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2 Jun 2001

User Mail!


And I thought noone actually came and visited us anymore. It certainly has been a few months.

From Simon
"Hi there, I've written a guide to spying and thought you might want to plug it on your Spy Academy site. It's in the form of an .rtf file (not got it HTML'sed yet) and can be got from here

27 Mar 2001

Valve is Vaporware & XBox will suck!


Hey, I actually got a nice rant from a reader, Strafe.

"I have been playing TFC for over 2 years, and come to your site daily for the latest news. The other day I was playing on "The SYBLPB TFC Server" IP address I was playing for the red team and we were totally annhilating blue on Casbah. They couldnt even get out of there hallway from respawn. Since it was obviously such a mismatch, I switched to blue. I stayed as a spy on blue and proceeded to take out the red sg's in the blue base and the snipers up top to clear and regain control of the team base. A minute later, after fortifying our position, and finally making a game of it, I was banned from the server. Whats wrong with this picture? I immediately felt insulted. I am a damn good spy and turnaround should be fair play. My questions to the goober admin who banned me are this...Whats wrong little boy?...Cant take dying from a more strategic..obvously superior player? Did you cry to your momma when I killed you?

If you cant take the heat..get out of the kitchen...but dont ban players that are better than you. Especially someone trying to make a game of it.

If I ever see any of you pee-boy SYBLPB's on any other sever I will kill all of you with a knife in your back. (on TFC of course) :) You have been warned."

Woo hoo! It's good to see someone meteing out spy justice ^_^.
As for the title, those are just my thoughts. Take them as you will. I'm out for another month or so.. Or until some nice person donates a new computer to me, so I can play Q3F!!!

1 Feb 2001

Still no TF2


I think the title says it all
Back in 1997, there was a game... a great game called Team Fortress. Well, it's 4 years later and the sequel, promised to the diehards years ago has yet to surface. The same deal happened back in the days when Daikatana was announced - noone expected for there to be such delay! But delay there is. And we're stuck with it.

But this begs the question, will TF2 be another Daikatana? I think not. The folks at TFS.. err.. Valve know how to make a game, consider Half-Life, which is still selling! But once again, it seems like the "John Romero" factor is kicking in. I need a good reason to get back into online gaming again.. That and at least a P2, or an XBox. I'd buy a damn XBox even though I'm a linux fan, if TF2 was coming out for it. Chu-Chu Rocket online just doesn't cut it anymore.

Speaking of faster computers, does anyone have a spare? ^_^

12 Jan 2001

Even More Stories!


Kinda late, but on behalf of staff here at TFSPY ( SteelAngel and Me ) I would like to say Happy New Year, and we hope that you had a great X-Mas! Anyways, I've archived all the old news and I have some more user submited stories for ya!

Helpful Team-mates
I was playing as a Blue Spy on this map with the water entrances that end with bars (that move to the left when you come close). Demomen can also blow tunnels into the rock wall into the enemy base. I think you know what one. Anyways, I told my team I will be spying in the enemy's base so just be alittle alret with the ID's. I "made" myself a demoman for the red team and told my team that I was a demoman for the other team. I got in with succes throu the water entrance. Not one enemy suspected a thing. I ran around as to appear as I was doing of upmost importance and nothing can stop me. I reported my where-abouts and SG where-abouts in there base. I wasn't about the take out sentries yet until I found 'em all. My team thanked me and I asked if they could distract the enemy with attacks so I could go and destroy some SG's. I told my team that the place is SG free as of right now and they could invade the base and get some major caps. As my team did that I feiged by the main entry/exit room while my team poured in for all angles. The enemy, totally surprized, was running around trying to stop my team and build SG's to help stop. As I waited for the right moment I spring into action and destroyed another 3 SG's. The Team scores 10 to 40, and myself still undamaged. Throught the game, nobody from my team tried to kill me. Of cource, they would shoot around me and I would run away as I told them they could as long as they don't try to kill me. This way it's not so obvious to the enemy team. I think, without the help of my team, I could have never done anything like this. The moral: Look before ya shoot, it can help you win or lose
By Split
"Here kitty kitty"
I had just finished a match and wanted to cool down by going to a public server. I owned, i killed sentries and sniper and hws all over the place. But one time while i was feigning in their base, this one soldier joined the game and announced:"Hey red team, come get me u campers!". I ignored him,because i didnt wan to embarass him when he just joined. He continued to taunt for 5 minutes straight. He then said:"Hey u pussies,come get me! Here kitty kitty!". That was the push i needed to kill. i immediatlely disguised as a blue hw and walked to the flag room and pretended to guard with him. i inched towards him slowly. when the time was right i threw a grenade like i saw somebody and he went to lean over and rocket the invisible enemy. i quickly pulled out my knife stabbed him and grabbed the flag. i got all the way back without being touched. i laughed hysterically and had to say something to him. i mocked him on his kitty remark and he then said:"thats it im shooting anything that moves." he got kicked out 5 minutes later for team killing. ;-)
It was about 3:00 after my school was finally over, I went ito a pickup TFC 2fort game. I was the spy (my fav character) when my best bud joins the game. I was cool at first we beat every team that came in the game, but after doing so at one point he said "I am switching teams" I was suprised by this, but not intemidated...TWO other people joined, and wouldn't you know it, they were both on his side, co-incodence? I DON'T THINK SO. So the 3 of them proceded to come across the bridge, meanwhile I was plotting devously at the top in the flag return zone. As they came across I noticed there were 3 different charachers, A HWguy, a Pyro and an eingineer. I knew the HW guy would drop back due to his lack in speed, so he did so and they ran across the bridge into my base single file. Now as I said earlier the HW guy was behind the Pyro and Eingineer, so as he came close to the ramp to enter, I stratigacally jumped off the above ledge and directly behind the HW guy, I always use the knife (its very deadly) I stabbed him in the back, caught up to the other 2 the eingeneer, didn't even see it coming, I stabbed him in the back as well, but also as I did that just before I had hit the helocenagetic grenade, and threw it ahead of the Pyro, now this is the guy that betrayed me, he was hit by it and turned around just in time to see, YES YOU GUESSED IT! A knife directly in the forehead, I felt the bloodlust of that turn and I taunted them and they once again tried to get me, each time failing, I eventually won with a score of 100 to 20. And my kills were about 158 kills, and 10 deaths. The drone gun got me alot due to my wreckless ways. And they got a few lucky bombs in there as well. But I can pretty much say, that I completley kicked their asses in that...
Oh and as for my betraying friend, he has never done anything like that ever again...
By: ]R0aDKiLL

