you are in the middle of a large battle. This can get annoying, as mules can't use potions. The only solutions are to either: a) Bring your party back towards the mule, which also has the side effect of dragging enemies with you, or you can b) Have your mule come towards the party, which is a better solution, but not always possible. As a last resort you can c) Let the mule die, then resurrect it later. Now that you have a firm understanding of the game, it's time to hop in and start sieging those dungeons!



The game begins with a cut scene depicting some back-story, and then flows into a shot of your farm. A friend of yours will crawl up to you as you are working in the fields, informing you that the Krug are attacking. He will then ask you to meet his friend in Stonebridge. (QUEST: SEEK NORICK"S FRIEND GYORN IN STONEBRIDGE) You are then left to fend off the attackers, as your friend dies. Pick up a weapon off the ground, or one of the basic spells you will undoubtedly find, and start killing off those Krug. You should actually decide right at this point what class you want to shape your main character into. It's probably best to just start developing a melee fighter, as it will make the early stages of the game much easier, since you will be soloing for awhile. Anyway, follow along the path until you reach the home of a man named Edgaar. He will ask you to clear his basement of monsters. (QUEST: CLEAR EDGAAR'S BASEMENT) Walk outside of his house and you will see the entrance to his basement. Open the door and head on down. Inside, there will be enemies for you to fight (actually, there will ALWAYS be enemies for you to fight, so from now on, I'll only make note of particular enemies that might give you trouble). Clear out all of them and take all of the loot you can find. (QUEST: COMPLETED: CLEAR EDGAAR'S BASEMENT) Continue along the path until you come across a man standing near a broken bridge. He will inform you that since this bridge to the town of Stonebridge is broken, you will have to head through the Crypts to reach your destination. Continue along the path until you reach the entrance to the Crypts, which is a mausoleum-looking thing. Head on in.


You will find yourself inside of the game's first dungeon. It's not very long or complicated, so you shouldn't have much trouble. Since you still only have one party member, be sure to only carry the best of the loot. Also, since you will be getting a new party member very soon, try to decide what class you will want her to be and gather the appropriate starting equipment for her. For example, I chose to create an archer out of her, so I brought along the strongest bow I could find. To proceed through this dungeon, you will only have to kill the enemies and open doors. The area, like almost all of the other areas in the game, is very linear, so you should not get lost. You will also be fighting very weak enemies, so there really isn't anything to worry about. Just make your way through, following the all-too-easy-to-see "game path". Eventually you will see a woman standing near a door, which is the exit. Talk to her and she will join your party, if you wish (and you DO wish). At this point, the game will open up a bit and become a bit more strategic. Equip her with some items, and head on out of the dungeon back into the forest. Yet again, you will have a very obvious path to follow through the woods. Eventually, you will arrive in the town of Stonebridge. NOTE: Just thought I'd point out, that you failed to mention the TON of secret passages players should look for in the Crypt of the Sacred Blood. They're a little hard to see, but as long as you zoom in while going down hallways, and always look on the other side of pillars, they're an easy source of more loot. - Perigon 


Welcome to the game's first town. Inside, the first thing you should do is locate Norick's friend, Gyorn. It shouldn't be too hard, as you will practically run right into him as you make your way through the town. He is right on the main path. (QUEST: COMPLETED: SEEK NORICK'S FRIEND GYORN IN STONEBRIDGE) He will inform you that he must report to the Overseer in Glacern. (QUEST: DELIVER GYORN'S REPORT) He will then join your party. My suggestion is to make him a mage; it doesn't matter which type. After equipping Gyorn, make your way around the town, visit the various shops, and buy plenty of potions. You should sell anything you aren't saving until you can use it. I also suggest buying a pack mule, as it will be invaluable to you for the entire game. Make sure to buy some spells for Gyorn, if you followed my advice and made him a mage. After you have sufficiently prepared for the journey, head on out of the town towards Wesrin Cross. 

