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Dungeon Siege Essential Files

Get all the things you need to get the most out of your Dungeon Siege experience:

Download the Demo
Play through beautiful 3D environments in lush, expansive lands that seamlessly scroll both horizontally and vertically. Ready your party and pack your mule with needed supplies as you head out to battle the minions of the evil lord.
Download Yesterhaven

Play through the story of Yesterhaven - a free multiplayer map for Dungeon Siege. Released by GPG on 07/03/02

Download the Siege Editor
The Siege Editor gives you the power to recreate almost any aspect of the Dungeon Siege game. Make your own spells, dungeons, and scenarios as you script and build your own world. See additional information for the key features of the Siege Editor.
Download the Siege Editor Tutorial
Here is a set of tutorials to help you use the Siege Editor to build your own adventure. These tutorials were featured in the June 2002 issue of Computer Games Magazine and are now available for you to use.
Download the Siege University Compilation
Just about everything and anything you want or need to know about creating content for Dungeon Siege is contained in the Siege University. Created by GPG, the SiegeU compilation is THE definitive tutorial collection for Dungeon Siege.
Download the Patch
The first official non-beta patch is available and will update your v1.0 install to v1.1. The version number of your game will be displayed on the Main Menu, towards the bottom of the screen, just above the Exit button.

Version 1.1 of Dungeon Siege contains the following updates and changes:


Fixed all known Journal update issues related to quests. The Journal now updates correctly when a quest is completed or a new quest is received.

Fixed all known content placement issues such as inaccessible containers that could not be opened and "floating" objects.

Increased game performance in several previously low-performance areas.

Resolved all known issues with end bosses, such as Gom not fighting back on rare occasions.

Fixed all known fading issues.

Updated ZoneMatch user interface and improved ZoneMatch functionality and performance in the following ways:
  • Icon indicating password protected games.

  • More user-friendly chat interface.

  • New searching support based on user-defined filters.

  • Ability to message friends from ZoneMatch interface, the Staging Area, and Game Summary screens.

  • Increased stability.
Resolved issues with sounds cutting out.

Added safety to prevent the game from starting if critical resource files are missing. A notification dialog will appear if any of these files are missing.

Added data corruption retry code - game will attempt to recover from unstable hardware causing corruption in data that is loaded from hard disk.

Moved screen shots into their own subdirectory to clear up clutter. The new location is My Documents\Dungeon Siege\Screen Shots.

Added new command line options:
  • noalttab=true: prevents task switching during gameplay (supported in Windows XP only)

  • nowinkeys=true: disables the Windows keys (supported in Windows 2000 and Windows XP only).

  • user_path=: specifies where the user files go (rather than \My Documents\Dungeon Siege).

  • Other path-related command line options are: keys_path, map_paths, mod_paths, res_paths, save_path, and shots_path.
Fixed the issue of a missing or moved "My Documents" folder causing problems such as crashing on game start.

Improved many error messages to include more information to better help diagnose hardware configuration problems.

Added an hourglass cursor to show when the game is busy.

Switched to 100% client/server model to be more NAT- and firewall-friendly.

Removed "chunky" and "superchunky" cheat codes.

Displacers now save their state in the character save file in multiplayer using new quest saving functions, affording some measure of "saving" in the Utraean Peninsula map.

"Transmute" scroll can no longer transmute characters into gold.

Fixed problem of characters getting "stuck" in the Swamps.

Mod Related

Switched map node mesh index format to be more mod-friendly when Siege Max is released.

Added a new naming key format to be more mod-friendly.

Exported many new functions to allow further modding of the game.

Added dsdll extension method.

Exported UI functions and added 'command' and 'call' actions for UI modding.

Version 1.11 of Dungeon Siege contains the following change:

The duration for blood has been shortened and the flying debris of monsters in combat has been reduced, and in some cases eliminated. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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