.: welcome to the home of the pk pak
You have reached the home of the -PK- TFC Add-on Pak. This pak is designed to enhance your TFC gaming experience. It adds new models, weapons, sounds and sprites to what is already a superb modification. But with this pak, it just got better.

Before you ask, no I didn't create the things you see in this pak. What I did for the player models was re-animate them using the TFC animations and reskin them with custom colours. I'll let you try and work out where the other things are from. There are also a few easter eggs hidden away in there. See if you can find them.

1st September 2001   .: New site design! :. - PlayingKarrde
I kinda forgot about the -PK- Pak for many months and just let the site rot down to what it was previously, without even the pak up for download. What a waste of space that was. So I took it upon myself to do a new design for this thing, and put the pak up for download once more, minus the Quake 3 rocket launcher of course. It now imcludes the original rocket launcher but with new arms and hands. I will consider changing it in the next release if I find a suitable model.

You can grab the new pak as well as the base pak that you need over on the take me home page.

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