NOTE: Just to let you know you've missed a quest in Stonebridge if you talk to the guy next to the burnt down house he will ask you to find his Axe in the Northern tower. Unfortunately i haven't found it yet.. I just thought you might like to know. - Matt 

NOTE: just wanted to add two things to your walkthrough in Stonebridge: 2)ordus' axe is in a tower's basement. the tower is outside of town. I couldn't say exactly where. but, at some point, you go up a hill and to your left, a little distance away, is the building. there is an elevator on the ground floor, which takes you to an area underground where there are a few krug, I think. you kill those, and somewhere around there, i think on a bed, is the axe. - Parker 

NOTE: There is another quest that u get in Stonebridge.. if u go up the stairs in the inn and talk to the girl in the lobby she would ask u to deliver a message to her sister in Glacern that she is ok.. once u are in Glacern.. simply walk straight through and up to the house on the small hill and u will find her sister.. talk to her and the quest will be complete. - Saad Khawaja 


Yet again you will be on a path through a forest. Follow along, slaying all who oppose you. You will come across several wooden signs pointing you in the direction of Wesrin Cross-Eastern Tower. Follow them until you reach a man who you can talk to. He is a town guard, and he asks you to clear a path to Glitterdelve by going around through Wesrin Cross. (QUEST: CLEAR GLITTERDELVE PASS) Follow along the path for a little bit longer and you will encounter the ruins of a large stone tower. A large and very obvious sign in front of it proclaims it to be Wesrin Cross. Enter the tower and go down the stairs to begin the game's second dungeon. It is considerably longer than the first; exploring the entire thing could take around an hour and a half. It also plays quite differently than the Crypts, seeing as you now have a party to deal with. As with all of the dungeons in this game, it is nearly impossible to get lost, because there is nowhere to explore off of the beaten path. Make your along, killing everything that moves, until you come across a large circular platform hovering over what seems to be a bottomless pit. Move your entire party onto the platform and pull the skull-shaped lever. You will be lowered to the dungeon's second level. Fight off the enemies and proceed along the path. After a short while, you will enter an incredibly large room. It will take a long time to clear out, but it is well worth the effort, as you will be able to gain more treasure and increase your skills. Take things slowly and clear out each group of enemies you encounter before moving on to the next. If you have a pack mule, make sure it doesn't wander off into the middle of a group of enemies. Also, I advise setting your party's AI so that they will not deviate too far from where you tell them to go. If you need health or mana, there is an enclosed area in the center of the room that contains health and mana fountains. After clearing everything out, you will eventually find the exit door, which is on the opposite wall from where you entered. Go through it and into the next room, where you will see another circular cage platform. Move your party inside of it and flip the lever. You will return to a new area of the first level of the dungeon. Proceed along and you will see a small rectangular platform. Move onto it and flip a switch. You will then rise back up to ground level. Welcome to Glitterdelve. 


Follow the path to the east and you will see a door with explosive barrels in front of it. Shoot them with a bow to blow the door open. Outside are some town guards. Talk to them. (QUEST: COMPLETED: CLEAR GLITTERDELVE PASS) Turn around and walk towards the town. You will get a cutscene of some monsters killing the townspeople. Then a dwarf will run out and lay a beat down on the monsters. Go up and talk to him when the cutscene is done. His name is Gloern and his brother Torg needs rescuing from the mines. (QUEST: RESCUE TORG) Accept the quest and he will join your party. I advise making him into a second fighter. Since there is nothing else to do in this town, enter the mineshaft. This dungeon is a bit less easy to find your way through, but it still isn't a big deal. Plus, the enemies here are very easy to kill. Follow the tracks and kill anything in your way. If you happen to hit a dead end, just turn around and there will usually be another path for you to take almost immediately. At the first fork, which is right by the entrance, turn right. Follow this to the next fork and take the western path. Follow this set of tracks until you see a platform that you can stand on. Do so, then flip the switch. You will be lowered into a cavernous area with some water nearby. Trudge through said water until you can hop back on land again. Go up the small set of stairs and follow along until you see a moving platform. When the platform docks on your side, quickly get your party onto it. It will take you across. From here there is another platform that moves down to ground level. Hop on it. Follow the tracks to the west as far as you can, then head north. Go up the small ramp towards the machine, then continue north. Turn west when you have to, then follow the tracks to the north. Go east at the bend, then south. You will see more tracks; follow them to the east. Head north at the bend and you will see more tracks. Follow them. You will encounter a moving platform. Get on and ride across. Head north a bit and ride another platform. You will see an up and down moving platform; get on and ride down. This large cavern has many paths. The correct one lies to the east. Follow along and it will bend to the north. You are now in a long cavern with many elevators on either side. All of them lead to rooms of monsters and treasure, but the second one on the right leads to Gloern's brother, Torg. Talk to him and he will give you an item for rescuing him. (QUEST: COMPLETED: RESCUE TORG) He will also ask you to report his findings to the Overseer. (QUEST: REPORT TORG'S FINDINGS) Ride the nearby elevator up and heads north until you reach a door. Press the button to open it. Go through and ride the elevator up. Exit the building you're in and you'll find yourself in the snow-covered forest just outside of Glacern. 


