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There are a few new developments on the Hal front, starting with the fact that we now have a new easier to remember URL:

There are also some new forums (without adverts) which can be seen here:

The new version of Hal is still in development. 'GingaNutz' has joined the coding team, and, as with the rest of us, can be contacted in the new forums for help and information on both the current version of hal, and the upcoming release.

Work Continues

We're still beavering away with Hal, even though the website's been quiet for a while. At the moment, we're taking on board the feedback we've been receiving, and we're planning on a big update in the not too distant future.

There's going to be a number of changes and some exciting new features that are a little hush-hush right now. Look forward to multiple server support, WON ID authing (no need for a client in the next release) and more. Soon.

New Release

The NEW RELEASE OF HAL is now available !

Get it from the download page now.



A new version of Hal will be released on Saturday 4th August, on the evening. The new verion will include:
Major Bug Fixes
Some additional features
Support for Counter-Strike


Oleaut32.dll error when loading hal

If the above message appears for you when trying to load Hal, please click HERE for detail of a fix.


Hal Bot - The Ultimate Half Life Admin Tool

What is it?

Hal is a small program that allows admins to control a Team Fortress or Counter-Strike server with added ease.

It has many advantages over using standard RCON, and offers the unique ability to speak normally ingame in order to make changes to the map, kick or ban disruptive players and much more. Simply by saying "!m 2fort", you can change the map to - you guessed it - 2Fort

Unlike standard RCON, Hal introduces User Levels. If you're a server admin, and want to give trusted users the ability to kick players, but you're concerned about handing out your RCON password, no problem. You can give your trusted players a ranking within Hal, enabling them access to only the commands you want them to access.

Hal does NOT have to be running on the game server, it can be run on any machine with an internet connection.

Who can use it?

Anyone that has RCON access to a game server can use the Hal server. Hal will be useful to any clan that regularly rents a server for practice, or full time. Hal has the ability to greatly aid a League admin or Ref in their daily job of administering a server.

What can I use it for?

Hal bot is able to change a wide variety of server variables, a list of which is available here and in the help file.

There are many uses, but here is a brief list of some of the benefits over standard RCON:

Ability to set up user levels - different players have access to different commands.

High level users of the bot have the ability to:
Change pre-match quickly and easily
Kick\Ban disruptive players quickly
Change the current map faster

Anyone on the server has the ability to:
Initiate a vote map
Initiate a kick vote

Hal features customisable notices such as the Server name and Admin name\contact which the bot will announce upon hearing "Hal Server" and "Hal Admin" respectively.

For more details on the commands that Hal offers, please see the Commands Page.

I want a copy NOW !

Halbot can be downloaded HERE



Hal Is Commonly Used Here:

[MMED]\[TAR] server (TFC\CS)

[MUF] server (TFC)

Contact us to get on this list


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