23 Dec 2000

More Stories!


Welp, heres another user submitted story, this time it's from [T.D.B.] Mad Max:

I don't remember the map name, but it's the one with a water entrance and two elevators up to the flag, and there's a room below the flag that is your team's cap point (you all know which one I'm talking about.) Anyway, I, playing on the blue team, went into the flag room, and feigned there, protecting our flag. Low and behold, an red spy came and, luckily, a HW guy took him out. I was still waiting, and a few minutes later, i hear the HW guy shooting again, but then the shooting stopped. All of a sudden, I saw a "Blue" medic, (don't ask me why he switched to a medic) come into the room. It was pretty obvious to me that he was indeed a spy, and I couldn't help laughing as he slowly and calmly walked near the flag, like he was on our team. Just then, an engy walked in and told him that he should be on the lookout for spies. The "medic" replied, and kept to his post near the flag, which was on the opposite side of the room where I had feigned. The engy left the room, and proceeded to build a ammo station right at the entrance of the flag room. The "medic" was turned around, just looking at the flag by the bars. This was my chance to strike. I unfeigned, and took a few stabs at him, but he barely escaped me. He turned to leave the room, knowing he was discovered, and he ran toward the entrance not knowing he was blocked in. Then he turned around to try and defend himself at the entrance, but it was too late. One swipe of my knife, and he was down. Chalk one up for the good guys.

22 Dec 2000

Been a While =p


Gosh, it's been a while since I have updated here. I guess it's got to do with the fact right now I am no longer playing TF but seriously addicted to Starsiege Tribes. Anyways heres a new story that was submitted by fellow reader who goes by the name of 'insane':

A long long time ago on a server that has long since died.. I was playing TF on Specialized Rock 1/2 a server that was always the rock1 or rock2 map (duh). I decided to play spy cuz i was just bored and wanted something different to do. In fact I wanted to be so different I decided to play a defensive spy on the map! If you ever played offensive spy on rock1/2 you know that its a little harder than most due to all the lights that come on when enemies (disguised spy or not) go by. So being the lazy man I am, I was on Defense, and luckily for me, being a regular on the server I got to know a lot of the other regulars who were playing at the time too. I told them I was playing a spy and they acctually didn't shoot me like morons which was amazing by itself. I ran around knifing campers and the like. One perticular person I remember was this enemy demoman who had ran into the generator hall on rock2 being chased by 2 of my own team. I followed and saw the demoman ran to the back back corner hall that leads to the forcefield. The demoman was trapped, so he just laid down some pipes and awaited my team to try to cross. It was probably the smart thing to do. I saw this, disguised myself as a medic on his team. I know not very original. I then proceed to walk toward the pipes as a gren threw me over them (probably from my own teammates who didn't know i was a spy at the time, but luckily for me teamkill was off.) I just kept on walking towarded the demo and didn't dodge or anything (why should i dodge i'm on "HIS" team right?!). I got to the side of the demo who was still looking intently at his pipes waiting for my teammates to cross the line of death. I took out my medic axe (knife) and went for the side/back area, it didn't get his back for a back knife, but my quick hits were enough since he was already hurt from the fight before, and he died, his body just dropping to the floor. I just turned around and walked out between my teammates. They all laughed and congratulated me on a nice kill. I was so proud. I won't ever forget that. Those simple moments that made TF worth playing..

22 September 2000



I know.. I know.. I still never update. But there is a good reason, well, not really. Anyway, I got a good amount of feedback on my rant, about 80% or so people support my idea that John Carmack's programming skills, though pretty impressive, pander to the people who only care about excellent graphics, and vapid gameplay.

Today, I'm going to talk about how much TF will either rock, or suck. There isn't too much to say about TF2. The community has been waiting for this great, excellent game for OVER 2 YEARS. That's '98 folks. That's The "great" game that was supposed to be made as a mod for Quake 2. Oh well, that failed. Now, there isn't even a good release date for the game. We don't hear much about it, and I'm all pissed off. I hope this isn't another Daikatana. I trust TFS (err.. Valve) that the game will not be crap. It will be damn spiffy and require a P3 600 with a VooDoo5 and 128MB of RAM, thus again making it impossible, yet again, for me to actually play the game. Why do I even try anymore? Anyone have $2000 they can loan me?

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