Follow along the path through the snow until you reach Glacern. You will get a cut scene when you open the town door. Find the Lucky Hurgiss Inn and enter. Inside, you will find the Overseer. Talk to him. (QUEST: COMPLETED: DELIVER GYORN'S REPORT) (QUEST: COMPLETED: REPORT TORG'S FINDINGS) He will tell you to find the Grand Mage, Merik. (QUEST: QUEST FOR MERIK) You can pick up two new party members if you wish. One is a fighter, the other is a mage, and they are both standing in the inn. Exit the inn and do your shopping. If you got a new party member, get them some decent equipment. When you're ready to leave, head out through the large doors. 

NOTE: Nice work on the walkthrough. I was looking through it when i noticed that there is a couple of quests missing from the Glacern part of the walkthrough. 

The first you can get in the magic shop. As you walk in, talk to the gut on the right side of the building. He borrowed 3 books and needs them back before the chop owner finds out. The guy gives you volume 3 so u know what the books look like. One of the books is located with the guy in the watch tower you pass as you first entered Glacern. Go up to him after you have received the quest and he should give you one of the books. I cant quite remember where the other book is. I think it might be with a guy upstairs in the blacksmiths place, if not i guess it would be just a case of talking to everyone after you have received the quest. 

The second quest is received when you talk to the blacksmiths apprentice. He gives you a sob story of how his place is full of monsters, and he had no money so the blacksmith gave him a job so he can tool up and defeat the monsters. His home is located after you leave Glacern, but not too far away. I think its located off the main path of the road, but its easy to find. - Monkey Boy 

NOTE: There is a small quest in Glacern.. If you go to the shop with potions (located just in front-right when u enter Glacern) and talk to the girl to the right. She asks you to find volumes of the book that she lent to 2 people in Glacern.. You can find one book with the guard on the guard tower to the left when u enter Glacern and the other book is on the house that is to the right of the shop with a guy standing in. Return the books to the girl and you will get 200 gold coins (or maybe 2000 I don't remember correctly). Quest Completed - Saad Khawaja 


You are back on the trail in the snowy woods. Follow along, killing the enemies as you go. Eventually, you will reach an area where the snow impedes your vision. This means you are very near the entrance to the Alpine Caverns. Continue along until you see a door opening in the side of a mountain. Enter to begin the game's fourth dungeon. It is very easy to navigate. First, head straight north for a long ways. The path will curve to the northeast after a while. Continue along until you hit a dead end. There will be an opening in the wall to the east. Go through it. Go east as far as possible, then curve around the path so you area heading west along a narrow path. Turn south at the bend and continue in that direction until you encounter a man stuck in ice. That would be Merik. Break the ice for a cutscene, then speak to Merik. (QUEST: COMPLETED: QUEST: FOR MERIK) He will tell you that the goblin's have stolen his magical Warding Staff. (QUEST: MERIK'S STAFF) He will join your party as a Nature Mage. Equip him and continue south for a cut scene. Approach the large door and exit out back onto the snowy path for the last time. 

NOTE: I just read through your FAQ. I just ran into something nice in the alpine caves, if you walk through these caves and keep to your right you will find 3 hidden areas. You need to go into each one and finally there are some more bonuses (one rare item) - Raymond 


Follow along the path in the snow until you reach the entrance to a cave. Inside lies a very long and somewhat challenging dungeon. While it's extremely easy to navigate through here, there are TONS of enemies, some of them very difficult enemies, at that. Basically, you are going to head straight south, bending as necessary. Make sure to move slowly and kill every enemy in your path, so you don't get back attacked. Keep everyone healthy by having Merik use only healing spells. Save often and follow the directional signs, also. Eventually you will reach the exit, which leads into a dark forest.


 Follow the path for bit and you will reach the Traveler's Camp. Speak to the people to learn of the bandits. (QUEST: CONFRONT THE BANDIT BOSS) Do some shopping and unload any extra gear. You can hire an archer near the end of the camp, if you wish. You have a long stretch of land before the next place where you can shop, so make sure you are prepared before heading out into the forest. Fight your way long the long forest path until you reach the bandit camp. Kill the Bandit Boss. (QUEST: COMPLETED: CONFRONT THE BANDIT BOSS) Continue along the path, fighting as you go. Eventually you will come across a large bridge. Cross it and you will be in the Eastern Swamp. 


