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Update: 11-6-03
It seems that the service I was using, Cybergreet, is no longer functioning or hosting the free ecard service. Give me a week or two to update the site with a new ecard server. Thanks.
Hi! I have some Halloween cards and spooky music to go with them uploaded to the variety page. Send your friends some fraggin' cards.

I've updated the site with four Valentine's Day for you to send. You can find them under the variety section or just click here to view them. You know you love PlanetFortress' Warthog so send him some love!!!

I've finally had the chance to finish AtOmic_PC's TFC Trading card page. If you haven't seen his trading cards before you are in for a wonderful TFC graphic experience. They are so professional and cleverly done. Now, if we can get him to finish the series:) Click here to see his cards:AtOmic_PC's TFC Trading Cards Drop him an email with your encouragement and comments here: AtOmic_PC.
AtOmic_PC has given me permission to use his awesome TFC cards on the Fraggin' Postal Shop. Look for them in a few days:)

I've updated the UNF sections with the newest player models. Hopefully, I'll finish the Q3F section this week.
My Q3F winamp skin has been selected as the featured winamp skin of the week on Themes Unlimited which also comes with a very nice award. You can see the award and the Q3F winamp skin plus wallpapers under the skins etc. link on the left. Hopefully, I will have some new things done in the next month and the site updated too!
This August marks the 5th anniversay date of Team Fortress (it's either the 23 or 24th..still waiting on Warthog for the official date.) I've created a little TF 5 year anniversary card under the variety section for you to send to Kangaroo John & Robin or whoever else you admire at Valve. I was thinking about the early days of TF last night and only if you are an old school player (or maybe just old, Ha!) will you remember this.....
There was a bit of bug in TF so that when you respawned on 2 Fort it was usually on the snipers nest either on the bottom with another player standing on your shoulders or vice versa. Here's how the conversation went unless you were shot in the head by the enemy snipers. "Kill yourself damn it! " "No, you kill yourself I killed myself last time!" "Hey we are both going to get killed hurry up kill yourself!" Usually the snipers got one of you or both during the argument:) And sometimes you survived if your teammate took a bullet or killed themself:) The other respawn spot was at the top of the main ramp in the ramp room (this was bad) since the enemy would spam this spot 24-7 and rack up easy frags. Also, resupply was a little closet size open cubicle, only one player could really fit in it but two would try to squeeze in...........causing a terrible argument because you couldn't get out until they moved and the line of players waiting to resupply outside added to the havoc. Ah! the memories.....what a hoot!
I've also added the two new Q3F player shots of the sniper and minigunner to the Q3F section.
This is not posty news but Phat Dragon knews! I've linked the Phat Dragon's classic story of a game of Team Fortress. Believe me, everyone should read this hilarious story at least once! I thought I would give it a home here at the FPS:) You'll find it on the left under Phat TF.

The new Q3F class shots have been added under the Q3F section. These are the new models that will be released with the upcoming Beta 2 release. Enjoy!

I've added the new TFC class shots to the TFC page. They are arranged in a sort of comparison setup, so you can see the old and the new models next to each other. I'm still undecided about which models I prefer, I guess it's just a matter of personal preference and familiarity. It's hard to let go of such old lovable models:) Then again, the new ones are pretty impressive!

I have some new cards finished. You can use these to send out to players that have tried out for your clan and made it. Also, a few just say congratulations so you could send these out for other occasions:) You will find them under the variety section.

I am working on some new fortress cards so expect to see an announcement in about a week. Also, I have added a new link (skins etc.) under the menu section. From this link you can preview the winamp skins I have created and download them from there. There is only one wallpaper up for now but I plan on doing more asap. Well, that's all for now:)
Award News: I have received an award from Themes Unlimited for my Unreal Fortress winamp skin I recently created:)
I have updated the UnF cards with some new class pics. This friday is the day that all of us Fortress fans have waited for........Unreal Fortress! Woot!
Unreal Fortress cards are now online and ready to go! A big Thank You to BrainFreeze of the Unreal Fortress team for all his support, feedback and prompt reply to my emails! Now, that's a great PR representative for a mod ( I know a few other fortress mod teams that could learn a thing or two from him! Yea, you know who you are.....) So, go ahead and send a UnF card to someone:)
You can now send someone a fortress birthday card or a get well card. These cards are under variety and I will be adding other special cards to this section soon....end of update!

I'll be working on some general greeting postcards for birthdays, get well etc. all with a fortress theme in the near future. If you need a specific card for someone let me know and I'll do my best to design one for you. So, have fun and send someone a Fraggin' Postal Shop card!

The Quake3 Fortress cards are up and fully functional, so go send someone a card! Unreal Fortress has given me permission to include them on my site, now I'm just waiting for some screenshots. The Team Fortress and Team Fortress Classic cards are done. I still need some decent TF2 class shots but I've used the best screenshots I could find to put up the Team Fortress 2 card section. If you have screenshots of any of the fortress mods (class or group pics) that are better quality then I have here, please send them to me so I can check them out.

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