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Got something on your mind? Maybe you want the world to know about it. PlanetFortress' editorials discuss the issues that concern the fortress community, whether they're written by the staff or by the fans themselves.

  • The Field of Honor
    As a player, I to often see others dishonor themselves in combat. We, the old timers need to teach the new players that TFC can be a field of Honor, where more then a score is at stake.
    — XENCH | July 21, 2002

  • Newbies
    The treatment of newbies today has an effect of the type of players you encounter tomorrow. Be responsible for your actions.
    — TheNemesis | August 2, 2001

  • TF2 AOL Friendly Follow-Up
    The responses are heard!
    — Warthog | August 3, 2000

  • TF2 AOL Friendly?
    TF2 should weed out the shallow end of the gene pool to give advanced players a game they enjoy.
    — Not One Of Us | May 13, 2000

  • Spam and MIRVs
    MIRVs are a complete nuisance to the TFC gaming community, Valve should've taken the extreme and completely removed them all together.
    — XIIIClanKiller | March 24, 2000

  • Spam and The HW
    Most people consider the words "newbie" and "HW Guy" one in the same; not true at all.
    — Saint Paul-TPF | March 24, 2000

  • Spam
    Even more on the topic of spam and MIRVs.
    — ThreeDollarBill | March 24, 2000

  • Spam
    Warthog tackles the sticky subject of spam and the fortress community.
    — Warthog | March 24, 2000

  • Spam
    Are the upcoming changes Valve is making fair to the players?
    — GHOB | March 7, 2000

  • An Open Letter to the TF Community
    The TF community does not have to decay into a cesspool of anger.
    — Timothy R. Demorest | November 18, 1999

  • Laying the Blame
    This is the story of how a mild mannered MIT Professor ended up being called before Congress to testify about "selling violence to our children" and what it is like to testify.
    — Ralph | November 13, 1999

  • TF and Somethin' Else
    TF will never be dead, as long as people are still on the servers and playing, but the TF community needs to ease down and give it a rest.
    — [AGTFC]limpossible | October 20, 1999

  • The rise of LPB’s, the decline of TF?
    Will an increase in low ping players mean the death of Team Fortress?
    — Dock | October 13, 1999

  • Thoughts on TF
    Just some thoughts from me on why I reckon TF is the best game in the world.
    — exekewta | September 26, 1999

  • Views, the Gaming Community, and Muzzle Flash
    Rincewind, Zorak, and BlackKnight discuss their thoughts.
    — March 4, 1999

  • Observations
    Talking back to the PF staff and observations about the gaming community.
    — February 14, 1999

  • Cheating and TF2 for Half-Life (Redux!)
    Cheaters ruining the game, and the decision to do TF for Half-Life.
    — January 21, 1999

  • On Current Affairs
    The whole point of Team Fortress is team work.
    — The Hal | December 29, 1998

  • Cheaters, Camping, and TF2
    Cheating, camping, and TF2 for Half-Life.
    — December 19, 1998

  • Cheap Moves and Etiquette
    What happened to good, old-fashioned manners?
    — November 14, 1998

  • Etiquette, The Community, and Maps
    On gracious players and the same ol' maps.
    — October 25, 1998

  • Team Fortress Software and Etiquette
    Where is Team Fortress Software headed?
    — October 4, 1998

  • Cheese, Ice Cream, Cookies, and 2Fort
    Where is the map variety?
    — September 20, 1998

  • More Views!
    Server administration, music, and more.
    — September 1, 1998

  • August Views
    Spam, Guilds, and more!
    — August 1, 1998

  • July Views
    Bundy, Turbine 2, and others cut it up.
    — July 1, 1998

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