The swamp is a very large outdoor area. It has a pretty straightforward path through it, but if your characters need a little building up, there is plenty of room to explore the area a bit. To get across the swamp, you will need to cross many bridges and slosh through the murky waters. Watch out for enemies that pop out of the water and ambush you. There are small houses interspersed throughout the area. These usually contain a treasure chest or two. Proceed across at your own pace until you reach a graveyard with a church in the center. You will encounter a large amount of zombies here, and they WILL swarm you, so be careful. Once you've taken care of them, continue forth on your journey. Eventually, you will come across a deformed tree-cave looking thing. This would be the entrance to the Goblin Inventor's Cave. 


This is a very long dungeon with some tough enemies. Watch out for the enemies with flamethrowers and lightning guns, as they do a large amount of damage when they swarm you. Start off by standing on the elevator and turning the valve to go down into the depths of the cave. Get off of the elevator and head north for a long stretch. Eventually the path will turn east. Continue in that direction for another long while. When you reach a fork, go south, then east. Cross the bridge, go around the machine, and head north. Follow the path around the conveyor belt to the west then to the south. Pull the switch, cross the bridge, and continue south. Cross the platform and go through the door to the south. Go east under the pipes, and down the next elevator. Go west and take another elevator up, go around the bend, and head west. Go through the door to the south, cross the bridge, and enter the next room. You will get a cutscene of the Goblin Inventor. You will then have to fight a boss. Kill it and watch another cutscene. Pick up the staff. (QUEST: COMPLETED: MERIK'S STAFF) Exit by taking the elevator up. Leave the cave by heading east. 


Talk to the men standing to your left for some information. (QUEST: REINFORCE FORT KROTH) Follow the tree line east the around and west. Continue along this path until you see the entrance to a short and easy dungeon. Go inside and follow the path through to the exit. There is one enemy, a fury, that acts as a sort of mini-boss. Killing it yields a sizeable amount of gold. Anyway, head through the exit and you will see a mage named Boryev, who will join your party if you pay him. Make your decision and move on. 

NOTE: I've just finished reading your faq on DS and is another quest in the Temple Ruins Area. If you enter the first house you come to ,after coming off just wanted to add that there the beach and going up the hill, you'll talk to a man that wants you to find out what happened to the adventuring party that use to do business with him. He tells you about a water filled dungeon west of his house. The water filled dungeon is under the 3rd house (the second house being the shop). I've not done the dungeon yet since I only came across the quest late last night. - Bob


 Follow along the dirt path until a cut scene occurs. You will have a boss fight against the necromancer. Kill him. (QUEST: COMPLETED: REINFORCE FORT KROTH) Continue along the path and enter this fortress you've been hearing so much about. You will get a cut scene. Enter and the guard will tell you to find Tarish. Find him and talk to him. (QUEST: SUBDUE THE DROOG) Do your shopping, pick up a pack mule if you wish, you know the routine. There is also a fighter you can add to your party. When you are ready, exit through the large doors. You will find yourself in a cave. There is a path straight through, so you will have no trouble getting through. After this very short diversion, you will come up in a desert area. Proceed east, killing as you go. 


Follow along the river until you see a dirt path. Follow along that until you reach a man named Ulfgrim, a fighter. He will join you for some gold. Proceed forth a little further to encounter a sign pointing you in the direction of the Cliffs Of Fire. Take the hint and head in that direction. You will eventually start crossing some fairly long bridges. I'd just like to take the time to point out how beautiful the graphics are in this game. Seriously, just take a look around while on those bridges. It's amazing. Anyway, continue along until you see an elevator in the side of a cliff. Get on, flip the switch, and ride on up. Continue along the darkened path and you will eventually see another sign pointing you in the direction of the Cliffs Of Fire. Follow along yet again. You will go up a couple of ramps and some stairs, and eventually see another directional sign. Do as the sign says, and you will end up looking at the entrance to the Droog town. Strangely enough, the villagers bow to you, rather than attack. Climb up and fight some much less friendly Droogs. What's going on here? Continue on up, and at the top you'll meet Nontaya, the Droog leader. (QUEST: COMPLETED: SUBDUE THE DROOG) He will inform you that the Seck are attempting to infiltrate Castle Ehb. (QUEST: JOURNEY TO CASTLE EHB) You can also buy items from him. Head down a bit, then go east and up to the very top of the city. Head up into the desert and you'll see a Droog named Goquua fighting a Drake. Help him out and then speak to him for a quest. (QUEST: SLAY THE ANCIENT DRAGON OF RATHE) Continue down the path. 


