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Nick "yonderboy" Kent: Site Director

Kevin "NakedWoobie" Shapley: NakedWoobie was born on a cold February evening in the Deutsches Riche which may account for being a MOB, yet a lovable Pappa to his PDS Forum Kinder. Time passed, things happened and now here I am going on Four years with PDS in Feburary 2006.

Anything else is just hearsay and not admissible in court.

Rita "Fiery Dove" Waller: PDS Goodwill Ambassador and Treasurer

Mitch "Killer Hummingbird" Lagran Forum Troll and Candy Coordinator

Friends from the past

Scott "bobum" Davis: Site Director 2001-2005

Darren "Guttyr" Baker : Site Director 2000-2001 & 2004
It all started 60 odd years ago in the south of France...It wasn't me...

Eccentricity: Administrator Kinda Guy, Best Friend of Krug

Guy "Stormbringer" Baker: Senior Editor
It's Guttyr's turn to clean up after the packmule!!

Jeff "weezer YenSid" Clark: Turnkey Media Operative
Why am I here? Well, after only doing some very minor work in the Total Annihilation community, I wanted to barrel into working with Dungeon Siege since before the game even had a name. I joined up with the very first Dungeon Siege fan site, Dungeon Siege Ultimate Weaponry, way back in December of 1999. When DSUW quietly and somewhat unexpectedly vanished, I wandered into the realm of Dungeon Siege Org, Stormbringer, and the wonderful people in the forums there. Eventually I created my own site, the Dungeon Siege Resource Guide, hosted along with bobum's DSCC on DSO under the new reign of Guttyr. Eventually we joined The Historian, Yonderboy, and Dan on The Siege Works at GameSpy, and our final move brings us here, to Planet status on the GameSpy network with Planet Dungeon Siege.

When I'm not working with Dungeon Siege related things, I spend time pretending to play the guitar, listening to weezer, fiddling with school, scratching out pictures with implements of destruction, making semi-bogus titles for myself, and attempting to destroy my computer in various fun and interesting ways.

Dan Strandberg: Technical Mastermind
Dan has created SkritPad and you can expect to see custom DS tools to spring from his mad code skills.

Jacky "Valcrow" Wan: 3D Guru
Like many DS fans, it all began with TA. (ok, so it was Ta:k) I picked up modeling, made a couple of units, and then the poor cavedoggie died. Desperately searching for new projects to work on (that didn't require any scripting), I did some animations and then I found DS! I camped at DSO for a while, then followed Guttyr's team around to SW, then PDS. The PDS team picked me up (probably because of my oversized forum posts :-) and here I am! Helping out with anything that has the word "3D" in it.

Anyway, I'm currently in school somewhere in Canada (you know, that big piece of land in the north where some people think is part of the US...) I work on 3D projects, play games, and bug the PDS team on my spare time. Like many others I hope to get into the gaming industry (but film would be cool too!).

David "The Historian" De Wald: Asst. Site Director/Community Liaison/Forum Administrator
What can I say, I'm the guy who's been following DS the longest. I started "The Dungeon Siege Historian" website on Dec. 16th 1999. Guttyr, Bobum and crew merged with us and we created The Siege Works and that child became PlanetDungeonSiege.
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