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16th June 2003 - IXNAY IXNAY's ICQ Status
Hello everybody, yes this website and me are still alive. I hope you forgive me for beeing sooo lazy at this site, but there were no real news and I have a lot to do at University. TF2 Models will sleep until TF2 is getting close to release.
The Last news I read about Team Fortress 2 was this announcement by Gabe Newell on April 24th: "After we finish the announcement process for Half-Life 2, we will provide an update on Team Fortress 2". You can read the full article about Half-Life 2 including the quotation at the end here...
If you want to keep informed about TF2 News sign in for the Newsletter, bye.

5th May 2002 - IXNAY IXNAY's ICQ Status
Hey I just wanted to make a short status update because I haven't updated this site since march.
Well I updated the Modelpic-Archive and all the statuses of the TF2 MODs. It seems that only the
Northern Conflicts MOD is still in development. They have no new models but a new host, here is the link to their page...
I hope to get some more TF2 info soon, C YA

click to see the full pic...
This site will not die until TF2 is in development.

3rd March 2002 - IXNAY IXNAY's ICQ Status
Hello everybody, yes you're right this site isn't dead, it'll never be dead, never.
So let's get back to business, I got a really cool Team Fortress 2 Modelpic for our
Modelpic-Archive by Caleman from the Northern Conflicts MOD. It's an unskinned KSP90 modeled by Shade, the high quality Northern Conflicts modeler. Big thanks to Caleman who send me this pic exclusively.
The Battele Grounds 40K MOD has updated it's site with some great new modelpics of a new Ork Warrior and of a new Power Marine, check all pics of them in our
Modelpic-Archive. I hope to have some more news soon, C YA.

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