Follow along the path a ways and you will eventually hit a fork. A nearby sign will inform you that one way leads to Dragon's Rathe and the other leads to Castle Ehb. Take the one leading down to Dragon's Rathe. Enter the small cave and prepare for the toughest fight yet. You will be fighting a gigantic dragon with 20,000 hit points. His name is Scorch. To take him out, focus all of your mages on healing while hacking away with your fighters and archers. He will eventually go down. (QUEST: COMPLETED: SLAY THE ANCIENT DRAGON OF RATHE) Your reward is all of the treasure you can carry away from his lair. When your are done raiding, head back out of the cave and up the way you came. Now follow the sign's direction toward Castle Ehb. 


You will enter a very short and perfectly linear cave to make your way through. You will emerge on the other side in a forest/plains area. Follow the dirt path down a hill and continue until you come across an NPC named Lord Bolingar, a fighter. He will join you if you want, but more importantly, he gives you a quest. (QUEST: SEARCH FOR THE KING) Continue along the path and you will see a sign directing you toward Castle Ehb. Go in the direction it is pointing. You will soon reach the drawbridge. Walk up it a little bit and you'll get a cutscene of the castle. (QUEST: COMPLETED: JOURNEY TO CASTLE EHB) Head into the castle and dispose of the nearby enemies. Go up the stairs to the east. Explore the siderooms for enemies and treasure, then head down into the dining room. Kill the enemies and go out the door to the south. Go up the stairs to the castle walls and make your way around them and back in to the castle. Explore this floor however you want, you will eventually end up on the north side of the castle walls no matter what you do. Climb up some more stairs and fight some more monsters. You'll be on top of the castle. Fight your way across and go down some stairs. Go west up a flight of stairs, across and down some more stairs. Then climb down stairs again to the east. You'll see a circular elevator. Hop on and ride it down. You'll be in the basement; follow the path and ignore the doors along the walls unless you want to fight of desperately need items. You will soon come across a prison with the king inside. Open the door for a cutscene. The king will give you a key. (QUEST: COMPLETED: SEARCH FOR THE KING) (QUEST: VANQUISH THE SECK) (QUEST: THE CHAMBER OF STARS) The doors behind the prison will automatically be opened as you approach them. Do so. 


Continue south along the passage and open the skull door. Follow the path west and open another skull door. Go down the stairs into a large room. Cross the room, slaying all who oppose you. Go up the stairs on the far side and head north through either door. Go west and click the star device. A bridge will form; cross it. You will enter an incredibly cool-looking area. Cutscene. Click each of the statues to turn them towards the center. Cutscene again. (QUEST: COMPLETED: THE CHAMBER OF STARS) Open each one of the treasure chests for a large assortment of great loot. Yeah, baby! Now leave the area and head back towards the skull door to the northeast. A cutscene will occur as you cross the bridge. Continue towards the skull door and you'll see it open for you. How convenient. Kill everything in the room and enter the jail cell door to the west. Follow the path of rooms with one exit. Go down the stairs when you reach them and head through the red cave opening. Very Diablo-ish area we got here, eh? Follow along the path and through another cave opening. Cross the bridge, go west, and cross another bridge. Head west through another cave opening and go down the slope. Follow the path to another cave door. Continue south and cross a long bridge. Enter yet another cave door. Continue south, through the door, and cross a bridge. Head east across another bridge. Go south up the stairs at the fork and follow the path around. Turn north when you get the chance and head west. Continue in this direction for awhile and you'll get a cutscene. It's time for the big showdown, baby. 

FINAL BOSS: The first form has about 8000 HP, and it's not too difficult at all. Just throw everything you have at it. The second form is a little trickier. It has about 11,000 HP. It will also summon creatures to assist itself and it uses many powerful attacks. If you've built up your characters sufficiently and you have decent equipment, it still shouldn't be too hard. After you've put this guy to rest, you'll have finished the final quest. (QUEST: COMPLETED: VANQUISH THE SECK) Congratulations! You've completed Dungeon Siege!

