29.03.2002 2:32 PM
It's true. We've updated. Here's what's new:

So it’s been a whole 17 months and the situation with Team Fortress 2 hasn’t changed.

Or has it?

We’ve gone behind the scenes and found some previously unreported information that we think might interest you; see the menu to the right for the most recent news.
20 months….where have we been?
For starters, Neil was supposed to be on vacation for a week, but that obviously didn’t turn out as planned. He ended up in Thailand. He says he blew his money on “hookers, drugs, and booze”, but we all know he didn’t have money to start with. Stranded in Thailand, he had to work for 7 months at a Nike shoe factory to get enough money to come back.

Dave? Well, he’s been in prison. You know those tags on furniture that say “Under penalty of law, do not remove this”? They’re serious about those.

Don’t ask about Jon, because frankly, we don’t know where he is.

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