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  • Bard's Team Fortress Handbook
    Bard designed this guide for for Newbies and Experienced players alike who play Team Fortress for Quake. One of the first guides written, and still one of the best. Most of the information can be applied to TFC, so take advantage of it.

  • The Clinic
    This site is for medics who can better themselves through general and advanced tips, demos, discussions and other such things.

  • Death From Afar
    News, Configs, a MessageBoard, Demos, Strategies, and Resources for the TF/C Sniper.

  • Demoman Domain
    No longer updated, but very useful to any aspiring Demoman. Complete guides and tips for Mirv Grenades, Normal Grenades, Detpacks, Pipe Jumping, Offense, Deffense, and more!

  • Det 5
    Home of the now gone Q3F & TF Demoman Guild: Det 5, once again you'll still be able to find some good tactics here.

  • Engineering 101
    DieHard's beginnings on PlanetFortress. Your one stop shop for the TF Engineer, plus you'll also be able to listen to his old Radio Shows (they were quite the fad back in the late 90's). Robin Walker told us DieHard's radio shows are the best, simply because of dh's accent. :)

  • Engineer Alliance
    Engineers unite! The Engineer's Alliance meets regularly in the #emps GamesNet channel. Hang out and get to know the group.

  • Fragopolis
    Strategic and Tactical TeamFortress resources! Here you will find various resources which will help you as a Team leader, Clan leader or Commander, to gain insight in the tactical and strategic background of TeamFortress, TeamFortress Classic and TeamFortress 2 : Brotherhood of Arms.

  • G-Man's Script Help
    This site serves to help TeamFortress Quake players improve their playing scripts. All the valid scripting commands are referenced, sample aliases are provided and complete scripts are available for download.

  • Jump2
    Lots of demos showing you the best way to use your class!

  • Scout Guild
    Tips and tricks on the Scout class. Has lots of strategies submitted by other Scouts!

  • Sniper's Nest
    Sniper strategy tips, with maps, configs, and lots of other sniper-related resources.

  • The Spy Academy
    The most comprehensive resource on spies and how to use them. You'll find training tips as well as spy stories.

  • The TFC Encyclopedia
    The TFC Encyclopedia is a repository of the most useful information for Team Fortress Classic, with definitions of terms, strategy guides, config tips, and more.

  • The Team Fortress Academy
    The TFA is not a guild, it is a community of TF veterans who are willing and able to help people new to the game of Team Fortress. They provide hints & tips, online training and a safe place for you to make your mistakes.

  • Guild Central
    GC was designed to bring the huge number of TF Guilds out there just that bit closer together - to build on the TF community. | GameSpy | Comrade | Arena | FilePlanet | GameSpy Technology
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