Half the fun of Dungeon Siege is hunting for rare and useful items. Items come in many varieties and have many uses. Items can also be imbued with magical powers. Magical items will have blue titles. I've made a section for each type of item you can find and included some examples. 

<4a> Armor

Armor is anything you can equip on a character's body area. It serves as protection from the attacks of your enemies. Armor can be anything from a simple piece of cloth to a suit of full plate. Generally, mages will equip robes and the like, seeing as these items require only intelligence. Melee fighters will wear heavy armor, as they need the protection and have large amounts of strength. Archers also wear armor, but they will usually have weaker armor than your fighters. A good tip is to give the archers your old armor when you get new stuff for a fighter. 

<4b> Weapons

Weapons are items your character can use to attack the enemy. They range from you simple pitchfork to powerful magic broadswords. Mages will generally be able to equip only staves and extremely weak bows and melee weapons. Melee fighters will equip the biggest, baddest weapon you can find. Archers will equip bows, obviously. 

<4c> Spells & Spell Books 

Spells are the most important asset of any mage. They can perform just about any function, from beating down an enemy, to healing the party, to turning items into gold. And of course, where would a mage be without a spell book to hold his spells? Nowhere, that's where. Magic spell books can be purchased for insane amounts of gold, but a plain old spell book will almost always do the trick. Here's a helpful hint: to change spells without opening your inventory, hold down the right mouse button over your spell slot to see a pull down list of your current spells. Nifty, eh? 

<4d> Shields

Shields are items that are used to block hits from your foes. They come in many varieties, from simple pieces of wood to massive steel tower shields. All of your characters should always have shields equipped, even if you se a two-handed weapon. Why, you ask? Well, you will still get the full effect of any magical modifiers on that particular shield. So even weak mages should carry _something_ in that empty slot. 

<4e> Potions

Potions can really be lifesavers in the heat of battle. All of your characters should ALWAYS have a good supply of healing potions, and mages should always have extra mana lying around, as well. If you fail to bring enough potions along on your quest, you will have a very rough time getting through the game.

NOTE: The following was sent to me by a reader. It should help you out until I get the full MP guide up and running. 

Here are the location of the stones in multi-player map:

Every starting point for each stone is when you start in the town. 

Elddem Stone: 
Follow the path and till you reach Ancient Crypt. Inside the first big room with different path, go to your West and open the sarcophagus. 

Crystwind Stone:
 Go to the plain behind the HUB and kill the enemies to get Ruin of Diamonds and talk to the person next to the shopkeeper that sells weapons, amours, and shields. 

Fallraen Stone: 
Follow the sign in the town that says, "Town of Meren" toward the exit. From there, go to the first sign and head toward the tower and go behind it and head to the North till you reach Furok cave. From there, go up a platform and the stone will be on the ground. 

Meren Stone: 
After going up the cliff, head south and follow the path till you reach a sign saying "Town of Meren, 68" and "Town of Lang, 173". From there, turn to the West, then head South once you reach the end of the road, you also should see a ranger near the crossroad. 

Lang Stone: 
Just talk to the priestess and she will give it to you. 

Quillrabe Stone: 
From the top of the town head to the South and then go to the East to go down two levels. Then down on the North path to reach a Life Shrine. From there, head to the North and up the ramp and then take a route to the East. Then take the ramp at the South and follow the path till you reach a sign saying "Town of Hiroth, 109" and "Town of Quillrabe, 20" From there, head South and follow the path till you reach Drake Nest. Along the way, you reach a wagon and Nalin Starbringer who sells everything. From the entrance of Drake Nest, follow the sign till you reach one saying, "Town of Quillrabe, 85" and "Town of Hiroth, 50". From there, follow the direction of the sign of going to Hiroth and hug the West side of the path, and confront the Dragon Queen. Destroy the Dragon Queen and open the chest for the stone. 

Hiroth Stone: 
It's in the place where it is suppose to be, on the Hiroth of Utraean Circle. 

Grescal Stone: 
Head Northeast toward the Abandoned Ruin and follow the left wall till you reach a lever. Pull the lever and go down. From there follow the path till you reach a big room with a red drake. Push the brick and enter the room on the same wall the brick is on, not the one on the left side of the brick. There in the last room is the stone. Omega Strike

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